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The Moon Angels




True Love

also known as

The Angels



12th Day of Lunar Cycle







‘We promote peace and happiness in marriage,

and bring good luck,


and sympathy

to any desired situation,

through the flowing transmuting power of real love’.

As each partner experiences the sacred marriage of soul and spirit
and happiness and fulfillment in the kingdom of heaven which is found within their own self,
they are not needy, and therefore they are no longer dangerous to each other.

Luke17:21 The Kingdom of God is within you.

Matt 6:33 First, seek the Kingdom of God

Matt 6:25 Take no thought

Matt 6:22 If your eye be single your body will fill with light

 Therefore, we inspire the sons and daughters of divine being to seek, find,

and unite first

with the kingdom of heaven within,

so that both partners in a relationship already radiate bliss,

they already both flow with happy tangible divine feelings, with  divine emotions,

and they already both keep their eyes focused on divine pure being within.

As each partner follows their own clear inner guidance

to omnipresent, omniscient, original divine will for heaven on earth within,

 he and she experience the mystical dance of heaven within naturally.

Each one has inward peace and guidance,

and faith,

and does not look to the partner,

but looks within,

for what must first be found within.

In this way, they honor each other's sovereignty,

and do not attempt to control each other

out of fear or neediness.

Unity with pure divinity within is necessary

before seeking outward divine unity with another.

In this way the true polarity of male and female,

divine god flowing with divine goddess,

is kept in divine equilibrium,

keeping sexual energy strong.

The masculine polarity is electric,

it is being, will, and mind,

manifesting radiant power of purpose and intention.

The feminine polarity is magnetic,

flowing  emotions and sensations,

which is capable of giving birth to masculine original power and intention.

As long as the will and thoughts of a man are beneficial to himself, to her, and to all life,


the combination of divinely inspired masculine intent and purpose,

joined with her receptive emotions and sensations,

activates the feminine heart,

the source of love itself.

Divinity expressing through these levels awakens trust, mastery of will and emotions,

and inspired longing for divine perfection in sacred relationships.

As sexual energy courses up the spine of both partners

through loving interaction,
 a scalar wave is generated that unites Heaven and Earth.

  A scalar wave consists of a counterclockwise vortex

and a clockwise vortex together,
forming a multi-dimensional sacred Star of David.

The transmuting power of deep divine flowing love magnetizes attraction for
Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and Omniscience.

 Flowing emotions of love

magnetize spiritual perfection through the mastery of Divine Omnipresence,

and mastery of Divine Omnipotent Will for the highest good of all.

 It does so with the ecstasy of all polarities
in Creation manifesting according to the greatest harmony.


Divine flowing emotions of true love are all encompassing
and unconditional, magnetizing changes that manifest the highest good in all.

In the presence of this type of flowing love, all other tangible flowing emotions in the body that
are present in anyone are accepted and understood and embraced with empathy.

Within the magnetism of omnipotent love, negative visceral flowing emotions
feel safe to express and are not acted out destructively to self, others, or property.

They no longer have to be suppressed, and stored unconsciously as tension in the body tissue, causing disease,

or acted out destructively to self, others, or property.

Finally, in the presence of true love, they are allowed to flow in a safe and loving environment,
so that they heal.

This is soul retrieval.

Now true love ignites the energy centers along the spines of both partners.

Flowing upward,  physical reality is united with the spiritual.

It is important that a man support the woman physically, emotionally, creatively, and spiritually.

These are the first, third, fifth, and seventh chackras.

As this is done, a woman supports a man with the powers of her creative womb energies,

with her heart, and with her knowingness.

These are the second, fourth, and sixth chackras.

This is the basis of the scalar wave dynamic in true love.

Remember that negative flowing feelings

originally came from a previous emotionally traumatic event.

By letting these emotions flow safely, the memory of the wounding event is relived.

In reliving this memory safely, all the negative emotions

and their related negative beliefs about reality finally change.

As they evolve and change,  insights occur that shed a whole new light on the original event.

A person understands why the higher self attracted these events

and sees that valuable soul lessons were learned.
Now the frightened or angry inner child self from long ago receives validation and healing.
In this way the present time adult self comforts the upset inner child self.
The two selves become one, and the sacred inner marriage of soul with spirit occurs.

As two partners experience the inner sacred marriage of soul with spirit within,

they are no longer dangerous to each other,

and they are ready to join together in sacred tantric sexual yoga that leads to youthening and even immortality.


With inner completion and loving acceptance, every situation
is transmuted into peace and harmony.

 In this relationship the children grow up in bliss and harmony.

Meditate on the divine virtues associated with the letters of our name,
and call on our help, to receive the following faculties:





The control and transmutation of flowing emotions come by
allowing the flowing emotions of self and others to flow in an
atmosphere of all encompassing and unconditional love.

This unconditional love comes from the experience of Unity with
Divine Consciousness, Will, and Emotion, and with everything in
Creation through the virtue of Omnipresence. When this is done,
control over the flowing emotions of all beings is possible.


Emotions cleanse and purify themselves naturally by
flowing in an atmosphere of acceptance and love.
They do this to reflect the perfection of Divine
Consciousness and birth Heaven on Earth. By mastering
flowing emotions, mastery over all physical creation is gained.


Great courage, persistence, and the desire for self-preservation
is required of each child of God when mastering the emotional worlds.


By lovingly attuning to the flowing emotions
of all beings, all beings can be understood.


By attuning to the emotions of all beings, a child of
God understands the necessity for polarity.


The longing for absolute beauty and harmony, for purification
and the transformation of one’s character is necessary
in order to attract spiritual perfection.


This longing for spiritual perfection calls forth the
self-discipline needed to master emotions in self and others.’


When negative emotions come up day to day within a child of God,
the psyche is ready to heal wounded emotions that are
connected to a trauma experienced at an earlier time in life.
Becoming aware of negative emotions and validating them with love is the beginning of a natural
healing process that results in higher awareness and sacred marriage in the self between soul and spirit.

Strong negative emotions that come up in day to day life signal that the psyche is now ready to heal.
Many times these negative flowing emotions come from previous
emotional traumas occurring in childhood. In close relationships,
old traumas are awakened from time to time so that the inner child
of each partner can heal in a safe and loving environment.

"Ye must be as little children to enter the kingdom of heaven."

When strong negative flowing emotions are aroused and destructively
acted out in present time to self, others, or property, great harm results to all parties.

If, on the other hand, these negative emotions  are allowed to flow
in a safe and non-destructive manner, so that they lead back to
the memory of the original wounding event, a process of recall and 
living and reliving the original trauma is embarked upon in the imagination.
In this process, healing insights arise that allow the original trauma
to permanently heal. When this occurs, negative feelings
are transformed into wonderful healed emotions.

Processing negative emotions so that they transmute and heal

instead of acting them out,

creates ever stronger bonds of love and safety in a relationship.

The power of unconditional all encompassing flowing

to heal and create Heaven on Earth

is infinite.

On the 12th day of every 28-Day Moon Cycle, we flood the emotions  of all 
life on Earth with the transforming and transmuting power of real love.


Photo: Why
                                                          Love is a
                                                          dynamic and
                                                          energy that
                                                          lifts us
                                                          through the
                                                          most difficult
                                                          times. It is
                                                          available at
                                                          any moment by
                                                          turning our
                                                          attention to
                                                          it and using
                                                          its wonderful
                                                          potential to
                                                          free us from
                                                          It requires
                                                          practice and
                                                          intent to
                                                          allow this
                                                          energy to
                                                          fully permeate
                                                          our daily
                                                          experience. It
                                                          begins with
                                                          ourselves, for
                                                          self-love, we
                                                          cannot know
                                                          what true love
                                                          can be. In
                                                          ourselves, we
                                                          allow the
                                                          feeling to
                                                          within us and
                                                          then we can
                                                          share it to
                                                          everyone and
                                                          around us!
                                                          That which we
                                                          send out,
                                                          returns to us
                                                          in greater
                                                          measure. If
                                                          you have not
                                                          thought about
                                                          how you feel
                                                          mentally, and
                                                          we invite you
                                                          to do so now.
                                                          Begin the
                                                          journey that
                                                          Begin the
                                                          journey of

*** ECSTASY ***


*Names, phrases, or sections, in Italics or single quotation marks are quoted
or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon, [The Practice of Magical
Evocation ISBN 3-921338-02-6 and The Key to the True Quaballah, ISBN
3-921338-13-4]. Publisher is Dieter Ruggeberg, Wuppertal/ W. Germany.
These books have detailed information on the meanings of the letters on all
four levels of will, mind, feeling, and form, and all of the beings of the zodiac.
For serious study of the ancient language and easy reference, you
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