Hermetic Angel Messages

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3 degrees Cancer

The Angels of Mystical Eroticism

Also known as

The Angels 




We are heavenly hosts that inspire and teach secrets of mystical and sacred love-making 
when Divine Providence guides two people to form a Divine loving sexual relationship.

We are guardians and teachers of pure and life giving love flowing through sexual relationships.

 This is a process that  guides sexual energy,
so that a child of divine awareness experiences being a Lover, the Beloved, and then Love itself.

 This state results in tangible feelings of Oneness with all life.

 THIS is the ultimate destiny.

Divine sexuality manifests alternating currents of life energy, like a 
caduceus, flowing up and down the spinal columns of each partner.

To have these alternating currents, you must have 2 direct currents.


Therefore, we oversee that each son and daughter of divine being 
develops a direct current of unity with Divine Being within their own awareness.


Because it is important that children are conceived and grow up in families and communities
where sexual relationships are divine,
we inspire the out picturing of the original purity of all ideas in divine mind.

In this way, they learn from example how Omnipotent Divine Will
 out pictures the splendor and majesty of all the Divine virtues taken together,
and how enlightenment releases all encompassing Love and Enlightenment
through ecstatic spiritual sexual union.

A primary step for a man to arouse deep mystical sexual attraction in a woman,
 is having strong flowing feelings of Omnipotence for the highest good,
  which is the faith that overcomes all obstacles,
combined with deep spiritual empathy.

Through deep empathy and faith, the man learns from the woman
 how passion and erotic energy can be awakened within her on each level of awareness,
and he develops the skills on each level to bring rapture to her in sensuous sexual union.

As she experiences true divine rapture, 
 ultimate satisfaction and harmony manifests within the union.

  Deep sacred flowing feelings of empathy come from unconditional 
all-encompassing Cosmic Love,
which is the Divine virtue of letter J, the first letter of our name.

It is in the silence that each person flows with emotions and feelings.

We inspire the understanding that outward appearance anchors divine vibrations by analogy. 
" As above, so below."

To communicate easily and effectively on a visual level, 
 outward appearances can symbolize inner truth.

Since no two people are identical, 
we therefore inspire originality in expressing inward truth in outward appearance.

The physical uniqueness of each Child of Divine Being,
expressed in a beautiful way, is an important step in sexual eroticism.

We inspire mastery of the natural beauty and wisdom inherent in the physical body temple,
 and teach ways to enhance beauty according to the Laws of Analogy.

For example, hair is an external part of the nervous system that 
transmits and receives subtle energies.

 The hair on the head can channel fire, or Divine Will, to the rest of the body.

 Depending on how it is worn,
 cranial energy is directed to lower energy centers or it can be concentrated on higher ones.

Beards on men evolved to connect the powers of the fifth chackra, 
the creative speech center of the mouth and jaw, to the heart center.

 The heart center has a tube torus energy field that is 5000 times stronger than the brain.


The emotional bodies of each partner must flow with those tangible feelings
 that attract appropriate chemical responses in the body for divine passion and ecstasy.

 When feelings are beautiful, the joy they bring evolves them to become ever more beautiful.

 If the feelings are wounded and painful, therefore, we inspire the children of 
divine being to validate them in self and other,
 and let them to flow to healing and transformation
 in an atmosphere of unconditional all encompassing love.

 Flowing in an atmosphere of love and validation is how they heal.

This transforms and transmutes each wounded soul, so that feelings are beautiful once again.

We help couples heal each other this way.

 A couple become each other's 'best friend', and  hold sacred space while deep soul wounds heal.

We reveal how wounded feelings become worse by destructively acting them out or resisting,
denying, bypassing, or suppressing them.

 Feelings only heal by flowing in a non destructive manner, especially in an atmosphere of
validation, empathy and unconditional love.

As emotions flow, either positive or negative, insights grow.

Emotions are compressed information, like zip files.

 By moving safely with sacred feelings,  either positive or negative,
the body is actually healing and balancing itself, keeping energy meridians alive and flowing.

Emotions can also flow and be expressed through sacred song, music, and dance.

We reveal how the human body is a most sacred temple.

 It is the microcosm of the macrocosm, the “as below” of “the above”.

 Because the emotional nature is the key to creating new realities on the physical plane,
we teach how emotions are clearly communicated through nonverbal gestures and body language.

By being fully present in the moment and listening to inner guidance from Divine Being,
 Divine Wisdom guides the course of Love in its awakening.

 In this way two people experience ever growing mutual 
feelings of healing, Empowerment, Love and Sexual attraction. 

The development of sympathy and its expressions are the first steps of the art of erotic love-making.

As long as sympathy, or common ground, is maintained, erotic love blooms 
and flourishes if the following steps are followed.

The second step is eloquence and awakening gifts of intuition 
and other gifts of the enlightened mind such as clairvoyance, to guide erotic sexual energy into exploration
and sharing of the seven levels of Divine experience of creation.

Sexual energy that begins at the base of the spine must travel upwards 
and enliven all seven nerve ganglia or chakras.

This is done through deep mutual sharing at each level, starting at the top or crown chakra.

In this way an unblocked pathway is created for the upward course of sexual energy during orgasm in sexual intercourse.

This is  why when a relationship is begun, it is wise to begin with the top 
chakra and work downward in deep empathetic soul sharing.

This leads to enlightenment.

 Wisdom and enlightenment is the divine virtue of the second letter of our name, the letter A. 

The purpose of this is twofold.

Sexual energy, or "kundalini" energy as it is called in the ancient language of Sanskrit, is coiled at the base of the spine,
 and is designed to connect with the master gland, the pineal gland of the brain, 
for Divine psychoactive mood altering and body healing chemicals to be secreted into the body’s bloodstream. 

These psychoactive chemicals are a thousand times more powerful than 
any other form of psychoactive chemicals from other sources, man made or natural. 
These naturally produced chemicals contain Divine information codes that affect all other glands.

The saying
 "Where the attention goes the energy flows" 
describes the conscious process of enlivening this top center with erotic sexual energy, or kundalini.

  The time has come to join in the highest realms of existence  
 to lift each partner's energies into the highest vibratory states of being. 

Those of you who are ready to meet your true selves, who 
are ready to discover your true potential,  walk into the light through using deep sympathy for each other to build a 
mutual safe psychological environment in each chakra level.

  This continues until each partner discovers true and sincere common 
ground with the other at each level. 

Each person eloquently shares deep personal truths starting with 
discussions of God and what this means to each of them in the top chakra.

 Finding common ground here is to discover an area of shared, mutual, 
and compatible beliefs about the experience of and nature of Divine Being,
 ultimate reality, spiritual wisdom and enlightenment.

Common ground means shared intuitions, shared realities, or simply an 
unimpeded flow of energetic connection as both parties are clear
 of  negative or blocked feelings at this top level chakra.

An example of both Lovers connecting here energetically would be
 when both are consciously attuned to the experience of oneness with ALL.

 The KEY is for them to be “in sync” and share a sympathetic resonance 
as concerns spirituality, irrespective of the specific content being shared.


Then common ground is discovered at the third eye, the center of intellectual perception.

Next is the throat chakra of creativity.

Then comes the heart chakra of divine love.

The emotional center is next, followed by the relationship chakra.

Finally the physical root chakra is discussed, finding common ground in physical realities.

 In this time of the Alpha and the Omega, we inspire the art of gestures in 
creating new realities that open the heart.

 We inspire people to meditate and flow with divine feelings of grace and mercy, 
cognition brought about by Love Divine, justice and harmony, and supreme happiness. 

The ability to stay in a deep trance state and understand each 
creative act  of yourself and your partner and its on going effects are enhanced. 

In this time of the Alpha and the Omega, 
strong currents of flowing feelings of divine virtues from the 
highest realms are flushing out all that is hidden, and healing every wounded heart,
and the movements of people are becoming ever more beautiful and wondrous to behold.

Through loving sympathy, respect, and real emotional safety, each 
person is encouraged to reveal their truest and deepest understandings
 of what the original truth of the Universe is to him or her.

This intense and shared concentration, ideally, on Divine Providence 
Itself, stimulates the pineal glands of both lovers, and prepares them for the fire of rising kundalini.

As much time should be spent on this process of sharing as is necessary to clarify 
and remove obscurity concerning each person’s
 most inward and deep spiritual truths and feelings at each level.

Purity and clarity is the Divine virtue of the second letter of our name, the letter Ch.

Scientist have discovered that within one minute of having a thought,
over a hundred thousand chemical reactions occur in the body.

 In this sympathetic process of deep intimate spiritual revelation,
 the common ground that is discovered concerning the nature of Divine Truth
enables both partners to obtain similar altered states of consciousness
through the production of compatible neurotransmitters in the pineal gland. 

As these psychoactive substances from the pineal gland enter the bloodstream,
erotic energy is already powerfully enhanced.

This powerful erotic energy must be directed carefully and 
systematically down through each glandular plexus, or chakra,
 along the spinal column on its way to the sexual organs.

 This activates psychoactive hormones associated 
with each of the seven gland centers and stimulates them,
as explained below, to bring erotic energy to its height at each level. 

The careful journey of sharing and finding common ground through each chackra
awakens memory, remembrance and conscience.

 This is the virtue of The Laws of Cause and Effect,
 which is the Divine virtue of the fourth letter of our name, the letter I.

This virtue awakens the understanding of the Law of Analogy,
the “as above, so below” and the use of breath to create reality. 

At each chakra, the couple shares deep intimate truths about the 
nature of reality as they find common ground,
 removing all blocks to shared kundalini that will rise at this level during orgasm.

At the Third Eye they discuss and share their views of the nature of 
wisdom; at the throat, the nature of creativity; at the heart,
the nature of love; at the solar plexus, the nature of emotions, sovereignty, 
individuality and self-determination; at the abdomen area,
 the nature of relationships; and at the genitals, the nature of physical reality and security.

The process of sympathy and eloquence is used with each glandular 
plexus, or chackra, in order of descent, taking as much time as necessary to explore
and discover mutual agreement and resonance at each level of consciousness.

The time that it takes to do this varies with each relationship.

 In the altered state of erotic arousal, this process of shared 
realities is a mystical journey of self disclosure, mutual discovery and growing Love.

Self-discipline is required in this journey, as it is in all of the journeys of life.

 By carefully adhering to this natural process,
 erotic arousal can be heightened to almost unbelievable peaks of safety, love,
respect, excitement, transformation, enchantment and bliss.

A woman's passion is aroused differently than a man's.

A woman's erotic arousal begins by loving touch on extremities, such as 
hands, feet, and head. Slow careful empathetic touch awakens desire.

A man controls, out of mastery and enlightenment and true caring, his 
instinctive nature for immediate and quick arousal.

As desire awakens within his beloved partner, slow touch moving along 
her extremities toward the central pathway of kundalini along the spine
awakens very intense longing within her for spiritual union.

It is important that both partners monitor the feelings of the woman,
so that any fear, hesitation, or needs are successfully transformed and 
transmuted into deeper union and trust in along the way.

When powerful secretions of glands along the spinal chord inspire 
sharing on any level, it is most important to slow down and
share and meditate fully together, outwardly and inwardly on that level.

Of such is rapture made.


This brings about states of attunement with the splendor and majesty of Divine Being,
youthening, vitality, and true spiritual morality,
which is the divine virtue of the last letter of our name, the letter L.

These steps guide erotic energy to carefully build and build and build,
transforming feelings, emotions and the chemical makeup of the physical bodies entirely.

 In the process, the entire human emotional and physical realities
 of each partner are rejuvenated, enlivened, and refined.


Here is the primary list of the glands to be enlivened and brought into sympathetic resonance:

Pineal Gland: Find a common ground in understanding of omnipresent,
 omnipotent, omniscient Divine Being, of the Divine Creator.

Pituitary gland: Third Eye chakra, find common ground by sharing intellectual insights
 and ideas about wisdom and enlightenment.

Thyroid gland: Throat chakra, share creative interests.

Thymus: Heart chakra, sharing love, loving expressions, and loving experiences.
 Find an area of agreement about the nature of love and its responsibilities and rules.

Adrenal: Solar plexus chakra, share deep emotions, heal insecurities about free will, self-determination, 
individual divinity, and personal sovereignty.

Ovaries and abdomen: Sexual chakra, find common ground concerning relationship, 
establish mutual agreements of safe boundaries.

This means save boundaries in relationship first with each other, with people in general,
 animals, and all other beings in the universe.

Testicles, penis, and vagina: First chakra, share and find common ground  
concerning physical reality, such as physical security, abundance, and manifesting heaven on earth.

Sharing on each level continues as feelings of coming together
 in shared mutual satisfaction and
harmony grow and grow. 

As this process of sympathetic sharing is carefully cultivated, actual physical 
lovemaking commences more strongly.

In this way mutual channels have been opened in the subtle bodies of each person,
blocks have been removed, so that when orgasm is reached,
energy shoots up the spine unhindered as it moves back and forth between the two bodies
enlivening all of the gland plexus in each person, forming a caduceus, the symbol of healing.


This guides orgasmic energy to unite the two lovers, and as it reaches the pineal glands,
it also allows the two lovers to unite with Divine Being.

During the love making phase, care should be taken to come close to 
orgasm at least four times and optimally seven times before actually climaxing. 

Stopping at this point of very heightened arousal, just before the 
“point of no return”, requires mastery,
 sympathetic resonance and timely communication between the partners.

That is, the partners must be in sync to communicate exactly when to 
abruptly stop any movement in order that the one who is “on the brink” can stay on that cutting edge. 

Each time of “coming close” is immediately followed by frozen movement, 
a pause to allow the powerful arousal to subside
 somewhat before continuing, and to meditate on the refined cosmic energy flowing.

The reason for this is that at each time of almost coming, the kundalini energy is pushed upwards 
along the spine to the next higher chakra or gland plexus.

In ancient teachings it is explained that it is important to allow the kundalini energy to reach at least 
the level of the heart, which is the fourth chakra, before climaxing.


On the fourth time, the climatic energy in orgasm courses
 all the way up the spine through the heart center.

By waiting until the seventh time, the kundalini energy goes through all seven glandular centers
 and explodes in the pineal gland,
awakening the experience of unity with omnipresent omnipotent, 
omniscient divine being itself for both partners.

This is how orgasmic energy heals and revivifies the glands, and 
therefore the entire body,
leading to permanently heightened states of awareness and longer life.

Place the tongue at the roof of the mouth during orgasm to complete 
another major electrical circuit in each physical body temple.

It is also helpful to keep both hands in physical contact with the partner’s body at 
the time of orgasm to complete the electrical circuit that courses 
through the hands,
as these circuits energetically create ‘oneness’ at this moment. 

Any area of the body that particularly needs healing or enlightenment 
can be touched, to specifically direct powerful healing energy to it.

Follow inner guidance.


Ideally, the left hand could be placed upon a positively, or 
electrically charged glandular center and the right hand could be placed upon a receptive,
 or magnetically charged glandular center.

Location of where to place the hands on the partner’s body at the 
moment of orgasm can be understood according to male-female
 differences in chakra energy dynamics.

The glands alternate from electric to magnetic one after the other, going up the spine.

With males, the first chakra, or testicle center is electric, with the 
next one up, being magnetic, then electric, then magnetic, and so forth. 

With females, the first chakra is magnetic, with the womb area, 
which is the second chakra, being electric.

 The navel or emotional area in a woman is magnetic,
the heart electric, and so forth.

One example of optimal hand placement might be the following:
MAN: Right hand [electric/positive] on the woman’s crown [which is magnetic or receptive].
Left hand [receptive, magnetic] on the woman’s womb [which is electric/positive].

 WOMAN: Left hand on the man’s testicles (or crown, or throat, etc.)
Right hand on the man’s heart (or area on his back behind the heart).

Understanding the polarity of each chakra enables the original process 
of sharing to be done very sensitively and delicately.

As each chackra and glandular center is being shared and enlivened, 
the partner whose gland is electric
 is primarily responsible for creating a psychological environment of safety 
and sympathy for the other.

The seminal fluid contains the most pure, perfect and potent elements 
in the man’s body, for it is the substance of new life.

When a child is not being conceived,
 it is ideal for the male to experience orgasm without ejaculation.

 His body will reintegrate and reassimilate the unreleased sexual fluid 
so that it becomes a type of cerebro-spinal fluid.

This is used by the body to bring about extended life
 and permanent heightening of consciousness.

The way to orgasm without ejaculation is to back off just before the 
moment of ejaculation, focus on meditation, prayer or the divine virtues
 and then continue into the climatic experience. 

This process has been taught since the early beginnings.

We  inspire the understanding of all of these things and more.

 Sexual energy can be used to create new life through conception,
 but it also creates new life within each body when,
through inner guidance and high inspiration in each moment,
 it is directed up the spine during lovemaking, 
enlivening chakras and glandular centers.

 In this way immortality and youth, clear thinking 
and many other abilities and divine virtues manifest.

 Sexual energy, wisely directed, also ensures procreation of highly evolved children.

 Remember that there are 72,000 chakras, or energy vortexes, within the body.

These respond to seven primary master chakras, or seven primary gland centers,
each located in ascending order along the spine.

Each of these seven represent an ascending level of reality, and each of 
these seven have an entire ganglia of nerves and master gland contained within it.

 The unique path of each person unfolds when a decision feels joyful and 
is the highest good of all concerned,
then the soul is filled with divine love and can perceive the path of perfection and harmony.

 Guidance is given in the moment, and whatever is right at one time may not be best at a later time.

 Always remember that the sexual energy storehouse that dwells within the 
human body temple at the base chakra travels up the spine through intent
and visualization to energize and nourish the seven chakras
 and their corresponding glands and nerve ganglia
 so that they secrete powerful consciousness altering chemicals into the bloodstream.

Sexual energy follows attention and intention.

As we explained above, sexual energy moves upward one chackra at a time
 when in the act of lovemaking a person refrains from orgasm just at the peak of excitement.

One by one each chakra is energized.

 Each time orgasm is delayed at the peak of excitement, the kundalini 
energy goes upward one more level.

 As sexual energy goes up one major level at a time, it increases in intensity and clarity.

 Using mastery to experience orgasm in the higher chakras energizes all 
the chakras together including the lower ones.

This is a doorway to enlightenment, bliss, and  immortality.

It is a blessing to all life to combine such an orgasm with visualizations and flowing feelings of 
Heaven on Earth, according to inner guidance and high inspiration.

Visualizations energized with such orgasmic sexual energies manifest miracles.

 To summerize:

Divine sexual energy operates at the first chackra by creating physical security
 and energizing the five senses to experience perfection on the physical plane.

Divine sexual energy operates at the second chakra by establishing 
perfect relationships, transmuting limitation and awakening The Divine Presence in each.

 At the third chackra, the solar plexus, emotional harmony and sovereignty is perfected.

 At the fourth, the heart, love is awakened.

 At the fifth, the throat, creativity is perfected.

 At the sixth, wisdom is awakened.

 At the seventh, unity with Divine Omnipresence, 
Omnipotence, and Omniscience is opened.

Continuing to see divine qualities in a partner is the essence of staying in love.

With good reason, falling in love and maintaining this consciousness and 
flowing feeling are the greatest and most widely available “fountains of youth”.

 If two lovers ever once feel the spark of being in love, that love connection is never lost.

 If muddied when painful feelings come up in day to day life, love is 
only hidden, and seems to be gone, but may be found again when negative feelings
are healed through flowing in safe and non-destructive ways.

 In practical terms, once painful feelings are triggered, clearing 
feelings to resolution quickly is the key to staying in love.

As painful feelings are purified and healed and positive once again, 
loving feelings flow more strongly than ever.

 Clearing emotions is the key to maintaining ecstasy, 
strong sexual libido, and longevity.

 Flowing feelings are the water element and must flow safely and freely to stay pure and clean.

Therefore, learning skills of communication for sharing feelings, and 
for allowing emotions to flow in safety and harmony, are necessary for staying consciously in love.

 The third chakra (solar plexus) is the reality of healing emotions, 
of self determination and personal sovereignty.

Sexual energy here energizes the adrenal glands
 and opens up tangible feelings in the body of safety, and happiness.

 Tiredness frequently results when a person’s emotions 
and self determination are threatened or blocked.

This tiredness is often related to tremendous amounts of energy being 
used to suppress flowing feelings of frustration and anger 
concerning one's current emotional state and self-determination.

The most efficient way to re-energize is by very actively, even 
vociferously, allowing and expressing suppressed emotion, with an attitude of unconditional love
 and respect for the wounded inner child within.

 Screaming into a pillow, in a non-destructive way, often releases any pent up 
emotions of earlier traumas concerning personal sovereignty.

Healing in this case comes through expressing, not resting, as is commonly thought.

Instead of further depleting energy, this emotional unblocking heals the 
emotions, bringing insights that allow the reclaiming of personal power and sovereignty,
 and restores the flow of sexual energy to go to higher centers.

 In the fourth (heart) chakra, when the seeker is ready to experience 
ecstasy of flowing love, sexual energy courses up the spine and opens the thymus,
which is a temple door to the flowing cosmic ocean of unconditional, all-encompassing Divine Love.

If the heart is closed or numbed out, drawing up the sexual, 
(kundalini) energy to the level of the heart
 is one of the best methods to reawaken it.

 One of the quickest ways to open a closed heart is learning to look at 
feelings through the eyes of divine love,
to love feelings, in self and others, regardless of how negative or imperfect,
 and let the wounded inner child self flow
 and heal with praise, respect, thanksgiving, and love.

As painful feelings flow in a safe way, becoming ever more pure, they 
naturally ‘remember’ their original divine essence of being feelings of flowing love.

 Since maintaining the ability to love is an issue of spiritual life or death,
extreme measures may be taken by the higher self 
to counteract chronic deadening of the flowing of the heart.

Whenever someone loses the heartfelt, feeling sense, sometimes the 
higher self may use loss and grief to open the heart,
especially when other avenues to re-open the heart have been ineffective.

 At the level of the fifth (throat ) chakra, the throat is energized and 
the thyroid, vocal cords, and parathyroid are stimulated.

The ability to communicate is awakened, not just verbally and 
intellectually but also emotionally and on other subtle levels.

Communication then happens through all kinds of eloquence and art.

The language of intimacy is enlivened, 
as well as the higher centers of wisdom and Oneness with the Divine.

 At the level of the sixth chakra, the "third eye", the intellect is 
enlivened to remain intellectually young and vigorous even into very old age.

 When a person is ready to unite consciousness and feeling with Divine 
Consciousness and Flowing Feeling,
 the life force goes to the crown chakra, and stimulates the pineal gland.

 This gland produces over 20,000 powerfully psychoactive chemicals that 
lead to infinite frequencies of ecstatic union with The Divine.

Optimal intellectual acuity, youthening, and increased libido are just 
some of the benefits that result from these hormonal secretions.

 The pineal, hypothalamus, and pituitary glands, together, 
comprise the “Cave of Brahman”, the seat of immortality.

Aging is avoided by keeping the Cave of Brahman activated,
 enlivened, and energized with sexual energy.

 Whole brain awareness combined with meditation on the divine virtues, in 
concert with mastery of sexual energy,activates The Cave of Brahman.

 Through seeing all through the eyes of Love Divine, ways are revealed to 
bring about perfection in sexual expression.

 Breathing techniques of The Power of The Word, visualization, and 
creating the mental and emotional blueprint of the self
as the original perfect divine infant “ever young, ever loving, and ever perfect” are enlivened.

 Sexual energy that is directed by clear inner guidance and high inspiration manifests Heaven on Earth.

Divine Love coursing through the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies of each person
 transform all that it touches, including Fate.


The key to this wisdom is found in mastering the divine virtues of the 
letters of our name:

J…We are attuned to all embracing love expressed as ecstatic rapture. 
We teach all the mysteries of love magic, and how to evoke love and attraction.

A and umlaut A, ae…We heal mental programming and elevate the art of 
love making using clairvoyance into enlightened wisdom.
We help with the release of imperfections at every level for 
transformation into other states that are the highest good.

Ch…We bring total clarity in understanding and expressing all 
languages and symbols of all spiritual beings, facilitating intuitive inward communication.

I…We control activities on earth according to karmic law in order to revitalize and connect body with soul.

L…We teach how to spiritualize the tangible feelings in the body of emotions of the children of God, to 
the point of enlightenment, into an experience of glorification and divine majesty.

By meditating on the divine virtues of our name and asking for our assistance,
 we guide you through the delicate process of intertwining your energies on every level.

  As you become one in body, you in some ways, for a time, also become one in soul.

 This ecstatic process of the two becoming one is similar to the larger 
process of the Many becoming One
 in the cyclic process of the One becoming Many and the Many becoming One. 

Mystical feelings of erotic love-making contain many of the ancient 
keys to union with Divine Consciousness and immortality of the human body.

 As the sons and daughters of Divine Being experience erotic sexuality 
in this sacred way, powers are activated that unite heaven on earth for all beings.


The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah, which is a 
very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or 
root, of three of the world's religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host 
in the zone girdling the earth, and the angels who work with him or her. 
The being and the angels share the same name.
This name is a key to their powers and influence.
 Names, phrases, or sections in the angel messages are quoted or 
paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon.

Information of the heavenly hosts of the zone girdling the earth is 
referenced from THE PRACTICE OF MAGICAL EVOCATION, ISBN 3-921338-02-6,
and Information of the divine virtues and the letters are referenced 
from THE KEY TO THE TRUE QUABALLAH, ISBN 3-921338-12-4]. Publisher is 
Dieter Rüggeberg, Wuppertal/W. Germany.
These books have very important information for these studies.

The book " Initiation into Hermetics" ISBN 3-921338-01-8, is a 
preparatory book for the others.
Franz Bardon's last autobiographical book, "Frabato the Magician", gives 
historical background and was compiled by his German publisher from 
notes written by Franz Bardon.

Feel free to share these messages.

The Law of One is the original law of Creation, and is the supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions.


We are all one.

When one is harmed, all are harmed.

When one is helped, all are helped.

Therefore, in the name of who I AM,

and I AM one with all there is;


I give thanks that this is done.