Hermetic Angel Messages

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26 degrees Aquarius

 The Angels of Ceremony and Ritual

 Also known as

The Angels of



Whenever any sort of sacred ceremony or ritual is to be celebrated
 for the highest good of all concerned, 
we set up a universal matrix of connections
 to fulfill the intent of the ceremony.

 Heavenly and physical worlds communicate
 through sacred ceremonies.

 We teach and reveal the most genuine knowledge of individual rituals.
We also reveal the underlying meanings and powers of the rituals of a whole society,
 and, furthermore, of those bound to a demiurge, i.e. a personified god,
 or to a certain religious system, 
rituals which express the cosmic analogy, 
which indicate that they are of universal origin, 
and so forth.

If, for a special reason, a World Server needs a suitable ritual,
 he/she only has to go within and ask for inner guidance.

We immediately respond.

When a miracle is needed, and you feel to pray, your spirit and soul are free to contact us.

All-penetrating-Divine-Will for the highest good of all concerned is the virtue of letter S,
 the first and fourth letters of Soesma. 
There is an omnipresent divine will to bring about the highest good for all in creation, 
and for this purpose ceremonies are created.

This virtue of omnipresent omnipotence shines with a purple red light.

At this time mystical ceremonies are happening more and more due to the Cosmic Flow of Creation
 reaching a pinnacle of Divine Completion.

This completion of cycles manifests Paradise on Earth, Earth and Heaven united as one, the Alpha and the Omega.

A ceremony performed now takes much less time to bear fruit, and more 
ceremonies than ever are increasing the impetus of enlightenment. 

Also, the power of each prayer offered for the good of all is enhanced 
now, more than ever before, analogous to “matching contributions” on the physical plane.
Just as when philanthropic contributions are doubled by “matching donations”, 
so we assign server angels from among the heavenly hosts of*
Angelic beings who have taken vows to serve the highest good,
 whose job It is to strengthen your prayer and ritual and carry out their purposes. 

In some cases when an inspired prayer and ritual is particularly 
important to further the divine will of The One Being, 
we ensure that the “matching contributions” of angelic beings are redoubled multiple 
times to make the blessings even more powerful, so as to reverberate from the four corners of the Universe.

We ask that whenever any ceremony is performed, that it, like oaths,
 be done through The Law of One, the highest good of all.

As long as intent is spoken that the ceremony results only in The 
Highest Good of All Concerned, we set up almost unlimited power matrices for the purpose of manifestation.

If someone on Earth in embodiment asks 
us, Angelic Beings of Ceremony, we help perfect any prayer that feels unfinished 
or is not in harmony with The highest good.

Remember that by attuning individual wills with Omnipotent Divine Will for the 
highest good of all concerned, individual wills become one with Divine Omnipotence.

Cognition brought about by Love Divine TRANSMUTES all that is seen, 
enlivening indwelling DIVINE BLUEPRINTS OF PERFECTION inherent in everything in Creation.

This is the divine virtue of umlaut O, eu, the second letter of Soesma. 
This virtue shines with a deep orange light.

This brings about such beautiful harmony and justice, the virtue of O, shining with an ultramarine blue light,
 that it must be experienced to be understood.

Take these virtues of all-penetrating-Divine-Will for the highest good of all, 
cognition brought about by Love Divine, and harmony and justice 

This is the divine virtue of letter E, shining with a deep purple light.

This step unites whatever is willed with ALL THAT IS everywhere.

Again, it is good to affirm that individual wills unite with The Divine Will already abiding in everything
 created for the highest good of all concerned, the letter S.

The next letter is the divine virtue that brings a desired outcome of the ceremony into manifestation.

It is the virtue of the letter M, 
shining with a most beautiful blue-green radiance. This is the virtue of FLOWING DIVINE EMOTIONS,
 which causes THE PROCESS OF CHANGE, AND evolves LIFE.

With strong divine emotions a ceremony

The final letters, letter A, and umlaut A, ae, are the virtues of wisdom and enlightenment
 and transformation of imperfections to other states that are the highest good, the 
desired outcome of every ritual and ceremony.

Enlightenment shines with a light blue light and awakens the Children of Light to the original 
purity of all ideas in Divine Mind, the original thoughts of Paradise. 

Transformation gives control over negative beings, desires, thoughts, 
emotions and sensations through release for change into other states that are the highest good of all

By attuning to the divine virtues of Soesma, beliefs and emotions
are united in sympathetic resonance with all pervading all powerful Divine Providence.

Here is one of our stories:


Once upon a time in a deep jungle, a call of alarm rang out from birds and other animals 
as an army approached a small peaceful ancient village. 

The village was the home of Rainbow Peace Walkers; simple naguals, 
sha-men and sha-women, who worked together in dedication to The Law of One, the highest good of all concerned. 

They worked together, using their powers and wisdom for World Service, dancing awake Paradise into manifestation for all life.

For many years they were safe, largely because of their small numbers, their spiritual strength, and their isolation.

The imminent arrival of a notoriously cruel large well equipped army 
had set the entire village into action for some time. The people had felt approaching danger.

They gathered at the sacred fire circle where they had prayed many times before. 

They knew that they must hold the most powerful sacred rituals that they had ever created. 

They had to unite with Heaven to protect the 
peace not only for themselves, but for all in the jungle, and all of Creation,
 according to the highest good of all concerned.

On a logical basis, there were reasons why nothing could stop this approaching army. 

However, the powers of Heaven were omnipotent. 

Omnipresent Divine Will and the transformational power of Flowing emotions of Divine Love 
would manifest a solution that was the highest good of everybody, 
including the soldiers who were under orders, afraid to disobey. 

Deep, deep in their hearts the villagers felt the rapture of ever 
flowing Divine Love and ecstasy flowing through them. 

Thus prepared, they summoned the heavenly hosts of Soesma. 

"We ask you to come Soesma; help us focus our beings, wills, 
minds, hearts, and sensations with omnipotent Divine Will,
 with cognition brought about by Love Divine, with Omnipresence, with 
irresistible emotions of highest Divine Love, and with most beautiful enlightenment. 
Come now."

The air began to sparkle with the Angels of Soesma.
 With them were the Angels of Jenuri , the Angels of Hagus, the Angels of 
Chimurgu, the Angels of Hatuny, the Angels of Panfodra,
 and many others who protect and guide World Servers.

In the naguals' Delta brainwave level of stillness, pure being, 
silence, and unity with Divine Mind and all creation,
 radiant energy flowed out as they united with All Power, 
the divine indwelling will present within all creation, 
awakening inner divine intent for spiritual perfection buried deep within the approaching soldiers.

In deep inward thought, the Theta brainwave level, the shamen 
envisioned shafts of spiritual light coming from the Heavens
 and filling each soldier and each officer as they marched along. 

Then they expanded this and envisioned these shafts of spiritual 
light awakening every Child of Light in incarnation on the planet, 
enlivening the divine spark within all.

Through inner guidance, they next visualized a strong rain beating down on the soldiers,
 flowing with emotions of divine qualities 
as each drop of water fell. The Angels of Somi and other angels helped spiritualize each drop.

Each drop of rain was charged with 
liquid love that inspired the soldiers with a longing for love, warmth, home, and tenderness.

Other angels created distractions that brought about insights in 
the minds of the officers.

 This  caused the officers to make sudden hasty changes of plans and direction. 

The village naguals clearly saw and felt each of the soldiers go through a personal epiphany of consciousness,
 a deepening nostalgia and inward attunement to the child self inside them that they once were, 
and a quickening longing to return to more harmonious ways of living. 

Then they empowered these visions with appropriate divine flowing emotions
 and included the entire world, seeing and feeling 
all people being blessed with original childlike purity, trust, insight, and innocence.

 As time passed, the naguals' state of meditation deepened with infinite divine power,
 enlightenment and focus. 

They asked for divine healing of the present, future, and past for all people and places. 

They asked for and envisioned the original purity of all ideas manifesting with grace and mercy, 
with sacred peace and harmony stretching everywhere. 

All were one. Deep Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta brainwave states
 from each person entrained within the group and the heavenly hosts.

 The group electro-magnetic alternating brainwave currents were entrained
 with Universal Consciousness and The Unified Field. 

They meditated together on virtues of infinite wisdom, love, and power, 
they toned musical notes and divine virtues together, 
weaving a melody of voices united in purpose and increasing rapture.

So deeply did they meditate, that only dimly did the far off booming thunder 
coming from the direction of the army intrude into their trance. 

The shamen were in bliss. Meanwhile jagged flashes of lightening streaked the sky 
as eerie winds whipped around them. 

They joined hands and gave awesome thanks for the miracles that were happening.

Deep into the night they danced with The Will of Heaven, 
following inner guidance in prayers for the highest good of all. Finally they slept.

What joy greeted them as they awakened to a fresh clean new day!

There was no surprise in anyone when they learned that the soldiers in the army had returned to their camp. 
News of sudden and major new negotiations were greeted with thanksgiving. 
They danced with joy when they received news that the war was ending for good.

All of the village felt deeply sanctified in the presence of such joy.

The soldiers felt this way too. Back at base, in states of wonderment, the soldiers wrote home and journaled.

Everyone was abuzz with the news that top officials had made a complete 
turnaround and had negotiated a new treaty equally good for all parties. 

There were even rumors that the army was to be reorganized for rescue purposes and environmental restoration!

They also heard that soldiers were being offered choices of early retirement with generous pay.
10 practices of a 
In the weeks that followed, beautiful harmony and peace returned to the land.
The people, animals, waters and forests underwent  deep processes of healing.

Over time, as more and more people studied the ancient teachings,more 
and more healers and wise men and women created beautiful ceremonies that brought blessings to all life.

A new time of bliss and peace had dawned.

This time of Paradise is an Age of Rituals and Ceremonies that 
nourish indwelling Divine Perfection already present in creation.In the Alpha and the Omega,
 the time of Heaven on Earth, the Children of Light 
live in increasing creativity and joy.

 Personal and group ceremonies manifest ever greater states of ecstasy and Divine Cosmic Love. 

Remember that even simple ceremonies, like saying grace at dinner to 
bless the food and express gratitude for abundance, 
add tremendous richness and spiritual dimension to everyday life.

Call on our help, and meditate on the divine virtues of Soesma, to 
perfect all ceremonies past, present, and future with a similar prayer to the prayer of the Angels of Boreb.

We repeat it here for you with appropriate changes:

"I ask you, the Angels of Soesma, to take our ceremony and to perfect it. 

Complete this ceremony and all our ceremonies to make them 
the most beautiful, the most inspiring to one and all, and the most effective in bringing Paradise to earth.

 I give permission to reform all ceremonies and past utterances
 that do not serve our highest good or the highest good of another.

 Correct the record. 

Do whatever is necessary to bring any and all past ceremonies into harmony
 and congruence with The Law of One.”
golden light
“ Search history, read the unconscious mind of us all, plan and 
implement perfect ceremonies created out of perfecting what we have said and done.

 Heal all unwanted consequences of any and all limited past, 
present and future ceremonies and rituals, whether made consciously or unconsciously by anyone.”

“ Let the net effect of everything that has ever been invoked in ceremony
 bring the greatest blessings to everyone and to the One Being. 

Let our ceremonies bring the highest love, joy, peace and fulfillment to everyone concerned.

 Do this also on behalf of all Beings who have a 
similar intention. Perfect all the sacred rituals and ceremonies of everyone
 who want to have it done, according to the Law of One.”

“Give a vision of the impact these changes have made so that we may 
appreciate more deeply and fully what has been done. I give thanks with 
gratitude that all of this is already accomplished."




The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah,

which is a very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world's religions:

Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host in the zone girdling the earth, and the angels who work with him or her.

The being and the angels share the same name.

This name is a key to their powers and influence.

 Names, phrases, and sections,  in the angel messages are quoted or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon.

Information of the heavenly hosts of the zone girdling the earth is referenced from


and Information of the divine virtues and the letters are referenced from THE KEY TO THE TRUE QUABALLAH, ISBN 3-921338-12-4].

Publisher is Dieter Rüggeberg, Wuppertal/W. Germany.

These books have very important information for these studies.  

The book " Initiation into Hermetics" ISBN 3-921338-01-8, is a preparatory book for the others.

Franz Bardon's last autobiographical book,

"Frabato the Magician", gives historical background and was compiled by his German publisher from notes written by Franz Bardon.










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The Law of One is the original law of Creation, and is the supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions.


We are all one.

When one is harmed, all are harmed.

When one is helped, all are helped.

Therefore, in the name of who I AM, and I am one with all there is;


I give thanks that this is done.


 So it is.