Hermetic Angel Messages

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4 degrees Cancer

 The Angels of Immortality

 Also known as

The Angels of



"The last enemy to be overcome is death."
bible quote

 We teach how to understand and use the power of the word,
which is the ancient language of empowering divine virtues in Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta
brainwaves, that is, in a whole brain way.

Because the language of the brain is visual images, 
we teach visualizations of divine virtues symbolically in the form of images.

We initiate seekers in the universal transference of consciousness,
evoking high intuition and understanding of all languages of man and animals.

We gift permanent youth, health, and vitality, and beauty,
while empowering the child of God to master their own youth.

We heal the body, especially breath related illnesses,
 and reveal mystical-mantras to heal emotions.

 We inspire recognition and release of imperfections on every level for change into healthy states.

We teach spiritualization of emotions:
 insight into how to lighten emotions and merge them with divine qualities
 and no longer be subject to the elements of aging, and how to achieve moral impeccability.

 We re-awaken any memory, remembrance, and conscientiousness to empower seekers
 to influence their own fate and the fate of others.

“And the last enemy to be overcome is death.”

"As above, so below."

As Earth becomes as Heaven, and beauty on all levels reveals the 
splendor and majesty of Divine Being,
happiness becomes so individually and collectively amazing
 that each person never wants life to end,
and  death is finally overcome.

No longer is death a necessary and welcome relief from a life of aging, 
sickness,  limitation and suffering.

Reincarnation becomes unnecessary.

Immortality of the physical body now reflects immortality of the ever 
young indwelling Spirit and Soul Divine.

To manifest life and vitality and youth, the power of the word, or whole brain functioning,
especially with strong flowing feelings of Omnipotent Divine will for the highest good,
 enliven the Divine virtues both within the self and in the outer world.

Such a life reveals the splendor and majesty of God.

Flowing feelings and emotions of splendor and awe
attract youthening and immortality to the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies.

True spiritual morality awakens as cause and effect are mastered for the highest good of all.

Out of infinite possibilities, 
flowing emotions determine which realities manifest in form.

Feelings and emotions reflect and depend on will and thought.

Will, thought, emotions and feelings and sensations of the highest divine virtues,
 taken together, attract vitality and youthening.

Remember that emotions are the magnetic power that attracts new realities,
 out of infinite possibilities in the quantum field, into physical form.


By learning to feel the emotions of divine splendor and majesty,
 heavenly realities become tangible and are experienced on all levels equally.

"On earth as it is in heaven."

 Feelings and emotions of awe of the splendor and majesty of Divine 
Being enliven the will to live.

This signals the glands of the human body to secret chemicals that 
prevent aging, sickness, and death.

We teach how to use the ancient language of divine virtues and qualities, with particular emphasis on 
attunement to Omnipotent flowing Feelings of Divine Will,
 for the highest good, omnipresence, and perfection of the original 
purity of all ideas in Divine Mind.

This language, the power of the word, is the divine virtue of the first 
letter of our name, the letter H.

The original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind is the virtue of soft A.

This enlightenment allows the second meaning of A, pronounced as a hard A, umlaut A, ae, to activate.
It is the process of releasing imperfect desires, thoughts, 
emotions and feelings, and sensations
 for changes into other states that are the highest good.

This ancient language is a language of meditation on Divine virtues 
using all four brainwave patterns and states of awareness,
which are pure being, deep inner imagination, flowing emotions, and
the five senses, memory, and logic.

This language uses different letters, colors, and musical notes
that belong to different Divine qualities, or virtues, of Divine Consciousness.

Divine Consciousness in being, will, thought, emotions, and 
sensation is the natural birthright of all children of God. 

Letters are assigned according to the sound signature of their utterance,
 which correspond to the frequency signatures of different virtues. 

Always the meditations on the Divine virtues utilize the four brainwave 
patterns of the human brain ,
 which is effective whole brain and body functioning. 

The Delta brainwave pattern of Pure Being and UNITY with Divine Being 
and all creation is the natural experience of ONENESS.

 From this experience, unity with omnipotent divine will reveals INTENT for each virtue. 

This state of awareness is dominant in infancy and deep dreamless sleep each night.

Ask your cellular memory to let you re-experience this Delta state in meditation.

The Theta brainwave pattern of Deep Inward Imagination reveals inward 
pictures, ideas and concepts of each virtue in  flowing states of inward attunement and meditation. 

Theta is dominant in childhood and in the visual part of dreaming.

“Ye must be as little children to enter the kingdom of heaven
Ask your cellular memory to let you re-experience this Theta state in 
meditation as you focus on a Divine virtue.
"Ask and ye shall receive."

 The Alpha brainwave pattern of flowing emotions creates tangible feelings in the body of the magnetic 
emotional frequencies of each virtue.

This flowing emotional and feeling state is the actual change process.

Emotions are compressed information that activate new realities out of 
the quantum field of infinite possibilities.

By changing emotions through flowing, realities are changed.

Alpha is dominant in adolescence and in the emotions of dreaming. 

Ask your cellular memory to let you re-experience this Alpha state to 
flow with emotions and feelings of a Divine virtue.

The Beta brainwave pattern of the five senses, logic, and memory 
activates SENSATIONS of each virtue as a step down transformer of Alpha brainwaves.

The sensations of each virtue are composed of tactile qualities of its element;
 which will be penetrating-all, warmth, ease, chill, or weight.

The four elements are fire, air, water and earth,
which correspond to delta, theta, alpha, and beta brainwaves.

The fifth element is omnipresence and oneness with pure being,
and is the slowest delta brainwave state.

This fifth element is experienced in deep dreamless sleep each night.

This is the time that the body heals and rejuvenates itself.

Ask your cellular memory to let you experience the fifth element of pure being and oneness with all.

 The Omnipresence of Divine Consciousness and Life,
which is the Divine virtue of the second letter of our name, the letter E,
 is experienced in this state of pure being and unity with Divine Being and all creation.

With practice this state is experienced permanently in the waking state.

"I and the Father are One."

"All that I do, ye shall do and more."

 “What you do to the least of these you do to me.”

The letter L represents the Divine virtue of Splendor and 
Majesty of all Divine virtues taken together,
 and it is this virtue that awakens true spiritual morality 
and is the source of vitality that gives eternal youth.

 This is the meaning of the two L’s in our name.

This is a virtue of the Theta brainwave level of deep inner thought and contemplation.

 With practice, this state of awe and vitality and true spiritual morality
 is experienced permanently in the waking state.

Original Divine Will operates to manifest the supreme and highest form of all of 
the divine virtues taken together in all creation.

We help a person become transfixed in Omnipotent FLOWING EMOTIONS AND 
FEELINGS of any virtue,
and with the splendor and majesty of Divine Being through all of them together.

Through The Power of the Word,
 a person manifests whichever Divine virtues Divine Providence inspires 
in meditation.

 Therefore, at a certain point in the path to perfection 
a person is guided to manifest ecstatic loving immortality. 

We teach the original purity of all ideas, which is the Divine virtue of the letter A of our name.

These original ideas, when understood, give the Gift of Wisdom and 
Enlightenment, and mystical faculties,
 so that a person conceives that ultimately all must be on Earth as it is in Heaven.

The physical body is designed to manifest all of the Divine attributes of the Creator.

“Mankind is made in the image and likeness of God.”

 That is why we inspire the children of light to honor all parts of the body as divine.

In this way, the body is seen as sacred, and all parts of it 
incorporate various divine attributes.

For example, we reveal that even body hair is divine, and functions as antennae,
 sending and receiving power that blesses all.

 The longer the hair and beard, the longer the wavelengths of power that 
are sent and received,
 so that it is no longer cut short or stripped of sacred oils.

Remember that immersion in Omnipotent flowing emotions and feelings of Divine virtues,
especially the splendor and majesty of all the Divine virtues taken together,
 triggers chemical responses within the glands that promote health, 
youth and well-being in all parts of the body. 

Over time, through constant use of meditations of Divine virtues that 
are inspired by Divine Providence,
with particular emphasis on tangible FEELINGS in the body,
 chemical secretions of the glands permanently preserve youth and vitality, resulting in immortality. 

Many people, who have experienced negative or traumatic emotional experiences in life,
 must allow HEALING of these wounded emotions,
so that they no longer attract unhappy realities out of the quantum field of infinite possibilities,
and no longer wish secretly to die.

When anyone is harmed, whether self or other, all beings are affected by it.

Healing one's own emotional wounding blesses all others at the same time.

 Feelings and emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, and despair etc.
must be allowed to surface and be validated, and flow to heal,
 in an atmosphere of unconditional all encompassing love and empathy.

 If negative emotions and feelings are suppressed or acted out 
destructively, more wounding results.

 Flowing emotions and feelings are the change process.

Like the physical body which eliminates waste everyday,
 negative emotions and feelings of the astral body will come up 
spontaneously in day to day life FOR THE PURPOSE OF release and HEALING.

This is necessary on an ongoing basis for youth and immortality to be the normal way of living.

When painful emotions come up, focus on them with empathy for the feelings themselves,
 and for the part of the self that has been wounded.

"Give thanks for all things, for that is my will concerning you."

 Thanking the self and the feelings for all the wisdom gained from original wounding experiences,
 reveals many things.

Understanding compassion and love and forgiveness results.

Such healing takes place for immortality to be possible.

Unresolved negative feeling states that are held in the subconsciousness and in the body
 result in weakening of the immune system and the will to live.

 Remember that negative emotions that are acted out destructively 
further traumatize the individual and others.

"When one is harmed, all are harmed."

 Negative emotions that are suppressed, denied, or bypassed go 
underground into the subconscious.

 These negative emotions are held as tension in the musculature of the body. 

This stress, combined with any subconscious will to die that was caused 
by these emotional traumas, causes aging, sickness, and death.

When negative emotions come up in day to day life,
 and are embraced with unconditional all-encompassing love,
 and allowed to flow in a safe, non-destructive way,
 they go through a catharsis, a natural process of cleansing, purification, and transmutation.

Feelings and emotions are the water element.

When they flow naturally and stay pure, they cleanse and heal the astral plane of existence.

The physical realm is analogous to ice, the astral realm is like liquid water, 
the mental or causal plane is like water vapor, and the spiritual plane is like steam.

 The change process of healthy emotional flowing in an atmosphere of 
unconditional love and gratitude,
 heals negative belief systems that were caused by emotional wounding.

Allowing feelings to flow and change in an atmosphere of empathy is 
similar to the cleansing of water through flowing freely.

The desire to live and the return to wonder and Immortality results 
from healing old emotional traumas through loving patient empathy and flow.

 Spontaneous joy of experiencing life in physicality returns.

When life is joyful and happy, then youth and immortality are the 
natural state of all the levels of the body,
the physical, the astral-emotional, the causal-mental, and the spiritual-intent.

 Omnipotent flowing emotions and feelings of divine virtues  enliven 
awe in the splendor and majesty of Divine Being.

By healing emotions and meditating on the Divine virtues of the letters of our name,
and calling on the help of the heavenly hosts,
a person can step into his or her birthright of immortality, true 
spiritual morality, awe and youth.


In the changes that are coming, negative forces are understood, 
and appreciated for their important service of helping us learn through our 
experiences and mistakes.

 They are loved and guided through divine virtues and the original law of creation, The Law of One,
 instead of judged, feared, used for selfish purposes, resisted, or destructively hated.
“Love conquers all.”

 Control negative beings through Love and release.

Because of free will, we ask you, as many have asked you in these 
messages, to invoke The Law of One,and call on us in your meditations,
to call us in your hearts, to help bring about the highest good harmony for all.

This gives us permission to focus our attention within your individual 
sphere of influence and reality.

 It is our assignment from Divine Providence to respond to you when you 
ask for The Highest Good of All concerned.

“All things work for good for those who believe.”

It is with great joy in the heavens that we introduce ourselves to you.

We help you remember that'
“Man is made in the image and likeness of Divine Being.”
“As above, so below.”
“Love conquers all"God's love is like the sun, it shines equally on the good and bad alike."

The children of Divine Being, who have been given dominion over all 
that has been created,
 then understand that the interconnectedness of all life makes it wise 
to decree The Law of One, The Law of Laws,
asking for the highest good of all concerned.


In this way, negative forces are released for transformation to ensure 
that the highest good of all concerned, including their own, manifests.

In the past, before the Alpha and the Omega, or Heaven on Earth manifests,
a dream, or an exercise in free will, concerning ‘delayed time’ and 'parallel 
space' was allowed to take place,
 so that the people would test the infinite potential of The Law of One.

Veils of ignorance darkened the knowledge of The Law of One.

Gaps in time, and sometimes space, were inserted between destructive 
causes and events and their inevitable results, their karmic return,
[ the karmic return which brought about enlightenment and learning that 
when one harms another, the harm returns many fold over to self].

This resulted in a type of auto-immune disease, a terrible suffering and bloodshed, 
and appeared to be mostly destructive. 

Now the ongoing series of sudden unexpected quantum leaps in higher 
consciousness happening now on Earth are bringing about spontaneous remission.

 It is now the other end of the cycle, the end of the old and the beginning of the new.

 Now suddenly, like an arrow being released after being slowly pulled 
back as far as it could go in a backwards direction,
consciousness on Earth is hitting the mark in the opposite direction
of understanding fate and harmlessness quickly and suddenly.

These quantum leaps of consciousness are natural reactions
 of an all-pervading omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, all loving 
healthy ‘immune system’ in the body of Creation.

“ As above, so below.”

It is important to remember that energy runs in rhythmic cycles along 
continuums of negative and positive poles.

 Opposite poles are necessary for time and space to exist.

Day and night, hot and cold, big and small, empty and full, all 
polarities such as these enable their opposites to exist.

By loving polarity instead of fearing or resisting it, a third strand of DNA manifests activation,
 manifesting a consciousness that rejoices and maintains harmony between polarities.

Positive energy gives life, negative energy releases life.
When life, through imperfect suffering, is no longer worth living,
death enables transformation in to other states.

 It is important to clarify that negative forces perform a necessary destructive function.

 They perform the invaluable function of decomposition for recycling, for example,
so that a fallen tree in the forest decays and becomes fertile life giving earth.

Another example of necessary decay functions is evident whenever a 
person uses free will to make a choice,
 such as to play instead of work, or write a symphony instead of eating a dinner.

 All other possible realities, unchosen options, that energetically 
co-existed equally at the moment of decision decay at the moment a choice is made,
so that the chosen activity can manifest clearly in time and space.

Decaying unchosen options is done in loving service by negative forces.

This is one reason why negative forces are equally loved by the Creator,
because they serve the creation in this way.
"God’s love shines equally on the good and the bad alike."

By loving all equally, and using our dominion as sons and daughters of God over creation
 to ask for the highest good of all,
 harmony and satisfaction and justice prevails for all creation, for all polarities.

 Negative beings exist for a reason,
to carefully decay unused potentialities in a way that benefits the web of life,
 like the rotting tree in the forest.

They perform the same function in the microcosm of the human body during 
the breaking down of food
and the elimination of wastes in the gastro-intestinal tract.

 This is similarly evidenced in the daily process of cell death and rebirth in the human body.

 The new quantum state will allow, as we have said before, Omnipotent 
Love and the highest Good of All concerned for all.

Since all time and all space are interconnected, like everything else 
in the web of life, the highest good of all concerned ripples out in 
infinite circles blessing all.

“For I have not given you the spirit of fear, but of joy and life everlasting.”

As awareness is changing to whole brain functioning,  a wrong decision that would result in harm to anything,
 including self, can be intuitively and INSTANTLY felt and corrected.

 Love Divine awakens in the human heart, allowing the eyes to see Divinity in all Creation.

 This brings about the greatest divine virtues,
 including harmony and justice,
which is our specific assignment from Divine Providence.

Each man and woman discovers that they are one with Divine Being and all 
creation, and that all other men are brothers and all women are sisters,
 that all creatures and beings are ONE.

 Love and gratitude blooms.

In Heaven on Earth, all children, in the original purity of all ideas in 
Divine Mind, discover that all adults are loving parents.

Everyone remembers that the world, and all beings who live in it, are actual extensions of their own bodies.

Life becomes sweet.

Life becomes good.

Life becomes safe.

Life becomes worth living.

 As heaven manifests on earth, the desire to be young and immortal is 
embraced with feelings of faith,
 and with the understanding that this is the highest good of all 
concerned, because with age comes wisdom.

There are human beings living today on earth that are over 30,000 years old.

Read the first three volumes of The Life and Teachings of the Masters of The Far East by Baird Spalding to learn of their ways.



H…We teach how to understand and use the power of the word, which is 
the ancient language,
and teach visualizations of it symbolically in the form of images.

E…We initiate seekers in the universal transference of consciousness,
evoking high intuition and understanding of all languages of man and animals.

L…. We can gift permanent youth, health, and vitality, and beauty,
 empowering the child of God to master their own youth.

A and umlaut A,a e…We heal the body, especially breath related 
illnesses, and reveal mystical-mantras to heal emotions.
We inspire recognition and release of imperfections on every level for change into healthy states.

L…We teach spiritualization of emotions: insight into how to lighten 
emotions and to merge them with divine qualities
 and no longer be subject to the elements of aging, and how to achieve moral impeccability.

I… We re-awaken any memory, remembrance, and conscientiousness to 
empower seekers to influence their own fate and the fate of others.

 The musical notes of the letters of our name are A, D, F, G, C, F, and G.

The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah, which is a very ancient set of teachings
 which together form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world's religions:
Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host 
in the zone girdling the earth, and the angels who work with him or her.
 The being and the angels share the same name. This name is a key to their powers and influence.
Names, phrases, or sections in the angel messages are quoted or 
paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon.

Information of the heavenly hosts of the zone girdling the earth is 
referenced from THE PRACTICE OF MAGICAL EVOCATION, ISBN 3-921338-02-6,
 and Information of the divine virtues and the letters are referenced 
from THE KEY TO THE TRUE QUABALLAH, ISBN 3-921338-12-4].
 Publisher is Dieter Rüggeberg, Wuppertal/W. Germany.
These books have very important information for these studies.

The book " Initiation into Hermetics" ISBN 3-921338-01-8, is a 
preparatory book for the others.
 Franz Bardon's last autobiographical book, "Frabato the Magician", 
gives historical background and was compiled by his German publisher 
from notes written by Franz Bardon.

Feel free to share these messages.



The Law of One is the original law of Creation,
 and is the supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions.


We are all one.

When one is harmed, all are harmed.

When one is helped, all are helped.

Therefore, in the name of who I AM,

and I AM one with all there is;


I give thanks that this is done.

»§« ·´¯`»§«»§« ·´¯`»§«»§« ·´¯`»§«»§« ·´¯`»§«