Hermetic Angel Messages

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The heavenly hosts of Love Divine prepare us for the spring equinox energy.



29 degrees Pisces

The Angels of Love Divine

Also known as
The Angels of



We inspire the children of light to journey deep into the furthest reaches of the wisdom of the heart,
 and find there waiting eternal treasures of Love Divine.

The heart connects soul and spirit.

The heart connects self and others.

The heart is the gateway, the connector, between the two halves of the infinity symbol.

We help you search deeply and extensively,
 for in the heart is found the songs of the music of the spheres,
 and remembrance of the Perfection of Divine Being manifesting in the Perfection of Earth.

Search deeply and long,
 my dearest kin,
 for deep within the wisdom of the heart are songs of heavenly angels,
 singing of Glory Divine,
 flowing with Love Divine,
 from the Heart of Divine Being ,

bringing Heaven to Earth

Search and unlock the gates of the mystical heart;
in certainty each person is made surely in the Divine Image.
Reclaim divine inheritance, oh children of God.
Sing the songs of Love Divine.
Sing the melodies of the promised land,
the songs of Phoenix,
rising splendid from the ashes.

Sing the songs of asking.
Rejoice with the songs of receiving.
Adorn yourself with light and life,

the raiment of Love Divine,
your eternal birthright as Children of Light and Sound,
 Beingof the Most High

Know that with asking,
 your receiving is assured,
 it will come in the way that is the highest good of all,
just as day must follow night.

Go within, find ecstasy of cosmic love.

Here, in the next to the last degree of the last constellation,
 a child of Divinity understands that
Love Divine surpasses all other expressions of Power.

The magnetism of flowing emotions of Love Divine is plasma, it is life itself.

It contains the sum of all the Divine Powers.

Love is the key in manifesting perfection in the realms of being, will, mind, emotion, and sensation.

We reveal to mature mystics  and World Servers  the most sacred mysteries of Love Divine,

 and we teach the range of  love's  power in the mental, astral and physical ,

from the point of view of miracles.

The realization of this divine love creates within a person emotions  of happiness
 and wonderful emotions of all the divine virtues,
 which brings a person up to the highest grades of ecstasy


Always remember that the magnetism of flowing emotions of Love Divine is life itself.

It contains the sum of all the Divine Powers.

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

The highest pinnacle of perfection in the microcosm of a human being,
 or the macrocosm of the unlimited universes,
 manifests in flowing emotions of Cosmic Love Divine.

By meditating on the divine virtues of the letters of our name,

 it is possible for a Child of Light to ever more become an embodiment of Divine Love.
Remember that the Divine Feminine Magnetism
expresses as flowing emotions and sensations
 of this most sacred material creation
that is made possible and sustained by Love Divine. 

 Love Divine carries forth the fulfillment of the Masculine Power,
which is Omnipotent Divine Will and clear visualizations and thoughts for the highest good of all
There is absolutely nothing that can be sought for,
 or asked for,
that surpasses the satisfaction,
 the happiness, the bliss, the ecstasy,

the perfection of Love Divine.
Those who feel a lack of meaning and fulfillment in their lives are most assuredly longing for this gift.
When the desire leaps within the heart to become an expression of Love Divine,
 know that this is possible.
Know also that a person must often ask to receive.

Such is the power and the nature of Free Will.

 This entreaty cannot be repeated too much,
at least not until everyone claims their divine birthright

by asking for what the wisdom of the heart longs for.

Instead of continuing to affirm lack,
ASK for all perfection, inwardly and outwardly,
 visualizing and knowing
"It is already done",
with a heart full of the blessed emotions of answered prayer.
Once having asked,
 series of alchemical changes are set in motion within consciousness on all levels of will, mind, emotions, and sensations.
The power and intensity of one’s faith, visualization, and flowing emotions,
 determine the exact power and intensity of the ensuing changes that occur in response to the asking.
Celebrate in advance.
The  intensity of emotions of gratitude, love and conviction determines the power in creating new reality.
Many seekers already know this principle of asking; but they often have been discouraged in using it
 because of their painful memories of praying and not seeing quick and visible results.
When asking is not immediately reinforced by the desired outcome, what is the delay?
Any "newly created reality" must come down through being,

will-visualization, thoughts, emotions, and sensations to its final culmination, the most dense, the material plane.
 We wish to tell you that the
key to quicker manifestation is strong flowing divine emotions, especially emotions of love,
 not only for what is desired for, but also for what is being replaced.

 By loving that which is being replaced,with gratitude for all the lessons learned from it, the old is released from its present form
 and is transmuted into that which only divine love can see,

which is the omnipresent original indwelling blueprint of original harmony and perfection in and through all things.

 Feelings give any visualization magnetic strength, combined with original certainty and will.
 When flowing feelings are divine emotions of Love Divine, the power of manifestation is the greatest of all.
Within the asking is contained the receiving.
Within the longing is contained the asking.
Within flowing divine love is contained the speed of manifestation.
Do not ever be afraid of divine longing.
It is the measure of your power to co-create with Divine Being.
Therefore, we instruct each person to journey in awareness into the depth of the flowing emotions of wisdom,
 the combination of emotions of love and will together.
Love Divine holds everything together, from smallest quantums, waves and particles, to giant infinities of space.
THIS is the Guiding Principle, the Prime Cause, and the Prime Effect.
Photo by Gretchen Wild Iris
Y…We impart the gift of absolute devotion to, and
Deepest love for Divine Providence
L…as manifested in the purest divine virtues
E…seen everywhere throughout all of creation
M…through the surrendering, melting passion of divine love.
I…According to karmic law, "you get what you give", love is created in this way.
S…To realize the most subtle essence of the divine spirit,
The original divine fire working its power in everything created, is an expression of Love Divine.
Love conquers all. Love casteth out fear.


The melody of the divine virtues of our name is C sharp, F,D, D, G, and G sharp.
The colors of the divine virtues of our name are
 pure pink,
 glowing clear dark green,
 deep dark violet,
 beautiful clear blue green,
 shimmering light opal,
 and fiery clear purple red.
The sensations of the divine virtues of our name are
weight penetrating everything,
 penetrating everything,
 flowing coolness,
 and then fiery warmth....

Akasha:  This is the divine virtue of the true origin of the rhythm of life and its relations.

This virtue has been influencing the law of evolution from the beginning of creation towards its perfection. 

Since this rhythm is difficult to grasp,
only an experienced person who has reached this point in meditating on the divine virtues in terms of scientific work
will succeed in FULLY comprehending and mastering the original rhythms of life and the laws of harmony-legality.
Mental:  In the mental plane, i.e., in the spirit, the virtue of the original true rhythm of life

brings about the faculty of profoundest cosmic intuition and inspiration,
which, at the same time, may be regarded as the gift for absolute devotion to and deepest love for Divine Providence.
  Another advantage is the fact that from this faculty many other abilities may develop

which cannot at all be described by words alone because of their being of exceptional macrocosmic value.
Astral:  Mastered in the emotional body, the virtue of the rhythm of life imparts an excellent aptitude for prophecy
that will exclude any possibility of mistake. 

Who has become familiar with the rhythm of life will have spiritualized his/her emotional  body

in such a way that he/she will be able to see and know prophetically,
beyond all doubt, the fate of everything, of every creature, be it man or animal, from the microcosmic point of view. 

His/her prophecies will be so certain and infallible as if they would come directly from Divine Providence.

Such a high faculty of prophecy cannot be acquired by any other virtue.
Material: When the rhythm of life is evoked in the material body, this virtue leads to the ability to explore,
comprehend and apply the absolute influence of the akasha principle [ the principle of consciousness-penetrating-all ]
on the material world with regard to all forms and bodies in the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms. 

At the same time, the faculty of making emotional and material objects invisible is also achieved,
for whoever recognizes and masters the akasha principle in the material world in all its forms of existence

is able to change the grade of condensation in our material world at will.
Thus a person is in a position to dematerialize his/her body and to materialize it again at a great distance within a few moments.

Consequently, he/ she is able to bridge over time and space, not only mentally and emotionally, but also materially.

Many of the miracles of the holy scriptures are evidence of what is said here.
The color is pink, the musical note of this virtue is C-sharp.

The element is etheric –earth penetrating everything.  The heart is formed from this virtue.

’In the akasha principle of consciousness-penetrating-all this letter represents the highest divine virtues.
By meditating on this virtue you perceive how divine virtues work in the various spheres and levels.
On a mental level you understand and identify with divine morality.
On the emotional level you have equilibrium,
and have the ability to spiritualize your emotions so that you become one with the divine virtues.
On the material level you have perfect health, beauty, and harmony.  You are master of your own vitality.

If you so chose, your body can retain the appearance of youth.

With permission from Divine Providence, you can also confer these qualities to another person’.
The color is dark olive green, the musical note is F, the element is air and has a sensation of ease.  The spleen is formed from this virtue

E… The sound of this letter concerns everything related to the transfer of consciousness and intuition.
…This letter is the sound of universal consciousness, which represents, as a divine idea and virtue,

its omnipresence in everything that has ever been created.
Meditating on this virtue unites your normal consciousness with the universal consciousness, with the cosmic consciousness,
so that you can attain, in the akasha principal, omnipresence yourself. This is known in oriental wisdom as Nirvi-Kalpa-Samadhi.
You attain the highest form of intuition in your mental world;
you transfer your consciousness so that there exists no sense of time and space.
Divinity in His highest form is able to speak through you.

The most profound mysteries of materialization and dematerialization become obvious to you
as you master this, everything that is material may be transferred back into its refined and most subtle form
and any idea can be intensified in such a way that it becomes physically visible.
In the emotional body, the oscillation of letter "E" represents the control

of the emotional consciousness of oneself and of other people.
Especially easy is it to achieve special clairaudience by meditating on this virtue.
By "special clairaudience" not only the hearing of beings, etc., is meant,
but also the understanding of the language of all animals and the perception
of the remotest past, the present, and even the future, indiscriminately of distance or kingdom,
i.e., human kingdom or animal kingdom.
The color of this virtue is deep violet, the musical note is D, the element is akasha,

which has the sensation of God-penetrating-all, and the spine is formed from it.

The sound of the letter M is the sound of the divine virtue of emotion.
This virtue is the magnetic force of the Universe that attracts energy into form on the material plane.
Everything in physical manifestation is attracted into form through the magnetic force of emotions. Emotion is analogous to the element of water.
In the material world the oscillation of letter "M" bestows on a child of God the power of controlling the fluid principle
in the whole world, i.e., in the micro-as well as the macrocosm.
Not only is a person able to comprehend, with his/her consciousness,
everything fluid in its original principle, but he/she is also made absolute master of it.
This faculty, when acquired by meditating on this oscillation,

also makes him/her master of magnetism, emotion, and everything that is connected with it.
Thus, for instance, he/she may control the laws of gravitation, and many other things.
The color of this virtue is the most beautiful blue-green imaginable. The
musical note is D. The element is water so it has the sensation of coolness.
The abdomen is formed from this virtue.


The sound of this letter is the virtue of cause and effect, which is the karma law.
On the mental level, this is analogous to memory, remembrance and conscience.

  In the emotional body, this corresponds to the astral/physical matrix,

which is the connection between emotion and physical form, with all of its functions'.
 It is a known fact that the astral matrix, and with it the whole body, is kept alive by breathing.

With the knowledge of cause and effect,
you are in the position to get under your perfect control the breath with all of its aspects and ways of application. 
All mystical abilities are subject to the mastery of breath.
By meditating on the law of cause and effect,
‘all laws of analogies between the micro- and the macrocosm are understood and mastered.
Everything that has shape, measure, number and weight has been created by the help of this letter oscillation.
If a child of God can master this meditation, he/she will be able to evoke the greatest miracles in the material world
by using the respective analogies to shape, measure, number and weight.
 As one can see, shape, measure, number and weight are the chief components of the material world,

and by getting this letter oscillation under control, a person becomes their absolute master.
It stands to reason that he/she will also be able to become a perfect metaphysician, too and,
furthermore, to comprehend all laws presently still unknown to our physical world and to apply them in all fields.
The knowledge of cause and effect enables a person TO WILL, IMAGINE, AND FEEL EMOTIONS OF THE DESIRED OUTCOME.
Because all life is connected as a unified field of energy, whatever is willed,
thought, felt, and sensed is pulled out of infinite possibility into the web of life,

both inside the microcosm which is the human body and the macrocosm, which is the outer universe.
“As above, so below.”
The color of this virtue is light opal, the musical note is G,
the element is earth so it has the sensation of weight, and the left kidney is created by this oscillation.

S… All-penetrating Divine Will Power
In the akasha principle, which is consciousness-penetrating-all, this letter oscillation represents the all-penetrating power—all-power.

  By meditating on this quality you get into contact with the most subtle substance of the divine spirit,

with the original divine fire and will in everything that has been created.
On the mental level you have perfect mastery over will and intent.
On the emotional level you have absolute clairvoyance in its purest form. 

You see over time and space and have control over other beings.
This virtue is the original fire,  visualize it as purple with a reddish tint with a feeling of warmth, filling all of space.

  It vibrates to the  musical note G sharp,  and is used to form or heal the gall bladder.

Photo: Why Unconditional
                                        Love? Unconditional Love is a
                                        dynamic and powerful energy that
                                        lifts us through the most
                                        difficult times. It is available
                                        at any moment by turning our
                                        attention to it and using its
                                        wonderful potential to free us
                                        from our limitations. It
                                        requires practice and intent to
                                        allow this energy to fully
                                        permeate our daily experience.
                                        It begins with ourselves, for
                                        without self-love, we cannot
                                        know what true love can be. In
                                        loving ourselves, we allow the
                                        feeling to generate within us
                                        and then we can share it to
                                        everyone and everything around
                                        us! That which we send out,
                                        returns to us in greater
                                        measure. If you have not thought
                                        about how you feel towards
                                        yourself, physically, mentally,
                                        and emotionally, or spiritually,
                                        we invite you to do so now.
                                        Begin the journey that changes
                                        everything. Begin the journey of
                                        unconditional love...

                                                    Flames***One Love***



The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah,

which is a very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world's religions:

Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host in the zone girdling the earth, and the angels who work with him or her.

The being and the angels share the same name. This name is a key to their powers and influence.

 Names, phrases, and sections,  in the angel messages are quoted or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon.

Information of the heavenly hosts of the zone girdling the earth is referenced from


and Information of the divine virtues and the letters are referenced from THE KEY TO THE TRUE QUABALLAH, ISBN 3-921338-12-4].

Publisher is Dieter Rüggeberg, Wuppertal/W. Germany.

These books have very important information for these studies.


The book " Initiation into Hermetics" ISBN 3-921338-01-8, is a preparatory book for the others.

Franz Bardon's last autobiographical book, "Frabato the Magician",

gives historical background and was compiled by his German publisher from notes written by Franz Bardon.

This book is most important for understanding present day political issues.







Books on emotional healing by Dennis Linn, Sheila Linn and Matt Linn are recommended.

Also recommended: THE NEW PRIMAL SCREAM, by Dr. Arthur Janov, and any books by William R. Emerson Ph.D.




Feel free to share these messages.



To understand Universal Consciousness, and immortality, it is very helpful to read the first three volumes of The Life and Teachings of the Masters of The Far East by Baird Spalding

The first three volumes are field notes taken on a scientific expedition to Nepal in the late 1800's.



The Law of One is the original law of Creation,

and is the supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions.


We are all one.

When one is harmed, all are harmed.

When one is helped, all are helped.

Therefore, in the name of who I AM,

and I am one with all there is;

I ask that ONLY


I give thanks that this is done.



 So it is.


 golden light