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4 degrees Aries

The Angels of Strengthening

Also known as
The Angels



Divine Providence has designed reality so that all blessings and harmony are possible through love.  
Abundance on the physical plane comes easily through love, and through the divine virtues of Lurchi,
a Child of Light experiences how the combination of a fiery will to love and love itself attracts wealth of every good thing.
All of the divine virtues taken together shine with a clear translucent olive green light.  This is the virtue of letter L
It is this virtue that gives a Child of Light the true experience of the splendor and majesty of The Divine.
It is also this virtue that gives true spiritual morality, vitality, and eternal life.
Understanding that every creative act has ongoing consequences throughout time enables a Child of Light to follow
 inner guidance and create in each and every situation exactly what is needed for Paradise to manifest in the present as well as the future.
The divine virtue of the creative act and its karma shines with a velvet black light, and is the virtue of letter U. 
Following inner guidance is the virtue of letter R. It shines with a golden light.
The virtue of clarity and perfect purity shines with a light violet light.  It is the virtue of letter Ch.
With this virtue, a Child of Light is able to remove all obscurity from any desire, thought, feeling, or situation,
and see clearly the divine blueprint of perfection that can be brought about by Love.
The virtue of Cause and Effect enlivens memory, remembrance, and conscience in each Child of Light. 

These qualities allow a Child of Light to master the physical world.
This virtue shines with a light opalescent radiance, and is the virtue of letter I.
The divine virtues of the letters of our name are most useful in all matters of love.

We infuse you with love so that your very existence is strengthened.

The fiery will of Love Divine is magnetic and attracts new and more perfect realities into form.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and ALL else is added.”


Here is one of our stories about the strengthening of love through WILL:


Once upon a time, a popular rich girl sat alone in sadness and realized how empty her life made her feel.
 Allie realized how lonely she was.

 She had noticed more and more that being with her rich ‘hip’ friends just made her feel more bored, distant, alone and incomplete.  

Gazing deeply into the night,
he shed a lonely tear.

As she stood on the top of her fancy condo and looked far off into the distance,
 a faint whisper in her soul made her focus on a strange stirring in her heart.

She wanted to love.

She wanted to feel excited.

She wanted to feel happy.

 As she looked at the shining stars,
 something deep within her surrendered to the great mystery that she sensed in the heavens.
The struggle within her had been exhausting and never ending,
she knew that she couldn’t go on fighting forever,
so she decided that something or someone would have to change.

 As she gazed at the stars,
she could sense a higher power, a greater wisdom,
 and she prayed for guidance.

  In her prayer, she explained how she had tried and tried and tried to be happy and how she felt that she just couldn’t go on anymore.
Everything that was supposed to work had not.

All society's promises of a good job, popularity, and material wealth had fallen short of bringing her contentment.

In the silence,
a sensation of powerful love and majesty began to surround and fill her.
She felt herself wanting to create a new life,
one that would bring her love, wisdom, ecstasy and fulfillment.
  She was surprised when she felt a strong inner guidance telling her that she must completely cut her ties with her training and the past. 
Suddenly everything became clear.
She was certain that she needed something new. 

She wasn’t sure what it was,

 but whatever it was,

 it wasn’t what she had been doing.

There was just no use in pushing or faking any more.
All of the values of her jet set society just didn’t matter to her anymore.
She had already “succeeded”, had a fantastic salary, an incredible condominium,
a seemingly enviable social life,
 but all it had brought her was deep down loneliness and emptiness.


Then a deep reverie came over her.

Waves of long forgotten emotions surged as she began remembering the first seven years of her childhood.
Surprisingly, she had felt happy then.

 Then again, she remembered, maybe she had felt a little sad sometimes, but not lonely, no, not ever lonely.
 She remembered how wonderful it had felt to be always in the loving aura of dear Great Aunt Jessie,
 who had taken care of her while her parents were traveling all over the world,
 feasting and playing with their influential milieu.

Then her thoughts came back to the present.
Crowds made her feel uneasy, she realized.

The social dream that had kept her going for years had lost all its juice.

The social scene had become creepy,
 in fact,
she felt that it stunk.

The same old people just did the same stuff over and over,
always pushing for a better high and never really changing anything for the better.

As she stared at the horizon and the stars glowing overhead,
she wanted to give her life to the splendor and majesty that was enveloping her.

    The old illusion was over.

She felt herself asking for a strengthening of love, and a new beginning.

  She vowed that she would no longer delude herself.

She wished with all her heart for something new to open up and give her life meaning.

Her guardian angel was jubilant.

He had waited years and years for this one precious moment!
Excitedly calling in the Angels of Morech,
the guardian angel shouted in a booming voice,

 “Allie is finally ready to begin!"

  It is TIME!


Springing quickly into action, The Angels of Morech, the angels of Fiery Wit,

shot down a mighty lightning bolt

 from the highest levels of Divine Love.

They saw that Allie was now ready to unfold her soul's purpose for incarnating in this lifetime!

An etheric lightening bolt of love struck her,

 lighting her like a floodlight. 

The bolt pierced into her pineal gland at the top of her head,

  then shot down her spine into her heart,

and flowed from there to the ground under  her feet to the iron core of the earth.

A mysterious shudder passed through her,

and her head tilted back.

Feeling icy cold all of a sudden,
 she put her arms around herself,
flowing with exquisite feelings of majesty and awe.

Her heart was exploding in love and hope.

She could clearly vision her life starting anew,
 she could feel herself desiring more than anything else to be a creator of the highest good of all.

 After a long while, she hurried back into the warmth of the building.
The next day she was walking along the crowded sidewalk on her way to her executive office, and found herself fixated
on the cripple beggar woman that she had successfully passed and ignored each day for years.
She stopped.

This time she could not ignore her.

She froze in her tracks and stared down at the sitting crippled woman

who everyday begged next to Murphy’s Hot Dog Stand.
The woman was young, perhaps thirty. 

She was pretty, in a haggard, soft sort of way.

Reaching into her purse, Allie stopped and looked at the woman and asked,
 “How much do you need?”
 “What do you mean?”
 the beggar woman replied.

She could hardly believe this!

Allie was pretty amazed when she heard herself replying,
” Well, I mean, how much do you need?

What are your circumstances,

 if it’s not too personal for me to ask?”

All of a sudden, Allie wanted more than anything in the world to know about this woman.

  In some way this outcast woman was the exact opposite of herself,
 poor where she was well off,
crippled where she was in perfect health,
 helpless where she was powerful.

In that moment a million unspoken words passed between them.

The next thing Allie knew, she was actually SITTING on a newspaper, on the dirty concrete sidewalk,
 in her expansive designer suit, beside the woman whose name was Alice.


Reaching out and holding Alice’s deformed three fingered hand,
Allie listened intently while Alice told her the story of her life.

 This was the day that Allie’s heart opened to embrace the cosmic ocean of strength and love
 as her privileged world opened to the reality of homelessness in the big city. 
Alice had a gentle and sweet voice. 

She told Allie that at thirteen, after a long sordid struggle of staying with a mentally ill Mother and an abusive Father,
she ran away from home.
Tales of one escape after another,
 one trauma after another,
one seemingly miraculous miracle after another,
one triumph after another,
 passed from her lips and went like arrows,
 straight into Allie’s breaking heart.

Finally Allie, with tears flowing down her cheeks, decided on a sudden impulse that Alice’s suffering must end right now!

  She decided to take this on and personally put an end to Alice’s endless suffering.

The Angels of’ Malacha’,
the angels of enlightened will and fire,
penetrated Allie’s entire being with such strength and courage,
that in the next few hours

 she was not even fazed

as she witnessed suffering and horror such as she had never dreamed.

She found herself on a slow-motion tour of an invisible population of the city,
with Alice hobbling beside her as a guide.

This was Alice’s world.
She was deep in the subterranean basement world of the city.

Alice lived with countless other homeless people in a cold concrete and steel other-world.

  Even though Allie stood out in her elegant expensive suit,
with matching hairdo, perfect makeup, expensive jewelry and briefcase,
 she was not afraid.

  Love flowed through her heart, like rays of the sun,

love surrounded her, making her feel invincible.

The Angels of Ecdulon,
of The Magic of Love,
were also infusing her with such love
 that she was overpowering
 every desire,
and sensation
 of everybody.

  Desperate people,
who normally would have robbed her,
were mesmerized and confounded.

They experienced themselves as being transformed.

She seemed to be truly loving and caring for them.


She could see the beauty and courage in these people,

 and offered handshakes and hugs and received them in return.


She found herself smiling with genuine love and caring.

 Alice, in turn, was beside herself with wonder and joy

as she excitedly introduced Allie, her friend, to her underground community.

She met Harry, the shifty eyed mystery shadow,
who flitted here and there like a phantom,
  coming up with a trinket, a pill, a smoke, or bottle of liquor
at the most unexpected times.

There was Mabel the ancient prostitute,
who sat on a dirty blanket with her back against the same pillar day after day,
 guarding the space around her, with all her worldly possessions, and her little dog Toter.

There was David, and Zurry, and potbellied Sam.
There was old Mr. Zerich and Polly the Ham.
There was Ulla, and Zero, and Faceless and Few,
 Unnie and Powar and Zanie and Stew.
So many faces, so many names, so many ages and so many pains.
Allie was astounded at the suffering, the shame.
And now, the Angels of 4 degrees Aries,
 the Angels of Lurchi,
 infused the entire situation with strengthening love.

  The angels infused all of the people with such powerful fearless will to love

that it felt like a tidal wave sweeping through.

At that moment Allie was inspired to call a business meeting right on the spot.

She sat down on the pavement.

There in a dismal, gray, poorly lit, leaky, concrete cavern,
 Allie did
 what Allie
 did best.

She put on the best motivational and strategic planning session of her life.

 About a hundred and fifty people sat around in a circle as Allie captivated them with love, hope, and brilliant planning.

Following inner guidance, 

Allie outlined a brilliant strategy
to recreate
 their lives

As she explained the brilliant plan to bring an end to their isolation and persecution,
more and more people scurried out of the shadows.
 Now there were over four hundred and fifty.
It was a large space and word got around.
 By the end of the day, with the fiery help of the Angels of The Will to Love,
thousands people had arrived and signed on to the project.
The excitement was palpable.
 The plan was in place.
The next day everyone got busy with allotted tasks.
Five hundred of them stood on different street corners holding cardboard signs that read:

The plan was to present a true story of the life of one of them every month at different parks.
There would be a different play at each location.
They figured on six main locations to start.
Six different people would have their life story acted out the first month.
Alice was one of them.

The underground city was abuzz with people making costumes, writing and rehearsing lines, and making stage props.
Allie taped into her elite uptown crowd for help.
She inspired the familiar people that she had partied with for years.
 She accepted no refusal.
She turned them on.
They got excited.
 The idea took on a life of its own.
  Her enthusiasm attracted talented and skilled choreographers, media and film crews.
 She got people to call favors all over town. Impressive articles and ads got printed.
 The buzz and the glitz grew to gigantic proportions.
 She got attorneys to run interference with the police and the Mayor’s office,
so the project would be protected and seen in a positive light.
And finally it happened.
 The night of the first six plays arrived.
Curious people showed up.  Crowds of them!
Thank God the weather was top notch.
 Magic infused the air.
 Angels were everywhere.

The Angels of Aries, the angels of the Will to Love, initiated everyone.

They worked the crowds, invisibly infusing everyone with the magic of love.

  They initiated those who watched and those who produced.
 People burned with the most intense and fiery determination to love, to get involved, to SUCCEED!
The plays were absolutely brilliant.
 In fact, they were supernatural.
 The emotional release of years of pent up angst and suffering, hope and triumph,

burst forth from the actors, creating a catharsis for one and all.
  There was not a dry eye in the crowd.  Not one.
Even the Mayor was heard sniffling to an assistant, “I never thought I would ever say ANYTHING was this good.”
“This beats anything I have ever seen on Broadway by a mile!”
The events took off like rockets! 
After a few more months of really good plays and ever increasing crowds,
more and more people, homeless and professional, got involved.
 Now it was really real.
A virtual army of people were presenting plays all over the city.
 It was making theater history.

The press was crazy about it.
Churches, organizations, and charities got on board.

It was a sensation.

  Everyone cheered.
With the enthusiasm of the Will to Love,
they were in high gear.

 It was if everybody, rich and poor alike, were discovering the blessed therapeutic release
of dramatizing their lifetime emotions of pent up pain, hope, despair, love, loneliness, frustration and victory. 
At first it was being referred to in the press as
 “ street psychological-theater”.
The term got shortened to
“Drama Psych”.
  Those who analyzed it,
 realized that its strength was in promoting

creative new ways of portraying very strong emotional catharses

 as the key to characterization and plot.

 It was effective because it encouraged everyone to release their pent up pain and  inhibitions

 and expose their withheld, secret wishes in creative, respectful and non-destructive ways.

It is well known in therapy that validation is catalizes emotional healing.

Validation of one's feelings inspires healing of the inner wounded child self.

"Ye must be as little children to enter the kingdom of heaven."

In a childlike state of trust and innocence, the theta brainwave of deep inner imagination

and belief opens miracles of love
from omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient divine being.

This is true whether or not the validation comes from another or from the self in meditation,
and whether or not the emotional healing is for a current trauma or from long ago.

Like ancient tales of the goddess of compassion,
this validation inspired miracles of healing of wounded inner child issues
of restoring trust and innocence,
and seeing life as a good movie.


Friendships were making at a breathtaking rate.

 High class people discovered,
to their amazement,
that the homeless people were,
well, PEOPLE—and vice versa!

Soon changes were underway all over the city in more ways than can be imagined.
All sorts of unlikely people were getting into the act. 

The Big Chill was over.

 The city was alive!

The most hardened of hearts were opening and being reborn.

 People were either actively involved,
 planning soon to be,
or watching with great anticipation.

 New plays sprang up overnight.

  No one went untouched.

There were Chinese plays, Spanish plays, Puerto Rican plays, Russian plays, Jewish plays,  Prison Plays,
Church Plays, Young People and Old People Plays, and on and on.

Each group had their own special stories and powerful emotions to dramatize.

 People gained a much more empathetic understanding of the unique struggles and plight of other groups
 all over the city
 of every age

Even rebellious teenage kids got into the act.

 Gangs vied to stage the most outrageous depictions of their struggles, their despair, and their double binds.
Janitors staged Union plays; electrical workers did adventure plays;
 lawyers, their contentious plays, and prostitutes, their hilarious sad plays.
   The more people saw, the more they were drawn to join. 
People started making costumes.


Delis and restaurants donated food.

Bands donated music.

Prim grandmothers and young girls sewed costumes with transvestites and cocktail queens,
 having a marvelous time discovering the world of music, fabric and color.

Acting, producing and the love of drama became the value of all
instead of the few.

 It was clearly a case of transformation, of transfiguration!

 instead of being AFRAID of feelings,
 people were learning to LOVE expressing them in safe, creative ways,
and learning that with expression,
the painful ones ,
and the good ones just got better.

  Most people were either in a show or watching one.

The Angels of The Will to Love were jubilant!

 It was the most thoroughgoing spiritual spontaneous remission of a city on record.

Like a raging fire of purification,
the enthusiasm and art
 spread to cities everywhere,
 large and small.

The old was consumed in its flames,

 and like a phoenix,

a new loving reality was born.

Of such is the power
 of The Will to Love
New Beginnings.

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L…The splendor and majesty of all the Divine Virtues taken together
U….combined with the mastery of the creative act
R…unfolds perfectly through impeccable inner guidance.
Ch…Purity and clarity removes all obscurity and manifests heaven on earth through
I… perfect mastery of Cause and Effect.
The melody of our name is  F, B, C, D sharp, and G.
The letters with their musical note, color, sensation, and meaning are as follows.
In meditation, with each virtue see yourself as a tiny dot in the solar plexus area with your body as a huge universe around you.
L…Intone the letter L to the musical note F with the feeling of the vitality and splendor and majesty of all the divine virtues taken together.
Imagine a clear deep olive green light shining from a tiny sun in the lung area. Imagine a sense of glorious ease and relaxation.
The majesty and splendor of all the Divine Virtues fills all of space inwardly and outwardly with each breath.

 U…Inwardly intone the letter U to the musical note B while feeling the ongoing effects of the act of creation.
 Imagine shining from tiny sun, a rich velvety black light in the midriff region.
It fills and penetrates all with the deepest comprehension and understanding of the original source of everything that has been created in manifestation.

R…Then inwardly intone the letter R to the cascading musical note C, while feeling the freedom and independence that
from following inner guidance with perfect mental clarity.
. Imagine a shimmering golden light filling all of inner and outer space from a tiny sun with in the leg area.
It has the sensation of weight.

Ch…Intone the letter Ch to the musical note D-sharp, feeling perfect clarity and purity that removes all obscurity.
Imagine filling all of inner and outer space with light violet light from a tiny sun shining in the abdomen area.
It has the sensation of coolness, like water.
The consciousness is that of perfect purity and clarity of ideas.

I…Finally intone the letter I with wave upon wave of musical tones of the note of G, while feeling mastery of cause and effect, remembrance, memory, and conscience.
  Imagine permeating all of space and time with shimmering pale opal light shining from a tiny sun in the leg region.
It has the sensation of weight, imparting the complete understanding of the law of Cause and Effect.


                                                    Flames***One Love***



The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah, which is a very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world's religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host in the zone girdling the earth, and the angels who work with him or her.

The being and the angels share the same name.

This name is a key to their powers and influence.

 Names, phrases, and sections,  in the angel messages are quoted or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon.

Information of the heavenly hosts of the zone girdling the earth is referenced from


and Information of the divine virtues and the letters are referenced from THE KEY TO THE TRUE QUABALLAH, ISBN 3-921338-12-4].

Publisher is Dieter Rüggeberg, Wuppertal/W. Germany. These books have very important information for these studies.


The book " Initiation into Hermetics" ISBN 3-921338-01-8, is a preparatory book for the others.

Franz Bardon's last autobiographical book, "Frabato the Magician", gives historical background and was compiled by his German publisher from notes written by Franz Bardon.



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The Law of One is the original law of Creation, and is the supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions.


We are all one.

When one is harmed, all are harmed.

When one is helped, all are helped.

Therefore, in the name of who I AM,

and I am one with all there is;

I ask that ONLY


I give thanks that this is done.









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