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7 degrees Aquarius

The Angels of Immortality

Also known as

The Angels of 



We bring immortality so that the body never has to age. 
 We inspire seekers to successfully shift
 from the paradigm of being mortal sons and daughters of human parents 
to being immortal Sons and Daughters of Divine Being.

 We inspire successful seeking and finding the kingdom of heaven within,
 so that chemicals are produced by the body itself that bring about youthening and vitality
 instead of aging and death.

Through omnipotent grace and mercy, 
we help ameliorate the damaging effects of past negative deeds,
so that wisdom is learned through inner revelation and joy
 instead of suffering.

To do this, the emotional body goes through healing,
 and learns to transmute painful tangible feelings that make life seem stressful and death seem a welcome relief,
 into peacefulness.

 By flowing with visceral emotions of happiness and gratitude for the ecstasy of divine life,
 the body receives instructions to create  life
 instead of escape through aging and death.

Because omnipotent divine will for the highest good of all is omnipresent, 
 understanding of cause and effect awakens, opening the floodgates of divine mercy and grace to all.

All penetrating omnipresent omnipotent divine will to express divine being
 in beauty and art that is the highest good of all,
 is the virtue of letter S of Siges. 

This virtue shines with a purple red light and has 
the sensation of warmth and expansion, because it is a virtue of the fire element of will.

This omnipotent divine will exists within every cell. 

 Cells respond accordingly as a person aligns individual will with all penetrating divine will.

By understanding cause and effect, the virtue of letter I, 
a person sees the connection between every state of being, desire, thought, feeling, 
and sensation with their experience of life.

 Memory, remembrance and conscience are aroused. 

The understanding of breath is also mastered.

By understanding cause and effect,
 a person knows how necessary it is to be, to desire, to think, to feel, and to sense
 loving immortal divine being and life.

 The virtue of Cause and Effect shines with a light opal light
 and has the sensation of weight, because it is a virtue of the earth element.

With alignment with original divine will ever present in everything,
 in every cell, 
and the mastery of cause and effect, 
the virtue of emotional love and understanding
 next brings true divine blessing and deep peace. 

This is the virtue of grace and mercy, the virtue of letter G. 

 Grace and mercy shines with a deep emerald green light and the sensation of coolness,
 because it is a virtue of the water element of flowing emotions.

Deep peace attracts abundance, so that a person is free to live each day in joyful sacredness.

Such a person radiates powerful blessings to all life.

All life responds with gratitude and radiates blessings back.

 Flowing divine emotions ripple through the ocean of life, within the 
body and also in the macrocosm.  The body is approximately 80% water, which is the element of emotions.

Water stores information. 

By storing unity with divine being, joy and peace, and original divine will for heaven on earth;
 in the waters of the human body and the waters of earth and all life,
heaven manifests in creation.

 As omnipotent will, cause and effect, and grace and mercy work their wondrous work, 
all cells and waters of the body are blessed and healed, 
out picturing their original divine blueprints of perfection, divinity and immortality.

The omnipresence of Divine Consciousness is the virtue of letter E, 
which shines with a deep purple light and the sensation of consciousness-penetrating-all
 because it is a virtue of the akashic element.

Remember,  all penetrating will for the highest good of all concerned 
gives OMNIPOTENCE throughout the entire Unified Field of the body and the macrocosm. 
 This is the virtue of letter S.

 We teach the Children of Light, through the divine virtues of ‘Siges’, 
that when the emotions heal, the waters in the body become vibrant and health is attracted
 into manifestation within the physical body. 

 When flowing emotions become true reflections of Divine Will for the highest good of all,
 then they attract youthfulness and immortality.

Emotions influence powerful glandular responses in the physical body. To 
flow with utter happiness and contentment, trust and by faith, joy and love, is to know Divine Ecstasy.

Nothing less will do. Being blessed with the euphoria of Bliss and Ecstasy,
 the soothing peace of Kindness and Love, the gentle assurance 
of hope, strength and safety, 
insures that glandular secretions of immortality occur in the human body temple.

This is why at this time there is so much emphasis on healing emotions.  
It is time for Heaven to manifest on Earth.

We bring immortality so that the body never has to age.

The physical body is composed primarily of the water element.
 Over 80 percent of the physical body is water.

Water is the physical manifestation of flowing divine emotion,
 which is the source of Divine Feminine Magnetism.

Even though there are other heavenly hosts that inspire immortality 
primarily through the Akashic body,
 which is consciousness-penetrating-all, 
the spiritual fire body, 
which is will and desire, 
and the mental air body of thought and ideas,
 our focus is on ATTRACTING immortality through blissful emotions,
the astral water body of flowing emotions.

We inspire each person to feel happy, to feel powerful, to feel love, 
by attuning to all penetrating will for the highest good of all, cause and effect, and flowing feelings of grace and mercy,
 and to identify with Divine Being and all creation
 with the feelings of immortality, youth, and invincibility.

Emotions are magnetic.

 They attract energy according to the law of Like attracts Like, 
of sympathetic resonance.

 Whatever feelings a person has 
attracts manifestations in the physical world.  

These manifestations, in turn,
 influence emotions,
 creating a feedback loop.

Up until the time of Alpha and Omega, of Heaven on Earth, 
emotional energy has been a primary energy that has been blocked
 and in need of healing among the Children of Light.
We teach how to love, express, and heal emotions safely. 

 By letting wounded emotions flow freely in a safe way, 
as the water element that they are,
 they naturally purify and transform.

 It is easy to reach higher states of consciousness
 when the waters of life flow freely in a state of unconditional all encompassing love.

Because emotions attract reality on the physical plane, 
emotions are self-fulfilling prophecies.

All of the denied, resisted, unfelt, dissociated and unresolved painful 
and destructive emotions that are stored in the subconscious mind, 
and therefore stored in the tissues of the body as tension, 
must be allowed to come up, 
flow, and transform in a loving, safe and systematic ways 
that lead to powerful healing images, insights, and transcendent emotions.

Emotions do not go away by bypassing, resisting, or denying them.

Using every means of denial and avoidance, 
which mankind has ingeniously invented in hopes of feeling good when deep anger and pain are begging to be released,
 prolongs the agony and perpetuates a never-ending struggle.

 Acting out harmful emotions creates more harmful emotions. 

Either avoiding emotions or acting them out destructively creates more stress.

 Struggle is what ages the body. 

 Unfelt wounded emotional energy is a self destructive, 
constant stress on the body 
which takes its toll ever more,
 the longer that the unresolved emotions are left unaddressed.

The earlier in life that wounded emotions are experienced and suppressed,
the stronger the influence they have on attracting repeated unwanted situations.

 Emotions only change once they are allowed to flow, to be felt.

When babies are comforted and validated whenever they are upset, 
in the presence of love and validation their emotions heal naturally at that time.

 Love from the heart is the most powerful transformational agent. 

When previously unlovable emotions are finally loved
 with empathy for them 
and for the wounded self within
 that is generating these emotions, 
with unconditional all encompassing love from the heart,
 they change.

This is true Grace and Mercy in action.

 Once these painful feelings are 
felt with love and change,
 they no longer attract unfortunate situations and states of being in the physical realm.

If there are a lot of painful emotions that have been denied for a long time,
 then the sooner they are loved and allowed to flow, 
the better. 

They are like water, and they must cleanse and heal by flowing in a safe and loving environment.

If you feel good, flow with these good emotions.

 It is only when painful emotions come up spontaneously in day to day life
 that they should be addressed and healed with empathy.

It may take quite a while for all of those wounded emotions,
 from all of those years of emotional trauma,
 to spontaneously arise to flow completely and heal,
 but heal they must in order for the human body to experience immortality.

The next time you feel like crying, grab a pillow and let the healing tears flow.
 Do not be afraid of your emotions; they are your best friends.

 Even the negative ones, like anger and fear, if allowed to express themselves safely and nondestructively,
 reveal under them layer upon layer upon layer of other important emotions
 that help you reclaim the original purity and innocence of your inner child self.

“Ye must be as little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

The next time you feel resentment or pain, as quickly as you can find a private place
 so that you can go into the feelings.

 If you feel like screaming, if necessary, grab a pillow to muffle the sound.

 Be in your heart and feel love, and let this love flow to the emotions
themselves, unconditionally. 

Whatever the emotions are, they are compressed information
about an experience in your life that needs to be healed.

Because the higher self does not let anything happen by accident,
painful experiences teach important wisdom about the importance of causing no harm,
in self and others,
of the right use of love and will.

Take your time. 

Let emotions flow from as deeply as they need to.

When all the tears are cried,
 and all the anger has spent itself,
 spiritual insights of immense depth and clarity arise naturally.

Just as a child will scream and cry when it is frightened,
 and laugh and giggle when it is happy,
 so must the Children of Light learn to let 
their emotions flow through them in ways that are the highest good of all concerned.

 Gratefully accept and encourage all your own emotions and all of the emotions of others
to flow in safe ways.

We teach the Children of Light to rejoice whenever any emotions need to express themselves.

 Rejoice with beautiful divine emotions and also 
rejoice when painful emotions trust you enough to reveal themselves for healing.

“God’s love shines equally on the good and the bad alike”
“Love conquers all.”

  Each person learns how to express emotions in a non-destructive way, 
with empathy and compassion for the inner wounded child self who is seeking validation and love.

The difficulties which people encounter in expressing their wounded emotions
 result only from "ACTING OUT" triggered emotions 
destructively--often toward self, as in suicide, or other people.

Difficulties never arise from simply accepting their own feeling-impulses-toward-expression
 and allowing the emotions to be released respectfully and non-destructively,
 with love instead of guilt, fear, or self-loathing.

When is the best time to work on emotions?
 Remember, the optimal time for healing to occur is when painful emotions come up spontaneously and naturally
 as a reaction to events happening in daily life.

 On these occasions when you are "triggered", the negative emotions are activated, 
accessible right then,
 and available to be processed without efforting.

 At other times if you have to "stir them up" to manufacture upsetness for a therapeutic session,
 the access will be correspondingly more limited to both the early childhood traumatic memories and feelings associated with them,
 and the resultant healing less complete.

If you are attending weekly psychotherapy sessions scheduled at a 
predetermined time, then choose the most recent upsetness, that is most powerfully triggered, to work on.

 In general, if you are feeling fine, the axiom "If it isn't broken, 
don't fix it" is best to follow.

 If you have the luxury, cancel your therapy session at these times and enjoy the good emotions.

 Most therapy patients do it just the opposite, that is, they cancel sessions when they feel bad.

This exemplifies but one of many counterproductive, old cultural paradigms of emotional health that are transforming.

The time to do emotional healing work is whenever you feel like you are NOT OK.

Some people feel troubled or depressed most of the time. 

If that is true,
 it is appropriate to commit to doing a great deal of emotional flowing, 
by respecting and feeling painful emotions  and watching them heal as this is done

Among several, alternative emotional healing practices which are effective 
for implementing this commitment are the ‘ten minute exercise,” 
trauma clearing practices, 
eye movement 
and the practice of “loving bad emotions away”.  

Some other methods such as breathing and tapping also work well in individual situations,
 but sometimes require a partner trained to do them.

One big advantage of the ten minute exercise is its efficiency to transform most bad emotions quickly. 

 Also, it can be quickly and easily utilized with minimal training of the listener

The main stipulation is that the listener agrees not to interrupt, i.e. just to listen lovingly 
and non-judgmentally, and to repeatedly ask the salient question for that particular emotional issue.

Doing “ten minutes” works very well for quickly resolving double binds and ambivalence. 

The ten minute exercise is a session in which a facilitator asks you a question about your emotions,
 listening while you answer,
and then repeating the question again. 

 This is repeated over and over until you feel resolution, 
usually in about ten minutes.  

The facilitator does not give advice or interrupt in any way, allowing your  
own emotions to go through their natural healing process. 

 The question itself is chosen by you. 

Some examples of questions are: 
“What are you feeling now? 
 What is upsetting you?
 What would make you feel better?” etc.

 Various practices such as gestalt empty chair and “running dichotomies”
 work very well for resolving ambivalent feelings.

The gestalt empty chair exercise is useful when you have two inner selves with opposing emotions.
 For example, one self may want to go out and work and buy wonderful material goods.

 Another self may want to stay private,  spend time meditating and studying, and turning away from a material focus.

In such a case, in your imagination,
put self number 1, the self who wants to go out into the world to work, in one chair,
 and put self number 2 in the other.

 Take eloquent turns being self number 1 and self number 2. 

As self number 1, sit in that chair and talk to your other self, express your desires, beliefs, 
emotions and sensations. 

Then, become self number 2, sit in the other chair, and respond to self number 1. 

Go back and forth until both selves 
have expressed themselves fully and have reached some compromise that fulfills them both.

In general, the ten minute exercises is best utilized in cases when the 
issue is less loaded, and seems to involve “present time” stress. 

 The trauma clearing exercise, on the other hand, is the treatment of choice 
to resolve strongly triggered “old emotions” when enough time can be set aside to complete the process.

To do a trauma clearing: make a list of your wounded emotions and write 
them down on a piece of paper.

 Keep searching within until you find about 20 emotions or so to write down....if you remember the original 
 earliest trauma from which these emotions originally derived, 
then you can go to the next step .

[If you can’t remember the original emotional trauma, Now ask yourself, 
"When have I felt this way before?  Make a list. Usually it is the earliest memory.]

Now make a list of all the negative beliefs about yourself and life that occurred because of this trauma.

Get at least 5  [such as, "I am not safe."
"Those I trust betray me."]

Now write down the positive beliefs that came from this trauma.
 [example: “ I survived.”
 "A higher  power guided me."]

Now describe a picture in an imaginary scrapbook of your life that represents this trauma. 
Write this down.

Describe the picture.

Now tell out loud, to yourself or a partner, what happened.

 When you are finished telling the memory from beginning to end, start over again, 
only this time relive the memory silently.

 When you describe it out loud, write down, or have your partner write down, what happened.

Repeat this about five or six times until you have complete recall of every feeling and every thing you went through.

During this time insights spontaneously arise about the experience.

For example, you might remember that the persecutor was medicated or triggered,
and that he or she did not have control over their own upset feelings.

Perhaps a vision of an enlightened being from on high arises,
with grace and mercy downpouring on all involved in the memory.

 When you begin to get understandings of what happened from the point of view of others, 
and feel the innocence and purity of your own soul and the souls of others, etc.
 and are feeling like healing is taking place....
write down any visual images of healing that occur to you,
 such as seeing divine grace healing the situation back in the time it happened.

The subconscious mind does not distinguish between an imagined happening or an actual happening.

Such inward visual images are the healing of the emotions in action on deep inward levels.

At this point, fate changes, the emotional feedback loop has been upgraded to the highest good,
and much better situations will now be attracted into manifestation.

 When you get the last and most splendid healing image,
 merge it into the picture of the trauma you described earlier in your imaginary scrapbook.

As the two images merge, 
the original picture and the healing image, 
they will morph into a third picture
 that is a combination of both of them. 

This is called 'the resolution image.

This is the image you will remember whenever you think of this memory in the future.

This is the image that the subconscious mind will now see as real.

 Write down a list of your beautiful changed emotions that go with this image.

Write a list of the positive beliefs now, about yourself, others and life in general.

Write down how this will change your life, how it will change the way you relate to others etc.

You are done.
light body
Put yourself in a 'healing bubble of protection for a few days until 
your psyche integrates this deep healing. 

You are vulnerable during this time, it is like scar tissue, it takes time to firm up. 

 Don't expose yourself to other people's needs and problems until this healing is settled in.

Emotional healing needs to continue until the new good emotional state is integrated fully.  

Entrain your body to expect to feel resolution.  

Then always conclude by “anchoring in” good emotions.

Most of the prevalent paradigms and accepted, cultural standards for 
emotional expression encourage stress to remain unresolved,
 which is diametrically opposed to creating immortality.

Escaping from visceral and tangible bad feelings, 
and leaving conflict unresolved,
 is what most people learned to do as children,
 modeled by their parents,
 and their parents before them.  

In contradistinction to this old paradigm,
 which encourages ‘prolonging the agony” 
and living in UN-resolution,
 the key to the new paradigm is never allowing bad feelings and emotions to persist
 by learning how to heal them as theycome up day to day.

 For example, most couples, friend, and partners ‘bail out’,
 they terminate a caustic exchange of emotions in the peak moment when tensions are running highest
-the exact wrong stopping place. 

They then leave the interaction and wait to cool off before again attempting to clear the air.

 Up until now, most mates have not learned to ‘stay with’ safe structured sharing
 until both have had a chance to be respectfully heard
 and experience feelings of resolution that feels good to both.

  Instead of leaving when upsetness occurs, 
it is important to never leave an argument,
 or conflict full episode of intense sharing, 
until both mates have achieved a mutually good place emotionally. 

 Very few couples have expected to live life in a steady state of emotional resolution every day
 because they have never seen it done before
-- denial, yes, but not resolution. 

 By creating basic rules of sharing safely,
 like the ten minute exercise, 
where one partner allows the other to express emotions safely without interruption for ten minutes,
and then trade positions so that the other partner also expresses themselves for ten minutes uninterrupted,
 emotions can be expressed safely, 
and go through changes
 that allow intimacy to grow in times of conflict
 instead of being destroyed.

Another example of unrealistic emotional attitudes is couples expecting not to be triggered by each other. 

The reality is that becoming triggered by a lover is not only inevitable
 but likely to occur more often and more powerfully,
 the more intense the love bond.

 Most couples accepted the Hollywood cinematic ending of 
“happily ever after walking together into the sunset” 
to mean no more relationship problems. 

They expected never to have another unkind word, 
having the belief that being 
in love means not getting upset by the lover, 
or at worst, being able to work out issues easily.

 All these expectations are unrealistic setups for relationship failure and premature aging,
 because they do not take into account the nature of emotional healing,
 of emotions themselves,
 the emotional body, 
and the way that emotions heal by tangibly flowing in safe and non-destructive ways.

Within one minute of having a thought, positive or negative,
over a hundred thousand chemical reactions occur in the body.

Keeping thoughts and their emotions happy is a matter of life and death.

When life is happy, it is worth living, and a person never wants it to end.

When emotions are negative, life seems to be not worth livine,
and death seems to be a welcome friend.

 Couples who learn and practice emotional skills and healthy habits of emotional sharing literally, 
keep their relationship and their bodies young and healthy.

The endocrine system produces anti-aging hormones when emotions are free 
flowing and when happiness is the (healthy) emotional state.

 Dancing with joy and radiating love is the normal emotional state of humanity.

The clearest sign that you are doing what you personally need to do
to accomplish your divine purpose for being on Earth--the unmistakable 
indication that you are following your own unique path of your highest destiny
--is feeling good, or even feeling great, emotionally.

 Your emotional upliftment is the key to both longevity and inner guidance.

Chemical changes caused by ecstatic emotion flowing in the body are profound.
 These powerful glandular changes activate anti-aging and a healthy immune response.

It is by being filled with Love and Joy, from the infinite heart of The Creator which is omnipresent, 
that a person lives up to his/her potential and becomes the reality of God or Goddess-incarnate-on-Earth.

This is a key to be an Immortal and Omniscient incarnation of Enlightenment.

In a society that expresses emotions freely and safely, immortality can flourish as it was intended to do.

This is part of the fulfillment of the prophesies,
"All that I do, ye shall do and more."
“The last enemy to be overcome is death.”

Therefore, We ask you to enter and pass through the gate of The Divine 
Heart, to be one with The Sacred Heart of the One Life in All that Is. 

We ask you to open your heart,
 to immerse yourselves in Love.

  We ask you to abandon lifestyles of misery and limitation 
that create powerful tangible feelings of despair, 
we inspire all to seek the ways of Paradise,
 and walk the path in meditation
 that leads into the inner worlds of desire, thought, feelings, and sensations 
to find the garden of Heaven on Earth within.

We help all find and do those things that bring self and others joy.

Create for yourself a life of Divine Ecstasy.

 Prepare yourselves for the dawn. 

 The time is here for the delight of Divine Being to manifest fully on Earth, for Earth to be as Heaven.

The time is here to sit down at the banquet of perfection and beauty
 and rediscover why The Divine so loves physical reality.

 Experience tangible feelings of joy and subtleties and nuances of beauty in states of Ecstasy.

Shift the perception of the body as a frail aging vessel to beholding the body
 as The Temple of the immortal living Child of Light that you are.

 Imagine that the power and wisdom and love of the universe enlivens every cell of your body all of the time.

Each morning greet yourself with this affirmation,
"I have within me a joy body, ever young, ever beautiful, ever perfect."

Realize that your infinite divine self is being reformed in every visualization, at your direction.

 Give your inner infant self your full loving support and permission to become more loved and more perfect every day.

As this happens, the innate perfection of Omnipresent Life reasserts 
itself and joyous enlightened emotions flow naturally, just as they do in small infants.

This is why it was written: 

"And the last enemy to be overcome is death."

"Unless ye be as little children, ye shall in no wise enter the Kingdom of Heaven."


By meditating on and becoming one with the divine virtues associated with the letters of our name,
 it is possible to be one with emotional immortality.


S… This sound is the sound of all-penetrating-power. 
‘It has to do with everything regarding enthusiasm and the absolute mastery of will’.

 This is the most subtle substance of the divine spirit, i.e., with 
the original divine will or fire which works as a substantial power in everything 
that has been created by Divine Providence.

A child of God using this divine virtue attains the spiritual gift of 
perfect mastery over the electrical fluid, which is the use of will, 
and is able to control everything analogous to will.

A state of clairvoyance in its purest form and perfect control over other beings
 is gained by this virtue in the emotional nature.

The color of this virtue is purple red, its musical note is G-sharp, it 
is the fire element of will and so it has the sensation of warmth,
 and the gall bladder is the part of the body that is formed by it.

I…In the akasha principle, which is the principle of consciousness-penetrating-all, 
this letter refers to fate, that is to the karma law,
 which is the law of cause and effect. 

All doings and all actions, all life, come under this law. 
The law of evolution is expressed by it. 

On the mental level this is analogous to memory, remembrance and conscience. 

On the feeling level , the astral matrix,  which is the connecting link between the material body and the soul, or emotions, 
is controlled by the principle and laws of cause and effect. 

On the material level the laws of analogy between the microcosm and the macrocosm is understood.

This virtue has a light opal color, the musical note of G, and is the element of earth, so it has the sensation of weight. 
 The left kidney is formed from it.

G… The sound of this letter is the sound of the virtue of divine grace 
and mercy. In the physical world this virtue represents ‘all phases of riches and wealth,
 of happiness and satisfaction.

 By this virtue Divine Providence has created abundance and, like the 
Creator, a child of God may also bring about, for him or her self or other people, 
abundance in everything, should that be desired.

On an emotional level this virtue gives the feeling of happiness, of complete satisfaction. 

Situations may be created by means of the 
elements and the will and feelings causing success and wealth in the world
 that is for the highest good of all concerned.

 In the mind, this virtue gives the experience of peacefulness, 
and the faculty of giving true divine blessing.

The color of this virtue is deep grass green with a feeling of coolness, musical note F,
 and the left eye is formed from this virtue.

E…In the Akasha, which is the principle of consciousness-penetrating-all, 
E represents the universal consciousness 
which is omnipresent in everything that has ever been created.

 Meditating on this virtue unites a person’s normal consciousness with 
the universal consciousness, with cosmic consciousness. 
This is the essence of the oriental Nirve-Kalpa-Samadhi.

Mentally the highest form of intuition is achieved. The ability to 
transfer consciousness is mastered. 
There is no sense of time or space. 
Divinity in His highest form is speaking through this Virtue.

This attunement gives control over the emotions of oneself and others. 
Clairaudience and the understanding of the language of all animals
 and the perception of the remote past, present, and future are mastered.

The mysteries of materialization-condensation and 
dematerialization-refinement are understood on the physical plane
 through this attunement to Universal Consciousness. 

A person learns to 
intensify any idea, concept, mental or emotional energy in such a way that they become physically visible.

 Everything in the physical world, 
it’s coming into form and it’s going back into the subtle worlds, 
was made possible by the Virtue of Universal Consciousness.

Color:dark violet, Element: akasha-penetrating all, Musical note D, heals the whole spine.

S…All penetrating willpower for the highest good of all concerned. 

We are all one.




The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah,

which is a very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world's religions:

Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host in the zone girdling the earth,

and the angels who work with him or her.

The being and the angels share the same name.

This name is a key to their powers and influence.

 Names, phrases, and sections,  in the angel messages are quoted or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon.

Information of the heavenly hosts of the zone girdling the earth is referenced from


and Information of the divine virtues and the letters are referenced from THE KEY TO THE TRUE QUABALLAH, ISBN 3-921338-12-4].

Publisher is Dieter Rüggeberg, Wuppertal/W. Germany. These books have very important information for these studies.  

The book " Initiation into Hermetics" ISBN 3-921338-01-8, is a preparatory book for the others.

Franz Bardon's last autobiographical book, "Frabato the Magician",

gives historical background and was compiled by his German publisher from notes written by Franz Bardon.




Feel free to share these messages.





The Law of One is the original law of Creation, and is the supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions.


We are all one.

When one is harmed, all are harmed.

When one is helped, all are helped.

Therefore, in the name of who I AM, and I am one with all there is;


I give thanks that this is done.



So it is.




Groundbreaking scientific studies find that genes can be turned on and off by environmental signals

—including thoughts, feelings and emotions—from outside the cell.

Cellular biologist Dr. Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D., a former medical school professor and research scientist,

was one of the first scientists to posit such extra-cellular control.

Dr. Lipton conducted a series of experiments that reveal that the cell membrane, the outer layer of a cell,

is the organic equivalent of a computer chip, and the cell’s equivalent of a brain.

Although this view conflicts with the widely held scientific dogma that genes control behavior,

papers by other researchers have validated his

iconoclastic thinking.


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