Hermetic Angel Messages

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The Moon Angels of Sunlight on the Moon


Angels of  ‘E-M-P-E-B-Y-N’


26th Day of Lunar Cycle





‘We explain the influences that the sunlight has on the moon
and from there onto humans, the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms;
in spiritual, mental, emotional and physical respect.’

"As above, so below."

Every divine virtue manifests on levels of
pure being, will, visualization, intellect, flowing emotions, and sensations of form.
Every physical thing in creation has analogous correspondence
with divine virtues on these levels.

The Sun is analogous to, or is the physical manifestation of the
Divine Creative Electric Masculine Power of Omnipotent  INTENT, or WILL
for the highest good of all.

The Moon is the manifestation of the Divine Feminine magnetic receptive power
  which comes from omnipresent FLOWING TANGIBLE FEELINGS

that are the highest good of all.

Will is electric in nature and Emotion is magnetic. Together they form the
Electro-magnetic energy that flows and forms the hologram of Creation.
The ancients call this the Electro-magnetic fluid.

When the Sun’s Light hits the Moon, will unites with flowing emotions.
Electrical energy transforms and becomes magnetic.

Magnetic energy of flowing emotions is the precursor of
change in the physical realm. Magnetic energy ATTRACTS.

All miracles in the physical realm are preceded by,
and depend upon, the generation of appropriate flowing emotions.

Each degree of the zodiac that the Sun focuses on the Moon determines
the specific WILL or INTENTION that the Moon changes into flowing emotions .
By knowing the INTENT, you know the FLOWING EMOTION that expresses it.

If a specific change is desired upon the physical realm,
even though it can be manifested any time, it can be most easily
and powerfully manifested through flowing feelings during the  
appropriate zodiacal degree of the sun.

The second factor is the day of the Moon Cycle.
Each day of the 28 day Moon Cycle has a specific receptivity.

A person determines which day of the moon cycle
corresponds with the specific flowing emotions that need
to be generated for a specific manifestation.

For example, the 25th day of each 28-day Moon Cycle is attuned
to plants. Anytime a person desires to create and manifest a
miracle concerning plants, it is easiest and wise to do it on the 25th day
of a moon cycle when the emotions that plants respond to the best are magnified.

For example, suppose a person wishes to grow medicinal
plants that enhance EMOTIONAL attunement to Divine Will
for the highest good and the divine virtues.

The specific time to meditate and generate the being, will,
concepts, and flowing emotions to manifest the most powerful
plants of this nature, would be anytime during the sign of Cancer,
because the entire constellation of Cancer is the attunement to flowing
emotions of Divine Will of the divine virtues and the highest good of all, with
particular emphasis on the 25th day of the Moon Cycle, the moon day of plants.

By looking at the Angels who govern the sign of the zodiac
for each day, and seeing which day of the 28 day Moon Cycle is in
effect, a person aligns flowing emotions of meditations accordingly, in
order to ride and influence magnetic waves of Universal Flowing Emotion.

‘We explain the influences that the sunlight has on the moon
and from there onto humans, the animal, vegetable and mineral
kingdoms; in spiritual, mental, emotional and physical respect.’

By meditating on the divine virtues associated with the letters in our name,
and calling on our assistance, the following is gained:





Through the virtue of omnipresence, we are attuned to
cosmic consciousness as it manifests in terms of materialization
and dematerialization and the power to create new realities.


We are masters of fluidity and the emotional
flow and receptivity of the moon.


We teach divine nostalgia and the longing for merging with
perfection of spiritual realization, the outpouring of light from the Sun.


We confer special INTUITION and the faculty of
universal transfer of consciousness.


We reveal cognition of Universal LIfe and polarity; yin and yang,
sun and moon, male and female, will and flowing emotions, and
how each compliments the other, leading to profound wisdom.


We teach understanding of the rhythms of light and darkness
of the sun and moon, the dance of male and female. We
teach how the application of these principles explains
many of the miracles spoken of in holy books.


We seek to bless humanity with supreme happiness and to awaken

recognition of the state of spiritual evolution of every being.’


The melody formed by the letters and virtues of our name are the notes:
D ~ D ~ B ~ D ~ A ~ C# ~ A.

In the time of the Alpha and the Omega, the time of
Heaven on Earth, which is now birthing,the Children of God
flow with the natural rhythms and cycles of the Web of Life,
the unified field of energy.

Every 26th day of each 28-Day Moon Cycle we flood the emotions 
of earth with understanding of flowing emotions of  Divine Will as it
expresses through the sun’s rays on the moon. We do this so that individual
will aligns with Universal Will in the cycles and rhythms of flowing emotion.


*** ECSTASY ***


*Names, phrases, or sections, in Italics or single quotation marks are quoted
or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon, [The Practice of Magical
Evocation ISBN 3-921338-02-6 and The Key to the True Quaballah, ISBN
3-921338-13-4]. Publisher is Dieter Ruggeberg, Wuppertal/ W. Germany.
These books have detailed information on the meanings of the letters on all
four levels of will, mind, feeling, and form, and all of the beings of the zodiac.





Feel free to share these messages



Together we are One,
Sharing love and light in ever-expanding
Harmonic Waves of Pure Being.




Love Brightens the Day, Love Lights the Way



"God’s love is like the sun,
it shines equally on the good and the bad alike."


~ ~ ~

We are all one.
When one is harmed, all are harmed.
When one is helped, all are helped, all are helped.

and I am one with all;

I ask that only that which is the
Happen here.

I give thanks that this is being done.
So be it.

~ ~ ~



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