Hermetic Angel Messages

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Sunday's sun

30 degrees Cancer
The Angels of Fate

Also known as
The Angels of



As a person reaches the point of such wisdom, love, and power,
 that the intended lessons of fate are accomplished,
  then he or she has freedom to live life as a master of fate.


It is at this point that obscurity is removed,
 and perfect clarity of flowing life giving Divine Emotions are experienced as states of joy,
and there is no danger that harm will be caused,
 either to self or to others,
 either intentionally or through ignorance.

"For I have not given you the spirit of fear, but of joy, and life everlasting."

 It is at this point of enlightenment that a person creates supreme happiness in their journeys upon the Earth.
It is our great pleasure to reveal both the exoteric and esoteric,
which is the outer and the inner, truth.

 We inspire you in states of meditation which is a deep inner awareness.

 These states of meditation use the four awareness levels.

These are the levels of pure being and unity
 with Divine Being and all creation

intent with visualization of what is desired,
 deep inner thought about what is intended,

and congruent flowing emotions of what is intended,
 and deep inner five senses, memory, and logic concerning what is intended.

 This corresponds to Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta brainwave states that are used consciously and rhythmically together.


In contemplating divine virtues of the letters of our name in this way,
the following abilities are remembered.

Good morning beautiful friend, It's
                                                      Mondays! By coming
                                                      together in group
                                                      & holding the
                                                      space of
                                                      for each others
                                                      manifestations, we
                                                      create a powerful
                                                      vortex for them to
                                                      show up more
                                                      And...when we hold
                                                      the space for each
                                                      other, we MAGNIFY
                                                      the blessings in
                                                      our own life. It's
                                                      such an honor to
                                                      receiving feedback
                                                      about how our
                                                      Mondays have been
                                                      creating miracles
                                                      for you! Please
                                                      share your desired
vision/manifestation by commenting it below. Then, take moment to read a
                                                      few of the other
                                                      comments &
                                                      hold the space of
                                                      "YES, I see
                                                      this for you
                                                      too." Here's
                                                      the Manifesting
                                                      Formula: Step 1:
                                                      Open up with an
                                                      statement such as
                                                      "I am, I
                                                      have, I create, I
                                                      affirm, I choose,
                                                      I now step into,
                                                      etc..." These
                                                      immediately begin
                                                      anchoring our
                                                      into the present
                                                      moment. Some
                                                      phrases we want to
                                                      stay away from
                                                      are: "I want
                                                      or I need,"
                                                      because they keep
                                                      our manifestations
                                                      just out of reach.
                                                      Step 2: Share
                                                      Step 3: Magnify
                                                      the statement with
                                                      "This or
                                                      something greater
                                                      & so it
                                                      is!" This
                                                      final statement
                                                      opens us up to
                                                      receiving our
                                                      blessings without
                                                      having to be
                                                      limited to the
                                                      specifics of the
                                                      how, where, when,
                                                      who, why's that
                                                      usually block us
                                                      from actually
                                                      attracting what
                                                      we'd like to
                                                      experience. So
                                                      here is my desired
                                                      manifestation for
                                                      this week: "I
                                                      allow my gifts,
                                                      talents and
                                                      message of love to
                                                      uplift and support
                                                      all those who are
                                                      ready to receive
                                                      it. And so it
                                                      is." Now,
                                                      it's your turn to
                                                      share. What would
                                                      you like thousands
                                                      of amazing friends
                                                      across the world
                                                      to envision for
                                                      you? Give yourself
                                                      permission to
                                                      receive this kind
                                                      of love &
                                                      support! Over the
                                                      coming days &
                                                      weeks ahead, begin
                                                      to be mindful of
                                                      how the Universe
                                                      brings into your
                                                      life your desired
                                                      Thank you for
                                                      sharing these
                                                      posts with your
                                                      friends &
                                                      loved ones as it
                                                      magnifies the
                                                      manifesting vortex
                                                      for all. .(^_^).
                                                      .._/l\_.. Emmanuel
                                                      Artwork by:Endre
Ch…This letter represents the virtue of clarity of emotion.


The ability to perceive and understand all languages of the universe, all spiritual beings, men, and animals,
 and of being understood by them allows each child of God to understand the rhythms of life and have power over life and death.

A and umlaut A, ae…soft A represents wisdom and enlightenment. 

Eloquence, poetic talent, musical gift, and mystical faculties such as clairvoyance and clairaudience are attained.


Umlaut A, ae is the virtue of the mysteries of life and death and transformation.

 It reveals that there is no true death, but only change into other states.
This virtue is activated by releasing imperfections on all levels for changes into other states that are the highest good of all.

The ability to control  passions through letting them go when they are no longer the highest good of all concerned,
 and then embracing that which is the highest good of all, gives control over negative beings, and freedom
from clinging to any imperfect value or possession in will, mind, emotion, and form.

R…This letter represents the virtue of freedom and independence to follow inner guidance
 that is in complete harmony with the legality of Divine Providence.


This virtue awakens ingenuity that manifests in a number of abilities.

Umlaut O, eu, and O…Umlaut O is the virtue of transmutation into perfection.

It is activated through cognition brought about by love divine.

O is the virtue of divine justice. 

Becoming one with this virtue gives expression to the absolute legality of harmony, in all four levels of will, mind, emotion and sensation.


This controls fate, the contributory determinant in all future incarnations.

N…This letter represents the divine virtue of supreme happiness, and the ability to transfer oneself or another
 to the “seventh heaven of delight”.
It gives the ability to see solutions to any problem in self and others that are the highest good of all.
Happiness is necessary for cohesion, and is similar to gravity.

T…This is the virtue of high inspiration which awakens inventive faculties and great divine inspiration and intuition.

H…This represents the divine virtue of the power of the word.


This is the ability to give utterance to inward or outward sound that carries will, clear concepts of a divine virtue,
 the emotions of this virtue, and the sensations of it.


Each letter has a sound and a corresponding divine virtue, meaning, emotion, musical note, color, and sensation.


In learning this ancient use of language, one gains the ability to understand the work of Divine Providence.

Umlaut O, eu and O…By seeing through the eyes of love, indwelling divine perfection,
which is omnipresent in everything in creation, is seen and enlivened.


By being one with divine justice, the emotions of absolute contentment and poise are gained.

N…Supreme happiness gives one absolute freedom and independence of emotion, and the ability to master all other beings.

A and umlaut A, ae…Wisdom and enlightenment gives control over the beings of the air and the gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Transformation gives control over negative beings and situations.

The melody of our name is D+, G, C, C, D-sharp, C, A, F, A, D-sharp,  C, A, G, and C.


We inspire clarity and perfect purity of flowing Divine emotions so that fate can be mastered.  
Emotions are magnetic and attract new realities into physical manifestation.  
 By flowing with emotions of highest divine purity and clarity, the highest fates can manifest.
Check your emotions.

 What are you feeling?  
These emotions are attracting your experience of physical reality now.
Learn how to let imperfect emotions flow with focus and empathy and unconditional love
 for those parts of your self that are generating them, so that they heal naturally.

Just as comforting an upset child helps joy return to that child,
so does comforting those upset parts of yourself help joy to return.

Emotions purify  just as water does in the presence of love,
 when they are not bottled up,
 but validated with empathy,
 and are allowed to flow freely.
 without causing more harm to self, others, or property.

Our natural state is joy,
and life everlasting,
and emotions will naturally return to joy
when they are healed from all previous wounding.

 In this way they change and transform and become more Divine, life giving, and beautiful.

  By flowing in this way, in an atmosphere of empathy and compassion,
emotions that have been painful change, and become positive and happy once again.

Insights into previous emotional traumas arise as old wounded emotions flow in safety,
 bringing forgiveness and understanding of self and others and the understanding
 of why these events were allowed to happen by the higher self to gain wisdom.

Much wisdom has been gained through these life experiences.
  Give thanks.

Once painful emotions are healed through flowing, stay with them as they become ever more beautiful and clear.

  By flowing freely in an atmosphere of unconditional gratitude ,
happy emotions become even more happy, pure, clear and divine.

All emotions are this way,  and flowing spins them into new higher frequencies,
 just as water molecules spin through flowing so that their surface tension protects them from impurities.

“Love conquers all.”
Mastery of flowing emotions through unconditional love changes fate.  
"Love conquers all."

Love is the only vibration that transmutes everything in creation,
 for it knows we are all one,
 and desires the highest good for all concerned.

All emotions, of self and others, can evolve if they are allowed to flow in atmospheres of Divine Love.

 If your emotions or someone else's are not happy and beautiful, then they need to heal,
and those parts of yourself or themselves that are generating them need to heal as well.

By tuning in to emotions with empathy and love,
your present time self is acting as an observer

and healer ,
as you know from Quantum Physics,
 an observer affects what is observed.

 Healing happens naturally when observing is done with LOVE.

That is the miracle of love.

In this way your present time self re-parents the wounded inner child selves of the past.
In this way, LOVE CONQUERS ALL within, even through time and space.

As the inner world changes, the outer world does too.

We ask you not to be afraid or ashamed of your emotions when they are negative.

These emotions are normal and appropriate in response to wounding of the soul in unhappy circumstances of life.

  Observe these emotions with Divine Love,
 and experience healing as they flow in meditation with your empathy and faith.

We remind you that in your choice of parents, country, gender, race, class, health, time, genes, and other circumstances of life,
your soul embraced your present fate.
With guidance of Divine Providence itself,
you chose this particular fate for your highest good.
  Your choice was designed to give you the greatest chance of development in your journey to perfection.
The influences of fate, once chosen, can be favorable or unfavorable, easy or difficult.


If a fate is unfavorable, it was chosen because opportunities exist to learn the virtues of patience,
fortitude, surrender, faith, service, humility, courage, persistence,
 compassion, strength, understanding, cause and effect, among others.

If a fate is favorable, it was chosen because opportunities exist to attain the virtues of happiness,
satisfaction, joy, love, education, pleasure, abundance, beauty, power, and freedom, service, among others.
We  help you understand your chosen fate. 


We also inspire enlightenment so that even the most difficult fate
 can be transformed and transmuted into perfection.

We remind you that Divine Providence only allows each person to take on a fate that is most suited to his or her best development.

Divine Providence never allows a soul to take on more than it can accomplish.

We help people with the circumstances of fate. 

Easy or difficult, we help them know that all is in Divine Harmony,
 that all is working out as it should.

This understanding itself changes fate.
 We help each person call forth those virtues and qualities from
Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient Divine Being
that are required to successfully work with individual circumstances.

 We make sure that each fate unfolds as it was intended.

When you desire to change your fate, we answer, for this desire itself is the beginning of the change.
We teach how to serve through unity with the omnipresent, omnipotent,
and omniscient will and love of Divine Providence for the highest good of all.


We inspire emotions of flowing Bliss, and highest Love, Wisdom, and Power.
By learning how to flow with emotions of highest Divine Purity and Clarity,
a person prepares to enter the gateways of Leo, which are attunements to Divine Omnipotence.




[Two lists of the letters.  Print out and keep for handy reference]

This first list is the letters with their Divine virtue, color, sensation /element, and part of the body temple.
A………[ soft A as in ah]…..All wisdom and enlightenment, light blue with a sense of ease/air, the musical note G, [use to heal the lungs]

Umlaut A {ae]…….Origin and mystery of life and death and transformation, loamy brown with a sensation of weight/earth, musical note C,
use to heal the lower colon ]

B……Universal life and polarity in all it’s forms, light violet with a sense of weight/earth, musical note A, [use to heal the right eye]

C………The eucharist in all it’s forms, the virtue of self-spiritualization, vermilion with warmth and a sense of ease/air, musical note D,
 [use to heal the stomach]

D…….…Mysteries of the art of creation, dark blue with a sensation of warmth/fire, musical note C, [use to heal the right ear]

E…………the omnipresence of Universal Consciousness, dark violet with a sensation of penetrating all/akasha, musical note D,[ use to heal the spine]

F………Legality , which IS harmony, of all visible worlds, light green with a sensation of weight,/earth musical note F sharp,[ use to heal the left hand]

G…….…Divine Grace and Mercy in all it’s aspects, deep grass green with a sensation of coolness, musical note F, [use to heal the left eye]

H…The power of the word, which is the cosmic language, silvery violet with a sensation of warmth/fire, musical note A, [use to heal the right arm]

Ch……….The virtue of clarity and perfect purity of emotions, light violet with sensations of coolness/water, musical note D Sharp,[ use to heal the left leg]

I…….The law of cause and effect, light opal with a  sensation of weight/earth, musical note G, [use to heal the left kidney]

J…………The highest all-embracing cosmic love, dark opal with a sensation of coolness/water, musical note G Sharp,
 [use to heal the diaphragm-midriff]

K………….The Virtue of omnipotence,  silvery blue with a sensation  of warmth/fire, musical note B, [use to heal the left ear]

L..The Virtues of Majesty, dark green shining olive color with a sensation of ease/air, musical note F, [use to heal the spleen]

M.…Original Water principle of emotions and magnetism, blue-green with a sense of coolness/water, musical note D, [use to heal the abdominal area]

N………..The highest state of happiness, dark red with a sense of coolness/water, musical note A, [use to heal the liver]

O…..…The Virtue of Justice as an original principal, ultramarine blue with a sensation of weight/earth, musical note C,
[use to heal the throat and windpipe area]

Umlaut O [eu] ……….….The most Profound Divine Cognition brought about by love divine which reveals indwelling divine perfection.
This leads to transmutation. Visualize dark orange light with sensations of weight/earth penetrating everything/akasha,
musical note D sharp, [use to heal the testicles and ovaries. If healing the ovaries, heal the left ovary first then the right.]

P..The longing for spiritual progress and perfection, dark grey with a sense of weight/earth, musical note B, [use to heal the right nostril]

Q…………………………………..…in quaballah Q is the same as K---refer to K

R…..……… Independence and Freedom, golden light with a sensation of weight/earth, musical note C, [use to heal the left nostril]

S…….All penetrating power which is original fire [will], purple with a reddish tint with a sensation of warmth/fire, musical note G sharp, [use to heal the gall bladder]

Sch,,,,,… combines both omnipotence and all-penetrating power and is the original light, blazing red with a sensation of warmth/fire,
 musical note C, [use to heal the brain]

T…High inspiration, brownish black light with a sense of warmth/fire, musical note F, [use to heal the right kidney]

U……The original source of everything, velvet black light with a sensation of penetrating everything/akasha, musical note B,[ use to heal the pancreas]

V…………………………………….. in quaballah is the same as F-refer to F

W…Cosmic intuition, lilac with a sensation of coolness/water, musical note G, [use to heal the gut]

X………………………in quaballah X is seen as a combination of E,K,and S

Y [ue] umlaut U…………..The origin of the rhythm of life, pink light with a sensation of weight/earth penetrating everything/akasha,
 musical note C sharp, [use to heal the heart]

Z………….Highest intellectual faculties, light yellow with a sensation of ease/air, musical note G, [can also be used to heal the heart]

This SECOND LIST is a quick reference on how the Divine virtues of each letter in any word, or name, work together.

‘A… [Ah}…is analogous to the enlightened intellect, faculty of judgment, comprehension of profoundest truths,
 knowledge and faculty of perception, and development of all intellectual faculties.

Umlaut A…[ae]…the realization of wishes regarding physical matter.

B…imparts absolute power over the electromagnetic flows of energy [electric=will and thought, magnetic=emotion and sensation] in all spheres.
This is the mastery over polarity.

C…everything relating to the influences of all divine ideas, virtues and qualities.

D…is everything that is connected to the consciousness and the mental matrix.  Futhermore, the “D” everywhere
 enlarges the ego-consciousness and leads to wisdom.

E… is related to the transfer of consciousness anad intuition.

F…everything that refers to the unification of the basic qualities of the spirit, i.e.,will-power,
 intellect and emotion and sensation, as ego-consciousness.

G….Divine blessing: for instance mercy, peace, spontaneous remission, etc.

H…everything that is meant by intuition regarding Divine Providence.

Ch…linguistic talent, no matter whether the languages of spiritual beings, human beings or animals,
or the knowledge of symbols is concerned.

I…everything relating to conscience, reminiscence, and memory.

J…everything connected to ecstasy and rapture.

K…everything concerning the state of manifestation of belief.

L…everything regarding the spiritual comprehension of true morality from the mystical point of view.

M…everything referring to emotion, life, and sensitivity.

N…everything concerning the mental energy field [aura] and the mental matrix with regard to the aura

O…everything analogous to the basic qualities of the spirit with regard to harmony, fatefulness and legality.

Umlaut O[OE]…everything that refers to the transformation of mental qualities.

P…everything that has to do with religious emotion and sensation and deepest devotion.

R…everything concerning freedom of will, freedom of action, and intellectuality.

S…everything regarding enthusiasm and the absolute mastery of the electric [willpower] flow of energy.

Sch…everything connected to perfect enlightenment, spiritualization and rapture

T…all phases of influencing memory

U…everything relating to the faculty of working in the akasha [all-pervading] principle, in all forms of existence:
 likewise the highest intuition, the karma or mastery of fate.

W…everything appertaining to clairsentience, faculty of psychometry: furthermore, also to medial faculties.

Y[umlaut U]… everything having to do with inspiration in connection with intuition,
 due to the attachment to God and love, and the mental faculties arising therefrom.

Z…everything that brings about the enhancement of general intellectual faculties and has special influence on memory.’






The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah, which is a very ancient set of teachings which together
 form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world's religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host in the zone girdling the earth, and the angels who work with him or her.
The being and the angels share the same name. This name is a key to their powers and influence.

* Names, phrases, or sections in the angel messages are quoted or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon.

Information of the heavenly hosts of the zone girdling the earth is referenced from THE PRACTICE OF MAGICAL EVOCATION,
 ISBN 3-921338-02-6, and Information of the divine virtues and the letters are referenced from THE KEY TO THE TRUE QUABALLAH,
 ISBN 3-921338-12-4]. Publisher is Dieter Rüggeberg, Wuppertal/W. Germany. These books have very important information for these studies.


The book " Initiation into Hermetics" ISBN 3-921338-01-8, is a preparatory book for the others. Franz Bardon's last autobiographical book,
 "Frabato the Magician", gives historical background and was compiled by his German publisher from notes written by Franz Bardon.
This book is helpful for understanding present day political issues.


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The Law of One is the original Law of Creation,
 and is the supreme Law over all Laws in all dimensions.

THE LAW OF ONE can be  used to guarantee the creation of the Highest Good of All Concerned,


We are all one.

When one is harmed, all are harmed.

When one is helped, all are helped.

Therefore, in the name of who I AM ,

  and I AM one with all there is;

I ask that only THE HIGHEST GOOD OF

ALL concerned  happen.

I give thanks that this is done.
So it is.



*    *
*       *
*     *