Hermetic Angel Messages

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21 degrees Leo

The Angels

Also known as

The Angels




 In recognizing imperfections on any level, 
in self or others,
and using the power of divine dominion to release them for changes into 
other states that are the highest good of all,
a prophet guides his people.

We reveal that Humanity was never intended to make decisions from a 
purely rational or logical viewpoint.

The mind makes a great servant,
 but a cruel master.

When the eyes see through a heart of flowing LOVE DIVINE,
 then underlying blueprints of perfection are easily seen.

Recognizing the underlying divinity of whatever is seen
enlivens the awakening and manifesting of this divinity.

In this way we help prophets mirror the underlying majesty of God in all creation,
and choices that are made create realities of bliss all creation.

"Love conquers all."

"The greatest of these is love." 

Creation is a unified field of energy
 that contains infinite potentialities in time and space.

Emotions determine which potentialities manifest.

By attuning to the emotional frequencies of anyone or anything,
ongoing effects of these frequencies are easily seen.

We reveal that divine prophets,
 by following inner guidance from divine love within,
and understanding previous causes and effects,
generate emotions of transmutation into perfection
made possible by cognition brought about by love divine,
and bring grace and mercy and true divine blessing
that alleviate much suffering from painful fates.

Miracles of healing and redemption manifest.

 Because each act of Free Will causes cascading chains of results,
we receive prayers for guidance,
 so that only the highest good karma is created for self and others.

 Karma is an ancient term for the effects caused
 by previous and current states of being, desires, thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

Beautiful loving causes create beautiful loving effects.
Painful causes create painful effects.

  We inspire clear inner guidance in each moment and situation,
and highest intuition and understanding of cause and effect.

Much like master chess players,
we help the mind’s eyes see moves and their causes and effects many steps further 
along, both past and future, in the game of life.

We awaken within people clear inner guidance
and understanding of the short and long term implications
of each choice
 made through free will.

We reveal that the HEART,
the wisdom of the heart,
 is the best source of guidance for decision making.

It has been written that the longest journey is
the journey from being in the head,
to being in the heart.

Within the HEART
lies wisdom of love,
the best source of guidance for decision making.

The heart is first to develop in the womb,
and has a tube torus field of plasma energy 
that is over five thousand times stronger than the brain.

Seeing through the eyes of love, instead of through logic,
 is a major ingredient of 

We help people understand that intuition,
the province of the right hemisphere of the brain and the 
parasympathetic nervous system,
adds a spatial and creative perspective to the linear, rational one of 
the left hemisphere.

As this heightened awareness travels to a heart of love,
plasma is generated that gives life 
to that which cognition brought about by love sees.

 In this way, whole brain mastery is subjugated to the 
flowing divine love of the heart and best fates are created.

"Love conquers all."

 "And the greatest of these is love."

Emotions are magnetic and attract new realities into form.

 For this reason, we help prophets understand and master flowing emotions.

By changing emotions, fates change.

Loving feelings attract loving realities.
  If emotions are negative, negative realities are attracted.

 By teaching others to be aware of emotions on an ongoing basis,
 and healing negative ones in timely ways,
 potential futures are guided into manifestations of beauty.

Meditation on Divine virtues allows individual mind and emotions to 
unite and become one with Divine Mind and Emotions,
 thereby creating
fates that manifest sacred qualities of Divinity.

This is part of the meaning of the saying that people are created in the 
image and likeness of God.

“All that I do ye shall do and more.”

When asked for assistance, 
we permeate the mental and emotional worlds with access to highest 
insights along these lines.

In meditation on the Divine virtues, we help each seeker see cascading 
results of various decisions far into the future.

 We lovingly inspire right choices with this knowledge.

We also provide information about the decisions that have been made by others,
and the natural ongoing effects of those decisions. 

This is one reason why we are called
The Angels of Prophecy.

We help a person see and take into account the laws of the universe,
and, most importantly,
the effects of Grace and Mercy on the future.

The Heavenly hosts work for the highest good of all concerned
 because of their understanding of the oneness of all life.

When one is harmed, all are harmed,
 and when one is helped, all are helped. 

Therefore, Heavenly Hosts of Light assist when a choice is ONE that 
will benefit the entire being of the One Omnipresent Divine Being.

Together the sons and daughters of divine being
 and heavenly hosts make a complete feedback loop.

Angels evolve through ever greater complexity of service 
 while the sons and daughters of divine being 
evolve through use of free will.

When a man or a woman uses free will to make  choices that are the highest good 
of all concerned,
then it is designed by the Creator for both angels and heavenly hosts 
to help that choice manifest. 

Because of the existence of free will,
Angels of Destruction, often referred to as Angels of Darkness,
use their powers so that a man or a woman out pictures those choices that harm, 
or cause destruction, to any part of the one being.

By experiencing the effects, or fate, of these choices,
a person learns that 'what goes around comes around."

A prophet uses dominion that comes from the kingdom of heaven within,
and often softens dire effects of negative causes in self or others,
through divine downpourings of divine light,
which is the virtue of grace and mercy,
letter G of our name.

 When one is harmed, all are harmed, whether or not the harm is to self, 
others, or property.

Harm harms everything,
and even harms the angels of darkness, 
who themselves long to 
transform into other states
that are the highest good of all.
This is one of the meanings of the alpha,
the virtues of letter a and umlaut a, ae.

A is enlightenment, and umlaut a is life and death and transformation,
the change from one state to another.

Whenever imperfections are recognized, 
a prophet seeks transformation of these imperfections
 into states that are the highest good of all concerned.

The state into which something is changed are the virtues of omega,
the virtues of o and umlaut o, oe of our name.

O is transmutation brought about by seeing through the eyes of love,
umlaut o is justice and harmony.

By conquering fates of self and others through love,
the fates of all are changed for the better.

 That is why the original law of creation, the Law of One,
is overriding all other laws at this time.

 All of creation longs for perfection.


We are all one.

When one is harmed, all are harmed.

When one is helped, all are helped.

Therefore, in the name of who I AM ,

and I AM one with all there is;

I give thanks that this is done.
So it is.


Divine Being is omnipresent, even within the most amazing polarities of creation.

When imperfections are recognized in self or others, 
and released for 
 into the highest good of all,
heaven and earth become one.

 What goes around comes around.

 Whatever is done to another comes back.

 When harm happens to self, others, or creation, great suffering occurs,
 and in time the lessons of harmlessness are learned through reaping 
results and experiences of suffering.

When help happens to self, others, or creation,
this help causes cascading effects of helpfulness
that result in healings for all in the unified field of being.

 This is the essence of karma, or fate.

Remember that in The Art of Prophecy, the ability to feel the emotional quality of 
something gives knowledge
of what material results are being attracted into manifestation.

If through LOVE and Grace and Mercy, the lessons of harmlessness and 
ONENESS are learned inwardly through growing enlightenment,
 then returning harmful fates can be softened.

“Ask and ye shall receive.”

We help awaken conscience and remorse for negative choices.

We help even the worst criminal experience pricks of conscience that alters everything.

Because we ask that all learning occurs in ways that are the highest good of all,
often, when dark criminals experience pricks of conscience,
they ask for assistance from Heavenly sources.

We help such people see the short and long term effects of their 
previous actions
and help them realize a higher way.

We open up their hearts so that they can finally see through the eyes of love,
 and understand the legality of harmony,
both for themselves and for others.

In this way people learn that the sine qua non of spiritual help
includes building and enriching links
with Angels and unseen beings
 who are guides and mentors
 of The Real Divine Self.

Inside each person the spark of divinity in its pure essence exists,
 giving and sustaining life.

We help people access clear inner guidance through this spark,
 and release previous programming for transformations into enlightenment.

Many people have not often communicated with the Heavenly hosts.

Or if they have, sometimes it is a one-way communication where they do 
all the talking and not enough time is given to listening. 

As we said in a previous message,
a good friendship usually grows more distant and weakens
whenever two friends allow long intervals to elapse between communications.

So it is with the communication between people and the Heavenly hosts.

Just as frequent, high quality communication is best to maintain a close 
friendships between people,
so also is it the lifeblood of growing relationships between children of 
Divine Being and the Heavenly hosts.

When praying to, versus receiving answers,  it is important 
to “switch gears” from speaking to listening in meditation.

Most prayer is from the left, linear, rational, verbal brain.

Most listening is from the right, intuitive, spatial, nonverbal brain.

As the two hemispheres of the brain work consciously together, 
joining logic and intuition,
and the brain and the heart are connected and work together,
 the eyes begin to see through LOVE DIVINE.

  At this stage, consciousness is open for Divine guidance and knowing.

By experiencing oneness with all, use of The Law of One
can change fate for self and others.

 By meditating on and becoming one with the virtue of Divine Justice 
and Harmony,
 a child of God can determine the fate of any being.

Take time out from daily routines to establish communications with the 
Heavenly hosts and with inner connection with THE ONE.

Learn how to mentally ask us to come,
how to wait to feel our presence, 
how to listen within the heart.

 Learn to frequently stop, slow down, relax, go within, become 
receptive, call in the higher beings....wait, relax, breathe deeply, 
trust what comes.

Guidance is often discerned differently by each person,
some see mental visions, some emotions, some sensations, some get 
thoughts, some get combinations of some of these.


 Then alternate praying and listening.

Learn how to be just as comfortable with linear-verbal thought 
processes as with nonverbal-intuitive ones.

 Learn how to join this with the knowing in the heart
so that you see through the EYES of LOVE DIVINE!

Then when meditating on Divine virtues with specific intent, we open awareness.

We help you merge awareness with Divine Awareness, and from this state alter 
fate of self and others through
Grace and Mercy, and True Divine Blessing.

True Divine Blessing awakens the higher knowing within the HEART,
so that lessons of harmlessness are learned from within.

 This uplifts the Consciousness so that suffering from returning negative karma is 
greatly lessened, 
and manifests in mostly symbolic ways. 

Through the divine virtues of the letters of our name, it is possible 
to prophesy with great accuracy.


This sound is the sound of freedom and independence.

 The mastery of this virtue gives clear inner guidance that is in 
complete harmony with Divine Providence,
 so no mistake is ever made. 

Because the Divine virtue of free will is an extension of Divine Mind 
operating within each being,
a high state of maturity and ingenuity is gained that allows quick 
understanding of all knowledge. 

Inner guidance has a golden color, the musical note of C, and is the earth element, 
so it is felt with sensations of weight.

The left nostril is formed from this virtue.


The letter I represents the Law of Cause and Effect in the ancient language.

By mastering this virtue, the faculty of a perfect memory and conscience is gained.

The Law of Evolution of everything that has been created is expressed by it.

Divine Providence in His most subtle form is manifested in this virtue.

In the mind, a child of God who masters the Laws of Cause and Effect is 
able to enliven everything as he or she pleases.

Also the ability to control both the breath and the connection 
between emotion and the physical body is gained.

The mastery of this virtue allows a person to understand the ongoing 
effects of every cause through time.

Cause and effect has a light opal_color, the musical note of G, radiates from the 
left kidney, and has sensations of earth and weight.


The sound of this letter in the Ancient Language is the sound of flowing tangible feelings,
of divine magnetic EMOTIONS.

Emotions are the divine magnetic feminine energy that attracts reality into forms.

Each human body reflects tangible feelings of unique expressions of Divine Spirit within it, 
and the ability to “read” the unique
 appearance of each body reveals  unique emotional realities of its 
indwelling soul.

By changing EMOTIONAL REALITIES, material realities also change.

In the Art of Prophecy, the ability to feel the emotional quality of 
something gives knowledge
of what material results are being attracted into manifestation by it.

If a person is sad, then situations that reflect that sadness are being attracted into
this person's life.

If a person is happy, then happy situations are being attracted.

This is a basis of prophecy.

 By being blessed with divine grace and mercy,
Sad emotions can be healed, and fates can also be healed.

This Divine virtue of Flowing Emotions is the water element, so it has 
sensations of coolness turning to chill.

 The color of flowing divine emotion is blue-green, its musical note is D, and the abdomens
of all the children of God are formed by this virtue.

Umlaut O, er

 Umlaut O is the ability to see through the eyes of love and awaken indwelling divinity.

It shines dark orange, has the musical note of D-sharp, is the 
element of akashic-earth
 which has the sensation of weight penetrating everything.

The ovaries and testicles are formed from this virtue of the profound 
cognition brought about by LOVE DIVINE.

In is written that in healing, heal the left ovary first and then the right one.


In the principle of consciousness penetrating all, the umlaut O 
oscillation evokes the most profound cognition
 which can only be brought about by LOVE DIVINE. 

By the help of this a person gets to know all the possibilities of 
transformation of the spirit,
all the systems and ways serving this end,
 and all knowledge concerning transformation in all other fields.

He/she is informed about everything that, deriving from the act of creation,
 had to pass through all the mode of transformation to be reunited.

A person must attain all the faculties that are offered by this 
profound cognition made possible by LOVE DIVINE,
 in the principle of consciousness-penetrating-all, and must make use 
of all possibilities,
in order to get convinced that they cannot be described by words, 
by must be experienced, lived through.

I have mentioned the letters umlaut A and umlaut Oas the last 
ones in this series of exercises,
because by the help of their virtues one is able to comprehend, from the 
principle of consciousness-penetrating-all,
 the crown of all wisdom in the micro- and macrocosms, 
from the act of creation to the present state of evolution, and even to 
the final development.


Evoked in the intellect, the virtue of profound cognition brought about by 
LOVE DIVINE gives the understanding of the transformation of ideas, virtues,
 etc. by the quabbalistically pronounced word, which is a very great 
and comprehensive field.

Astral / Emotional level:

In the emotions, the virtue of profound cognition brought about by LOVE DIVINE
develops the faculty of perfect astral projection and the mastery of all 
occult and magical phenomena
 that have reference to transformation,
so that a person may, for instance, assume any desired vibration in the 
Emotional Body
without being recognized by other beings and with only Divine Providence 
seeing through him/her.

Apart from this, a person is able to transform any emotional oscillation 
into the oscillation he wants and to do the same with any element.


When mastered in the Physical Body, the profound cognition brought about 
leads to perfect knowledge of quabbalistic
[the use of will, thought, emotion and sensation]
alchemy in the material world. 

A person is taught the true preparation and charging of the 
philosopher’s stone in the physical sense.

He/she can influence, at will, any oscillation—atomic, oscillation, 
electronic oscillation- by quabbalah,
 and he/she is able to transform it into the oscillation desired by 

Therefore he/she perfectly masters the Laws of Transmutation and is 
able to transform any metal into gold,
any stone into a precious stone, etc. if desired.

By the help of this virtue a person is furnished with many other 
faculties of which he/she cannot even dream now
 and which non-initiates would regard as absolutely impossible.


 This sound is the virtue of Divine Justice. 

This virtue gives expression to the ‘absolute legality of harmony’.

According to the adherence to Divine Laws, fate is determined in all 
future incarnations.

By meditating on and becoming one with the virtue of Divine Justice 
and Harmony,
a child of God can determine the fate of any being.

This virtue has an ultramarine blue color, the musical note of C, 
and is the earth element so it has sensations of weight.

It forms the throat and windpipe.


The letter G symbolizes the virtue of Divine Grace and Mercy. 

In the Physical World this virtue represents all phases of riches and 
wealth, of happiness and satisfaction.

By this virtue Divine Providence has created abundance and, like the Creator,
a child of God may also bring about, for him or her self or other 
people, abundance in everything, should that be desired.

On an Emotional Level this virtue gives feelings of happiness, of 
complete satisfaction.

Situations may be created by means of the elements and the Will and 
Feelings causing success
and wealth in the world that is for the highest good of all concerned.

In the Mind, this virtue gives the experience of peacefulness, and the 
faculty of giving True Divine Blessing.

Those who are blessed with Gifts of Prophecy are also blessed with 
 Gifts of Knowing the profundities of Divine Grace and Mercy
 in all their aspects, and to realize how far Divine legality goes and 
how Divine Grace and Mercy effects man and animal.

By being one with this virtue, a prophet can see how much the 
virtue of Divine Grace and Mercy
 will ameliorate painful fates of the future that were caused by 
failures to adhere to Divine Laws of Justice and Harmony.

The melody of our name is C, G, D, C, and F.




The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah, which is a 
very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor,
or root, of three of the world's religions: Judaism, Islam, and 

Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host 
in the zone girdling the earth, and the angels who work with him or her.
The being and the angels share the same name. This name is a key to 
their powers and influence.
* Names, phrases, or sections in the angel messages are quoted or 
paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon.

Information of the heavenly hosts of the zone girdling the earth is 
 ISBN 3-921338-02-6, and Information of the divine virtues and the 
letters are referenced from THE KEY TO THE TRUE QUABALLAH, ISBN 3-921338-12-4].
 Publisher is Dieter Rüggeberg, Wuppertal/W. Germany.
These books have very important information for these studies.

The book " Initiation into Hermetics" ISBN 3-921338-01-8, is a 
preparatory book for the others.
 Franz Bardon's last autobiographical book, "Frabato the Magician", 
gives historical background
and was compiled by his German publisher from notes written by Franz Bardon.
This book is helpful for understanding present day issues.

  If you have these, it is helpful to read Frabato the Magician first, 
with appendixes, and then read appendixes from the other three for background.

Feel free to share these messages.

The Law of One is the original law of Creation,
and is the supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions.


We are all one.

When one is harmed, all are harmed.

When one is helped, all are helped.

Therefore, in the name of who I AM ,

and I AM one with all there is;

I give thanks that this is done.
So it is.