Hermetic Angel Messages

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27 degrees Libra 
[sextile Galactic Center]

 The Angels 

 Also known as

The Angels of 



We are the guardians of all babies and infants, be they human or animal. 

We inspire the sons and daughters of divine being 
to remember The Law of One, 
the highest good of all concerned, 
to protect those who are innocent and vulnerable,
 to safeguard infants and mothers.

 We also protect everything that has to do with milk. 

We have inspired mankind over time to make milk products of all kinds
 from the milk of animals in a way that is the highest good of all.

 In infancy the Delta brainwave pattern of Pure Being
 and unity with Divine Being and all creation is dominant. 

We help preserve this state of awareness in all People of Light and Flowing Love,
 regardless of physical age, 
so that important chemicals are
produced through glands that result in youthening
and other divine physical manifestations.

“Ye must be as little children to enter the Kingdom of God.”

"I have not given you the spirit of fear, but of joy, and life everlasting."
 In infancy the Delta brainwave is dominant as consciousness is a state of pure being 
in which one naturally and instinctively experiences
divine life, love, omnipresence and Omnipotent will for the highest good.

 In childhood, the brainwaves of DEEP INWARD THOUGHT or Theta are dominant.

 It is in Theta that oneness with all and the will for the highest good of all becomes thought,
 it is contemplated, and the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind are accessible.

About the time of adolescence, the dominant brainwave pattern becomes Alpha, 
which are emotions, feelings, flowing, and the change process.

To experience whole brain functioning, enlightenment and wisdom,
 transformation, grace and mercy, the splendor and majesty of Divine 
Being, all-penetrating-power, and the mastery of cause and effect
 [which are the divine virtues of our name] ,
these brainwave patterns are 
consciously maintained through meditation, 
even when adult Beta brainwaves of logic, memory, 
and the five senses normally become dominant after puberty.

This is precisely why enlightened masters that are in a heavenly state of consciousness 
exhibit faith and innocence and other childlike mannerisms. 

 We inspire seekers to know that an enlightened Child of Light
 IS a divine infant and child at the same time
 that they are eternally youthful, ancient and wise.

The Alpha and the Omega exists in cellular memory that can be remembered
 and be awakened within each person through meditation and prayer.

As a person understands that the four-fold nature of reality; 
being-will, intellect, emotion and sensations, are one continuum of energy 
that develops during life, then great emphasis is put on 
maintaining one’s self identity as an infant,
 a child, an adolescent and an adult together. 

The infant Delta brainwave state of Pure Divine Being generates omnipotent divine Will, 
which is the fire element of Cause and electricity.

 From the states of pure being and unity with all, and divine will, 
the purity of all original ideas in Divine Mind become accessible. 

 This is wisdom and enlightenment, an air element.

 Wisdom is the divine virtue of the first letter of our name Aglasis.

>From wisdom comes the understanding and feelings that all are one, 
and that what affects one goes out like ripples in a pond and affects all. 

>From this understanding comes the desire to release all imperfections 
on every level of being back to Divine Being for transformations
 into other states which are the highest good of all. 

This then becomes flowing emotions of grace and mercy, the letter G, the next letter of our name.  

These emotions attract true divine blessings, abundance, and peacefulness of the spirit. 

The letter L is the virtue of the splendor and majesty of Divine Being, 
which is the being, will, thoughts, emotions, 
and sensations of all the divine virtues taken together.  

This virtue enlivens vitality, true spiritual morality and eternal youth.

The next letters, A and umlaut A, ae, are enlightenment and then transformation. 

Transformation is the virtue of the origin and mystery of life and death 
regarding their transformation.

 By meditating on this virtue, a Child of Light becomes convinced that in reality death 
does not exist, for the so-called death is only a transformation from one state into another.

Through transformation and release,
 a person controls destructive passions and beings. 

A person releases any clinging to old destructive desires, thoughts, feelings, and possessions 
that no longer serve the highest good. 

The next letter, letter S, is the divine virtue of omnipotent all-penetrating-willpower 
for the highest good of all.

 A Child of Light who produces
 strong Delta brainwave patterns of PURE BEING and unity 
with Divine Being and all Creation 
is one with this divine willpower that penetrates all.

 It is in the infant state of PURE BEING that omnipotent WILLPOWER 
is generated to manifest heaven and unity with all life. 

The letter I is the virtue of Cause and Effect.  

This virtue, an earth element and Beta brainwave function, 
enlivens memory, remembrance, and conscience.

 With remembrance of being a divine infant,
 a Child of Light of any age causes effects that result in Heaven on Earth. 

We help enliven this virtue, so that a person remembers the infant state 
and continues to experience the deep Delta brainwave state throughout life.

 This virtue is the essence of strong conscience, 
and the understanding of breath and manifestation. 

The final letter, letter S, is again the mastery of the Delta brainwave state of pure being 
and unity with Divine Being and all Creation which awakens omnipotent all-penetrating-will
 for the highest good flowing forth from the consciousness of pure being.

With these virtues, we inspire emotional well-being and vitality 
in mothers and infants.

The emotional well being of a mother, human or animal, has more to do 
with the quality and vitality of milk, and its effect on the infant 
or any products made from it, than any other factor. 

If the mother is in bliss, her milk tastes the sweetest, and induces 
high states of consciousness and well being and health
 in her infant or anyone who drinks it.
~ My precious friends and family,
      wishing you a most magical Full Moon Lunar Eclipse as you bring a
      focus to your Heart's dreaming through the Christed timelines, the
      merging of your multidimensional Selves and the sacred Cosmic Fire
      of Illumination ~ "This window of opportunity of merging with
      your multi-dimensional selves and bringing in the remembrance of
      your Highest Potential through all timelines, amplifies between
      the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on October 18th and 19th and the New
      Moon Solar Eclipse on November 3rd and 4th. It is at this time
      too, sweet ones, that you draw upon your Hearts' dreaming, as you
      travel the Christed timelines, and bring a focus to the sacred
      Cosmic Fire of Illumination".
      This beautiful sacred Cosmic Fire of Illumination activates in
      particular the pituitary and the pineal glands, the hypothalamus
      gland, and in the new chakra system, the occipital lobe, which is
      found at the base and back of the head. For this occipital lobe
      regulates the flow of information from the higher dimensions and
      your multi-dimensional selves, sweet ones, and you have a sense
      now of merging with your multi-dimensional selves, a sense of
      experiencing many multi-dimensional realities simultaneously, of
      seeing through your Master Eyes at all of Life around you in a
      greater level of insight and understanding, compassion and Divine
      Love. In this place of detachment and active participation you
      observe what you are still working with and needing to integrate,
      and you move into this flow, sweet ones, that takes you into the
      Pathways of Divine Love. All pathways before you in this Golden
      Age are simply Pathways of Divine Love. The Illuminating Light of
      Creation connects you to the Mind of Mother/Father God. It is an
      Intelligence that imbues you too with a deep sense of wisdom, and
      as the third eye activates now, in particular, you experience this
      sense of clairvoyance, of seeing for both yourselves and others
      the reality of One Unity Consciousness and how to create this
      pathway from where you are now, sweet ones, to the pathway of your
      Highest Potential; and to assist others too through the pathways
      that you have collectively created through your own perceived
      challenges on this plane of duality. And this lifts too as you
      feel simply this energy of Love, this matrix of Divine Love, as
      you come together as the I AM Avatar Race, as the way showers,
      light workers, and star seeded ones ~ for you are co-creating
      Heaven on Earth, and you are doing this, sweet ones, through your
      collective Light.
      And now, sweet ones, you have a sense of merging now with your
      Beloved I AM Presence, your Christed Overself of the Light, and
      the Highest Light that you are within the Cosmic Heart of
      Mother/Father God. As you merge now with your Beloved I AM
      Presence, merge with all 144 Soul Ray aspects of which you are
      one, forming this Matrix of Light. This is your star family, sweet
      ones, and a deeper level of service is experienced with your star
      family as you come into a deeper sense of the remembrance of your
      star seeded heritage ~ as Pleiadians or Sirians, Andromedans,
      Arcturians, Lyrans, Venusians, Antarians. Mostly, sweet ones,
      there are several star systems with which you resonate ~ several
      core star groups, for you have incarnated into different planets
      and stars, and worked with various Councils of Light, and at
      different times you may be drawn to different Councils of Light.
      And you have a sense now, possibly, that there are particular core
      groups that you are working with, that you are drawn to, and you
      call them now into your sacred space. It is to know too, sweet
      ones, that in these parallel realities, in these timelines
      coinciding simultaneously with this timeline, many of you are on
      board Lightships, working with the Ashtar Command, the Sirian High
      Council, the Pleiadian Council or the Niburian Council ~ working
      as biologists or scientists, or with quantum physics, or as
      healers, teachers, and various service roles not only on this
      earth plane but on many other planets, stars, and sister
      dimensions; and part of what is being experienced now is a greater
      sense of this multi-dimensional reality, of these merging
      timelines and dimensions, and in this Now, sweet ones, this is
      experienced through this beautiful sacred Cosmic Fire of
      Illumination as Helios and Vesta Overlight you now in this
      beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold Flame of Illumination".
      Mp3 download ~ Cosmic Fire of Illumination ~ Transmission by the
      Elders and Anrita Melchizedek ~
      www.pleiadianlight.net/free-downloads ~
Whatever infants, human or animal, experience in their earliest days and months 
affects their emotional attitudes towards life and physical health from then on.

For infant children and animals to be strong and happy, the happiness of mothers, 
especially when they are nursing, is important.

 The entire environment around infants is then endowed with the beingness, will, 
visions, and important emotions of divine virtues,
 so that heaven manifests on earth through them.

The effects of bliss-infused milk are profound.

As a mother and father are in states of divine being, 
eye contact, the sound of voice, and the transfer of love
 through touching blesses all infants.

For example, a nursing racehorse whose mother is tame and happy is 
much easier to train later and is healthier than one whose mother is under stress of any kind. 

Understanding the power of consciousness and emotion,
 parents with infants and people with animals
 carefully guard the happiness and sacredness of everyone. 

 This is how to protect the sweetness and nutrition of milk.

Meditate on the divine virtues associated with the letters of our name, 
and call on our help to endow Mothers, infants, and milk with the qualities of Heaven on Earth.

This is the 231st degree of the zodiac.
 Add these numbers together to obtain the divine number of this degree.  2+3+1=6.

NUMBER SIX represents the macrocosm in its perfection. 

It is represented by an equilateral hexagram. 

This is the number of man
 when he finally reaches that state of enlightenment
 in which he is one with God. 

Jesus referred to this number when he said, "I and the Father are One."

The lower triangle of the hexagram denotes, in the mystical sense,
 man with his three dimensional aspect of body, soul and spirit.

 The upper triangle of the hexagram points to the three-dimensional 
unification and influence of divine power and virtues in the mental, feeling, and physical worlds.

 Number six represents the sun and all spherical miracles.

A…Divine Providence endows the incarnation of each child 
with the original idea of enlightenment. 

 Within each sentient being, an original idea incarnates 
as a perfect and unique expression 
of omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent divine consciousness.

 Mastering this virtue in meditation gives clairvoyance,
 clairaudience, eloquence, artistic and musical gifts, 
and the control over the element of air.

This virtue awakens mental acuity, ingenuity, the ability to 
grasp high abstract and enlightened new information
 very quickly and easily, and flawless mental functioning.  

This virtue awakens the ability to clairsentiently attune to the divine virtues
 that are manifesting through infants or animals. 

Umlaut A, ae…the release of any  imperfection in self or other to 
Divine Being for transformation into another state that is the highest good of all concerned.

G… The sound of this letter is the sound of the virtue of Divine Grace and Mercy. 

When a new life enters incarnation, 
the original purpose is to manifest blessings for all. 

In the physical world this virtue represents all phases of riches and wealth,
 of happiness and satisfaction.

 By this virtue Divine Providence has created abundance and, like the Creator,
 a child of God may also bring about,
 for him or her self or other people,
 abundance in everything, should that be desired.

On an emotional level this virtue awakens emotions of happiness,
 of complete satisfaction. 

Situations may be created by means of the 
elements and the will and feelings causing success and wealth in the world 
that is for the highest good of all concerned.

In the mind, this virtue gives the experience of peacefulness,
 and the faculty of giving true divine blessing.

The color of this virtue is deep emerald green; the musical note is F.  
It is the water element so it has the sensation of coolness. 
 The left eye is formed from this virtue.

L… The letter L represents the sum total of all the divine virtues. 

These virtues taken together are the splendor and majesty of Divine Consciousness.

 By mastering the virtue of unity with all of the divine virtues,
 it is possible to create the splendor and majesty of heaven so that it 
manifests in the intellect, in the emotions, and in the reality of the physical world. 

The attunement to this virtue by parents attracts to the infant
 the splendor of the indwelling Divine Consciousness.

This virtue also gives morality, mastery of emotions, great courage and endurance, 
and the drive for self-preservation in self and others.

 The color of this virtue is olive green, the musical note is F,
 the sensation is the air element of ease, and the organ formed by it is the spleen.

A…[Soft A, as in ah] Wisdom and enlightenment,
 the original purity of all ideas in divine mind, 
giving mystical faculties and control over the air.

umlaut A, ae, long A. The realization of wishes regarding physical matter
 is subjected to this virtue.

The sound of this letter, the long A, {ae}, in the cosmic language 
is the virtue of the origin and mystery of life and death
 regarding their transformation.

 By meditating on this virtue, a child of God becomes convinced 
that in reality death does not exist, 
for the so-called death is only a transformation from one state into another.

Also will come enlightenment on the cause of this transformation. 

With this comes the ability to master all negative spiritual beings
 in all spheres and planes with regard to their scope of action.

The purpose for which negative beings have been created becomes clear. 

Since, in the original principle all beings are alike,
 each having been created by Divine Providence to fulfill a 
certain task, there is no dissimulation of negative beings,
 for from the enlightened person’s point of view everything is pure.

 Here the saying: "to the pure one everything is pure" becomes plain. 

If there were no negative beings, 
it would be impossible to distinguish between good and 
evil; and if there were no passions, there would also be no virtue. 

This virtue confirms the words contained in the Bible: 
"through night to light", 
the deep symbolic meaning of which now becomes clear.

In the intellect the ability is gained to see through all thoughts, 
actions and wishes concerning matter, and of becoming their absolute master.

In the emotions, this virtue represents desires, passions, 
and the inclination to self-satisfaction etc.

 A person who masters this virtue in their emotions
 becomes absolute master and ruler 
of all desires and passions. 

Also, a person is able to not cling to imperfect mental,
 emotional, and material virtues and objects.

This means complete independence and freedom and fulfills the saying
 "bind yourself and you will be free".

On the material level this virtue is one of the most materialized. 

No matter whether you evoke it in the mind, the feelings, 
the akasha, or the material world, the earth is influenced by it to a larger extent. 

The ability to infuse matter with divine virtues is heightened.

By releasing imperfections on every level with this virtue, 
and following this with umlaut O, eu, seeing through the eyes of love, miracles happen.

These two, umlaut A and umlaut O, the alpha and the omega, 
are the two most important for transformation and transmutation.

 The color of this virtue is loamy brown. 
The musical note is C. 
The element is earth so it has the sensation of weight. 
The anus is formed from this virtue.

Oshun River, named after
      Oshun African goddess

S… This is the sound of all-penetrating power, ALL-POWER.

This virtue gives the WILLPOWER to attune to the inherent divine perfection and beauty of others.

This all-power is to be understood substantially.

 With all-power you get into contact with the subtlest substance of the divine spirit, i.e., 
with the original divine fire, or will, which works as a 
substantial power in everything that has been created by Divine Providence. 

Oneness with all-power gives mastery over the fire principle of desire and will
 and brings about a state of clairvoyance in its purest form. 

Complete control over consciousness results from this.

The color of this virtue is purple red, its musical note is G-sharp, 
it is the fire element of will and so it has the sensation of warmth,
 and the gall bladder is the part of the body that is formed by it.

I… The sound of the letter I is the Divine Virtue of Cause and Effect, 
which represents the law of evolution of everything. 

This law gives the understanding and mastery of the akasha, 
or subtle pre-matter principle. 

The sensation of akasha is ‘God-penetrating-all.
The understanding of cause and effect also enables
 the perfection of memory and conscience.

 Because all life is connected as a unified field of energy,
 whatever is willed, thought, felt, or done has repercussions throughout the 
entire web of life, both inside the microcosm which is the human body and the macrocosm, 
which is the outer universe. 

“As above, so below.”

 Whenever a person focuses on and becomes one with a divine virtue,
 the entire body and the kingdom of heaven, and indeed all of life, responds accordingly.  

What is sown is reaped. 

The letter I with its light opalescent color, representing the law of cause and effect,
 is the spiritual essence of the left kidney. 
 This virtue is of the earth element, so it has the sensation of weight. The musical note is G.

S…On the physical plane, mastery of the virtue of all-power, which is 
control over all-penetrating will, gives complete control of consciousness, 
of self and any other human being or being of any sphere 
or plane of our macrocosm, starting from the kingdom of the elements 
up to the highest angels, original beings, genii, etc.

  It stands to reason that by the faculty of transferring consciousness, 
other mystical abilities are also developed at the same time.

 It is at the time of birth and nursing that profound mystical abilities 
are present to manifest heavenly consciousness
 into will, intellect, emotion, and physical form.

“On Earth as it is in Heaven.”



 Animal or human infants who do not nurse from the mother, but use 
formula, miss out on necessary elements of growth on all levels of consciousness and being. 

Natural milk contains important antibodies and 
subtle divine substances not found in formula, and carries vibrations of divine qualities.

 The most important substance of all however, is the vibration of love.  

 If formula must be used, charge it with vibrations of the divine virtues of Aglasis, 
and administer with flowing love.

Autumn Equinox
                              today at 4:44 p.m. EDT The Wheel turns and
                              the seasons shift...as we celebrate the
                              paradox of harvest and abundance moving
                              into the deepening darkness and the
                              mystery of the quiet, unseen activity


The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah,

which is a very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or root,

of three of the world's religions:

Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host in the zone girdling the earth,

and the angels who work with him or her.

being and the angels share the same name.

This name is a key to their powers and influence.

 Names, phrases, and sections,  in the angel messages are quoted or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon.

Information of the heavenly hosts of the zone girdling the earth

is referenced from THE PRACTICE OF MAGICAL EVOCATION, ISBN 3-921338-02-6,

and Information of the divine virtues and the letters

are referenced from THE KEY TO THE TRUE QUABALLAH, ISBN 3-921338-12-4].

Publisher is Dieter Rüggeberg, Wuppertal/W. Germany.

These books have very important information for these studies. 

The book " Initiation into Hermetics" ISBN 3-921338-01-8, is a preparatory book for the others.

Franz Bardon's last autobiographical book,

"Frabato the Magician", gives historical background

and was compiled by his German publisher from notes written by Franz Bardon.


*********** I

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The Law of One is the original law of Creation,

and is the supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions.


We are all one.

When one is harmed, all are harmed.

When one is helped, all are helped.

Therefore, in the name of who I AM, and I am one with all there is;


I give thanks that this is done.


So it is.


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