Hermetic Angel Messages

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26 degrees Scorpio

The Angels
 Theurgic Healing

Also known as

The Angels 



 We inspire people to understand that learning divine virtues, 
such as supreme divine happiness, mercy, faith, or love etc., 
and successfully mastering the experiential imagination or meditation of them,
 which is imagined desire, mental, emotional and sensual experiences of them,
 can bring about miraculous cures.

 We are special experts in healing through theurgy, that is, quabbalah,
 the cosmic language which you are studying in these angel messages.

We can show you how the severest diseases can be cured by the cosmic language.

The cosmic language is not mysterious.

It is simply desiring, visualizing, understanding, feeling and sensing
 the reality that your soul longs for, manifesting now,
 by the power of who you really are as a divine being.  

Whenever anything; any state of being, desire, any belief or idea, 
any emotion, or any sensation or physical possession no longer serves the 
highest good, inner guidance tells a Child of Light that it is time to let it go,
 to let it transform, to let it change from its present form.

Remember that the energy of Scorpio is OMNIPOTENT, omnipresent,
 omniscient flowing emotions of WILL TO LOVE.

These emotions of Love Divine attract transformation, transmutation and rebirth.

In each moment, inner guidance enables each persons attunement 
to original divine blueprints of perfection.

This attunement is enlightenment.

Inner guidance is the letter R of our name, enlightenment is letter A, 
and transformation is umlaut A, ae.

Once something that is imperfect is recognized and released or let go to change,
 love creates new realities to replace it, 
and this is the meaning of the divine virtue of letter D.


Through the law of Cause and Effect, the virtue of letter I, a specific 
new reality can be created to enliven flowing emotions of delight 
and supreme happiness, the virtue of letter N.

All of this leads to ever greater enlightenment and wisdom, and further 
changes of imperfections into new states that are the highest good, 
the final letters A and umlaut A, ae.

We entrust you with many quabbablistic formulae, or letter 
combinations, for the curing of severe diseases,
 so that you could compile a whole book of formulae for your personal use.

Similar to combined powers revealed in the names of heavenly host,
 the divine virtues are combined together for healing purposes. This is done 
by meditating on two, three, or even more letters one after the other, 
with special emphasis on each virtue in a different brainwave state. The 
first letter or virtue will be activated in Delta, or pure being and visualization. 
The second will be activated in Theta, or deep inner thought. The third 
virtue in Alpha, or flowing emotions, 
and perhaps a fourth in Beta, which is sensation, memory and logic .

We help inner guidance direct each person to whichever virtues will heal any situation.

Remember that each virtue is meditated on, one after the other, in 
being, will, thoughts, emotions  and sensations, 
with special emphasis on an element or brainwave state for each one.
The first letter will be meditated on in pure being and visualization. 
The second in deep inner thought, the third in emotions, and the fourth letter in sensations.

 Each combination of virtues creates unique results in the different 
worlds, the spirit world, the mental world, the astral world and the physical world.
When one virtue is used, the akashic level of unity with Divine Being and all creation
 is emphasized with corresponding visualization. 

With two, the mental world of deep inner 
thought is emphasized, and with three, the astral or emotional world is enlivened.

For instance, by combining the letters D and C, 
a radical purification of the mental body is achieved.

C...The eucharist in all its forms and self-spiritualization, vermilion 
with warmth and a sense of ease, musical note D, this virtue forms the stomach
 [from list in Scorpio 12 message].

Everything relating to the influences of all divine ideas, virtues and qualities. 
[From list in Scorpio 20 message].

D...Mysteries of the art of creation, dark blue with sensations of warmth, 
musical note C, this virtue forms the right ear.

Everything that is connected to the consciousness and the mental matrix, 
which is the connecting link between the mind and the emotions. 
Futhermore, the D everywhere enlarges the ego-consciousness
 and leads to wisdom. "I and the Father are One."

Quabbalah initiates call this formula ,C-D, "the quabbalistic mental broom". 

~ My precious friends and family,
      wishing you a most magical Full Moon Lunar Eclipse as you bring a
      focus to your Heart's dreaming through the Christed timelines, the
      merging of your multidimensional Selves and the sacred Cosmic Fire
      of Illumination ~ "This window of opportunity of merging with
      your multi-dimensional selves and bringing in the remembrance of
      your Highest Potential through all timelines, amplifies between
      the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on October 18th and 19th and the New
      Moon Solar Eclipse on November 3rd and 4th. It is at this time
      too, sweet ones, that you draw upon your Hearts' dreaming, as you
      travel the Christed timelines, and bring a focus to the sacred
      Cosmic Fire of Illumination".
      This beautiful sacred Cosmic Fire of Illumination activates in
      particular the pituitary and the pineal glands, the hypothalamus
      gland, and in the new chakra system, the occipital lobe, which is
      found at the base and back of the head. For this occipital lobe
      regulates the flow of information from the higher dimensions and
      your multi-dimensional selves, sweet ones, and you have a sense
      now of merging with your multi-dimensional selves, a sense of
      experiencing many multi-dimensional realities simultaneously, of
      seeing through your Master Eyes at all of Life around you in a
      greater level of insight and understanding, compassion and Divine
      Love. In this place of detachment and active participation you
      observe what you are still working with and needing to integrate,
      and you move into this flow, sweet ones, that takes you into the
      Pathways of Divine Love. All pathways before you in this Golden
      Age are simply Pathways of Divine Love. The Illuminating Light of
      Creation connects you to the Mind of Mother/Father God. It is an
      Intelligence that imbues you too with a deep sense of wisdom, and
      as the third eye activates now, in particular, you experience this
      sense of clairvoyance, of seeing for both yourselves and others
      the reality of One Unity Consciousness and how to create this
      pathway from where you are now, sweet ones, to the pathway of your
      Highest Potential; and to assist others too through the pathways
      that you have collectively created through your own perceived
      challenges on this plane of duality. And this lifts too as you
      feel simply this energy of Love, this matrix of Divine Love, as
      you come together as the I AM Avatar Race, as the way showers,
      light workers, and star seeded ones ~ for you are co-creating
      Heaven on Earth, and you are doing this, sweet ones, through your
      collective Light.
      And now, sweet ones, you have a sense of merging now with your
      Beloved I AM Presence, your Christed Overself of the Light, and
      the Highest Light that you are within the Cosmic Heart of
      Mother/Father God. As you merge now with your Beloved I AM
      Presence, merge with all 144 Soul Ray aspects of which you are
      one, forming this Matrix of Light. This is your star family, sweet
      ones, and a deeper level of service is experienced with your star
      family as you come into a deeper sense of the remembrance of your
      star seeded heritage ~ as Pleiadians or Sirians, Andromedans,
      Arcturians, Lyrans, Venusians, Antarians. Mostly, sweet ones,
      there are several star systems with which you resonate ~ several
      core star groups, for you have incarnated into different planets
      and stars, and worked with various Councils of Light, and at
      different times you may be drawn to different Councils of Light.
      And you have a sense now, possibly, that there are particular core
      groups that you are working with, that you are drawn to, and you
      call them now into your sacred space. It is to know too, sweet
      ones, that in these parallel realities, in these timelines
      coinciding simultaneously with this timeline, many of you are on
      board Lightships, working with the Ashtar Command, the Sirian High
      Council, the Pleiadian Council or the Niburian Council ~ working
      as biologists or scientists, or with quantum physics, or as
      healers, teachers, and various service roles not only on this
      earth plane but on many other planets, stars, and sister
      dimensions; and part of what is being experienced now is a greater
      sense of this multi-dimensional reality, of these merging
      timelines and dimensions, and in this Now, sweet ones, this is
      experienced through this beautiful sacred Cosmic Fire of
      Illumination as Helios and Vesta Overlight you now in this
      beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold Flame of Illumination".
      Mp3 download ~ Cosmic Fire of Illumination ~ Transmission by the
      Elders and Anrita Melchizedek ~
      www.pleiadianlight.net/free-downloads ~

Wherever a quick purification of thoughts or negative mental qualities is in question, as,
 for instance, is the case before various mystical operations
 requiring an absolute purity of the spirit furthermore, 
also when for the purpose of mental wandering into 
other spheres absolute harmony and poise are needed 
this letter combination may be used with surprising success. 

When applied repeatedly, this formula brings about an increased faculty of intuition.

When transferred into the emotional body, this formula will purify the emotions.
 In short: wherever a sudden equalization of the elements in 
the emotional body is needed, this is an excellent letter combination.
 Inspiration is achieved and the strength of emotion is also enhanced.

When applied in a quabbalistic sense in the material world, this letter 
combination enlivens any substance, no matter whether it is a thing, 
a human body or any other living body. 
If you specialize in this formulae, 
you are able to change the electronic oscillation that spins round every substance at will,
 either speeding it up or slowing it down.

Study carefully the virtues as they have been given in previous 
messages. Ask us to inspire various combinations 
whenever you wish to bring about healings on any level, for self or for another.

This is the time in the cycles and rhythms of life that many are 
learning of this cosmic language to activate divine faculties, 
to bring about Heaven-on-Earth in personal inner worlds and in the outer world.

As divine virtues of this language are applied to situations, miraculous 
results are easily obtained, depending on degrees of concentration and mastery of virtues.

All great teachers, in whatever religion and time, 
have said that all the things that they did are available for others to do.

The help that we can offer in this respect is unlimited.

According to the ancient teachings, the first 24 groups of angels 
overseeing the earth govern the elements. The next groups govern the 360 degrees of the zodiac. 
This is the 260th group of angels overseeing the earth.


NUMBER EIGHT is the number of the mind, the intellect, and thus the number of knowledge.
 It is analogous to the planet Mercury. 
The octagon 
is a symbol of the Native American Medicine wheel in all of its forms.
 All knowledge, actual or theoretical, is a part of the eight vibration.

The Law of One is the original law of Creation, 
and is the supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions.


We are all one.

When one is harmed, all are harmed.

When one is helped, all are helped.

Therefore, in the name of who I AM,

and I AM one with all there is;


I give thanks that this is done.

So it is.


 The sound of the letter R is the divine virtue of becoming the master and guardian 
of freedom and independence.

In this state there is the feeling of freedom of any pressing burden of the laws, 
for by the mastery of all the preceding virtues you have 
achieved a state of maturity by which this feeling of independence
 has been transformed into an absolute state of security and 
unimpeachability. This comes from the realization of the harmony and perfection
 of all divine laws and the identification and love of them so 
intensely that they have actually become merged with oneself. 
In this case you are the personification and representation of the divine laws 
and they will serve you, and your sense of freedom will derive from them rather than in spite of them.

This is a very high state of consciousness, but it is the state that 
every human being is destined to accomplish. 
It is for this reason that your teachers have told you that "the truth is written within your heart".
The color of this virtue is golden, the musical note is C. The element 
is earth with a sensation of weight. The left side of the nose is formed from it.

Wisdom and enlightenment, the original purity of all ideas in Divine 
Mind. Awakening of mystical faculties such as clairvoyance and clairaudience, and artistic talent.

umlaut A, ae
 The sound of this letter, the long A, in the cosmic 
language is the virtue of the origin and mystery of life and death 
regarding their transformation.
 By meditating on this virtue, a child of God becomes convinced that in reality death does not exist,
 for the so-called death is only a transformation from one state into another.

Also will come enlightenment on the cause of this transformation. With 
this comes the ability to master all negative spiritual beings 
in all spheres and planes with regard to their scope of action.

The purpose for which negative beings have been created becomes clear.
 Since, in the original principle all beings are alike, each 
having been created by Divine Providence to fulfill a certain task,
 there is no dissimulation of negative beings, for from the enlightened 
persons point of view everything is pure.
 Here the saying: "to the pure one everything is pure" becomes plain.
 If there were no negative beings, it would be impossible to distinguish between good and evil; 
and if there were no passions, there would also be no virtues.

 This virtue confirms the words contained in the Bible: "through night to light",
 the deep symbolic meaning of which now becomes clear.

In the intellect the ability is gained to see through all thoughts, 
actions and wishes concerning matter, and of becoming their absolute master.

In the emotions, this virtue represents desires, passions, and the inclination to self-satisfaction etc. 
A person who masters this virtue in their emotions 
becomes absolute master and ruler of all desires and passions.
 Also, a person is able to not cling to imperfect mental, emotional, and 
material virtues and objects when they no longer serve the highest good of all concerned. 
This means complete independence and freedom
 and fulfills the saying "bind yourself and you will be free".

On the material level this virtue is one of the most materialized. 
matter whether you evoke it in the mind, the feelings, the akasha, or 
the material world, the earth is influenced by it to a larger extent. 
The ability to infuse matter with divine virtues is heightened.

The color of this virtue is loamy brown. The musical note is C. The 
element is earth so it has the sensation of weight. The anus is formed from this virtue.

 This letter is the sound of the virtue of the mastery of the mysteries of creation. 
Mastering this virtue gives the understanding
 that the same laws apply to the microcosm and the macrocosm.

As above, so below.

By meditating on this virtue the highest wisdom is gained in regard to 
creation in both the inner and outer worlds, in the personal inner universe and the outer universes.

In the intellect a person attains the profoundest cognition with regard to the ego-consciousness.

In the emotions, the understanding of love in all of its aspects is 
perfected. Love is the greatest force, and with love all can be healed and transmuted.

On the material plane the mastery of fertility and everything that has to do with procreation is attained.

The color of this virtue is dark blue. The musical note is C. The 
element is Fire so it has the sensation of warmth and heat. The right ear is created from this virtue.

 The sound of this letter is the virtue of cause and effect, which is the karma law.

On the mental level, this is analogous to memory, remembrance and conscience.

 In the feeling body, this corresponds to the astral/physical matrix, 
which is the connection between feeling and physical form, with all of its functions.

On the material world, everything that has shape, measure, number and weight 
can be understood and mastered with this virtue.

The color of this virtue is light opal, the musical note is G, the 
element is earth so it has the sensation of weight, and the left kidney is created by this oscillation,

 This sound is the sound of supreme happiness and fulfillment. 
The purpose theurgic healing is to bless everyone with happiness.

This virtue gives control over the mental matrix,
 which is the spiritual bonding material that connects the emotional body to the mental body, i.e., to the spirit. 
The mastery of this virtue reveals to the child of God all the mysteries relating to the mind and the emotions 
and bestows the ability to comprehend, see, sense and control, the mental matrix
 with its sphere of action, either in regard of self or others.

On a physical plane, this virtue gives mastery over the principle of 
cohesion or coherence, gravity and the attractive power of everything material.

The color is dark red, the musical note is A, it is of the water element of feeling so it has a cool sensation. 
The liver is formed from this virtue.

 This is the sound of the divine virtue of highest wisdom and enlightenment.

This sound [soft as in a sigh¡ªahhhhh] and virtue
 is an initiation into the highest wisdom and the purity of all ideas.

This has as a fundamental feature the enlightened mind. Reasoning, 
perception, the cognition of the most profound truths, highest knowledge, high intelligence,
 and the arousing of all intellectual 
faculties are expressed. Musical gifts, eloquence, poetic talent, and clairvoyance, 
clairaudience, the art of levitation, and the control of 
the air element and its beings are all aroused by meditating on this virtue. 
On the physical plane the command of the beings of the air, 
control over storms, are all made possible by initiation into the highest wisdom.

The color of wisdom and enlightenment is light blue, the musical note is 
G, the element is air so it has the sensation of ease, and the lungs are formed from it.

Umlaut A, ae

­The mysteries of life and death and transformation. 
Through releasing imperfection back to Divine Being, a person causes 
negative states of being, desires, thoughts, feelings, and sensations to change
 into another state that is the highest good of all concerned.





The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah,

which is a very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world's religions:

Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host in the zone girdling the earth, and the angels who work with him or her.

The being and the angels share the same name. This name is a key to their powers and influence.

 Names, phrases, and sections,  in the angel messages are quoted or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon.

Information of the heavenly hosts of the zone girdling the earth is referenced from THE PRACTICE OF MAGICAL EVOCATION, ISBN 3-921338-02-6,

and Information of the divine virtues and the letters are referenced from THE KEY TO THE TRUE QUABALLAH, ISBN 3-921338-12-4].

Publisher is Dieter Rüggeberg, Wuppertal/W. Germany. These books have very important information for these studies.

The book " Initiation into Hermetics" ISBN 3-921338-01-8, is a preparatory book for the others.

Franz Bardon's last autobiographical book, "Frabato the Magician",

gives historical background and was compiled by his German publisher from notes written by Franz Bardon.







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Love brings miracles of happiness.

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The Law of One is the original law of Creation,

and is the supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions.


We are all one.

When one is harmed, all are harmed.

When one is helped, all are helped.

Therefore, in the name of who I AM, and I am one with all there is;


I give thanks that this is done.