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      child by aatmagaialive

21 degrees Capricorn

The Angels of Sports

Also known as

The Angels of 



 Athletes and sports people of all types, 
especially hikers and mountaineers,
 are under our protection.

To those who are interested in sports or athletics, we bring plentiful results.

 We inspire people to make their bodies extremely adaptable so that their performances are outstanding.

 Sports miracles of all kinds have occurred throughout history.

 Tales of levitation, invisibility, walking on water, immortality, 
materialization, movement into other dimensions, and lifting of great weights etc.
 are sometimes documented with great detail in legends. 

In this age of technology, movies and other media repeat these themes as well.

 Athletes who meditate on the divine virtues represented by the letters of our name
 are more easily empowered to access these divine virtues and qualities. 

The more that athletes test themselves in rigors of sport, the more 
that they develop powers of will, visualization,
 flowing divine emotions and sensations corresponding to divine virtues of Cochaly.

The human body is manifest divinity.

 Belief, visualization, and emotion determines how the body responds in any situation. 

Those who walk safely upon hot coals train 
themselves to envision and flow with emotions of total safety, and the body responds by protecting itself effortlessly. 

The body has evolved over millions of years to protect itself in any situation.

 Great yogis manifest seeming miracles through wisdom and enlightenment in this regard.

It is time to remove veils of limited belief systems.

Limited belief systems obscure the spiritualization of the human form.

 Replace limited belief systems with paradigms that recognize the process of divinity in form. 

When you go on hikes, or practice a favorite sport, call on us. 

We open up new ways of believing, thinking and moving,
 new emotions and brainwave patterns, new rhythms.

The path of mastery was never intended for only a few,
 it is the will of Divine Providence that all attain The Kingdom of Heaven.

“All that I do ye shall do and more.”

As above, so below.

We inspire athletes to unite will and flowing victorious emotions, 

to triumph with whole brain visualizations and emotions, to access infinite potential. 

We have done this from the prime beginning as paths to enlightenment. 

People who witness enlightened athletes are divinely inspired 
and remember what human beings are capable of. 

Look at the letters in our name:

C…The ability to spiritualize matter with divine qualities

umlaut O, eu, the ability to transform anything through seeing it with the eyes of Divine Love.

O…Divine justice and harmony

Ch…The virtue of clarity and perfect purity of flowing emotions

A…Wisdom and enlightenment, mystical faculties

umlaut A, ae, the ability to release unproductive desires, thoughts, 
feelings, and sensations for transformation into other states that are the highest good of all.

L…All of the Divine Virtues taken together which give vitality, awe, and true spiritual morality.

Y…The Rhythms and cycles of Life

Athletes who ask for help are empowered as we help them access these divine virtues and qualities. 

The more that athletes test themselves in rigors of sport, the more 
that they develop powers of will, visualization, flowing divine emotions
 and sensations corresponding to divine virtues of Cochaly.

The interface between physical prowess and spiritual/psychological training (in mastery) is well illustrated 
by the Tibetan Exercise of Paradox.

For example, during the human potential movement in the 1960’s, the 
limits of athletic performance were tested and many exploratory experiments were tried to expand human abilities.

 The Tibetan Exercise of Paradox was used very successfully for this purpose.

 Peak performances in sporting events were typically surpassed 10% or more by those using 
The Tibetan Exercise of Paradox as part of training.

 This exercise was subsequently applied to other areas as well, for example,
 in breaking through barriers in creativity.

This exercise seems to work, at least in part, by making the body as well as the psyche
 more flexible, adaptable, and able to draw on multiple brainwave patterns,
 thereby awakening inner resources that were not accessible under ordinary circumstances. 

At a certain point of mastery, athletes cross the barriers of 
conventional belief systems completely 
and actually become shamen through performing sports miracles.

The miracles of ancient shamen are the birthright of all people.

The ability to perform athletic miracles can be restored to anyone who desires them through clear inner guidance. 

One of the shamanic sports miracles is called “The Gait of Power”: 
This is the ability to run effortlessly at very high speeds, even in the dark. 
This includes the ability to jump very large distances over deep gulleys, 
arriving at a far away destination quickly.

A shamanic teacher 
usually has to trick the student into accessing previously unconscious innate divine sports abilities.

On a cloudy night that is very dark without light, a student who is 
learning this might follow his/her shamanic teacher for a long time, 
while being blindfolded, through a rough wilderness area of hills and gulleys.

When they arrive at an isolated spot, usually one of natural power, 
the student is allowed to open the eyes. 

The teacher tells the 
student to meet him or her at a certain distant destination in a short time. 

The student is told that if the student does not arrive in the 
alloted time, usually about fifteen minutes, that the teacher will leave without him.

[Since the destination is far away, over rough country,
 and the journey is being made in the dark, 
any reasonable person would figure the time needed to be very long.]

In prior training, the teacher has taught the student to close their 
eyes and run with the fingers of the hands curled over the thumbs and clenched in a fist. 

This mudra, or hand position, recycles and builds auric energy.
 [This hand mudra is the same one that newborns use.]

The student has been taught to run visualizing the destination clearly in their imagination. 

The teacher takes off and is gone in an instant.

To trick the student into using previously unaccessed skills and power, 
the teacher has created the situation to appear such that performing the gait of power is necessary for survival. 

This conviction of “running for their lives” often enables the student to bypass limited belief systems
 to access ancient survival mechanisms stored in the unconscious mind. 

Through visualization, emotions and instinct the body produces powerful chemicals 
from the pineal, pituitary and other glands that allow extraordinary faculties to manifest easily.

The gait of power is successfully accomplished and the student’s belief system is empowered.

It is belief that either shuts the door or opens it to divine 
birthrights of every human being. With faith all things are possible, and faith begins with belief.

 It stands to reason that since humans are made in the image of Divine Being, 
that the human body temple is capable of unlimited resources and manifestations.

In sports, bio-chemical processes for extraordinary attainment are 
potentiated through meditation, visualization, belief, splendid flowing emotions, clarity, and rhythm. 

In profound Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta brainwave states the body automatically performs miraculous feats 
while spiritualized with infinite potential through whole brain mastery. 

The sensations of speed and lightness are experienced while the body 
performs running, leaping, and finding exact destinations without effort.

 Once the ‘what’ is determined, the ‘how’ takes care of itself with faith. 

This is the same effortless process that the body uses with other activities of life; heartbeat, breathing, digestion of food etc.. 

“As above, so below.”

The body is the physical temple of immortal spirit.With faith and clear 
visualization and flowing feelings, it knows how to survive and accomplish all things.

On Earth as it is in Heaven.


Instructions for The Tibetan Exercise of Paradox

Step One


In previous angel messages reference is made to an ancient exercise which allows the brain to do four things at once.

History indicates that this exercise was a state secret in ancient Tibet 
and that highly trained Tibetan rulers in Nepal were required to do this exercise for ten minutes each morning as a matter of state security.

 Doing four things at once is necessary to develop whole brain functioning for enlightenment and mastery. In whole brain consciousness 
a person is in a state of pure being and will, Delta brainwaves, at the  same time they are in deep inward thought, Theta brainwaves, feeling, 
flowing and changing in Alpha brainwaves while being aware of the five  senses, logic, and memory of Beta brainwaves. 

Energy shifts between WILL-THOUGHT and FEELING -SENSATION, or between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. 

Two at a time fire, the Delta and Theta, and then the other two, 
Alpha and Beta in a rhythmic manner, in a similar manner of REM, [rapid eye movement] in dream patterns. 

The four levels of whole brain thinking are:

Delta brainwaves which produce a state of pure being, very slow oscillations, roughly 1 to 4 oscillations per second [abbreviated as ops].
This is the seat of pure being and unity with Divine Being and all of creation. It is also, in its higher end, the seat of* *WILL, or desire. 
This is the dominant brain state of infants. 

Theta brainwaves which produce a state of deep inward thought, approx. 4 to 6 ops. 
This is dominant in small children.

Alpha brainwaves which produce flowing emotions and feelings
 and receives emotions and feelings from others, approx. 6 to 12 ops.

 This is the source of magnetism. 
When feelings are healed, the frequency of magnetism is changed.

This is the source of changes in physical reality.

This brainwave is dominant in adolescents. 

Beta brainwaves which produce the five senses, memory, rational 
linear thought and language, approx. 12 ops and up. This brainwave is dominant in adults. 

In enlightenment, all four of these are used together, which is called 'the quadrapolar magnet'.
'Ye must be as little children to enter the kingdom of heaven."

 The following physical and imaginative exercises lead up to the final exercise
 in which all four parts of the brain fire at the same time, and 
with even a little practice the brain gets used to working in this manner automatically.

The purpose of step one is to perform a simple physical movement with total
focus and awareness of all bodily sensations.

For this to be effective, it is important to become ACUTELY AWARE 
of the bodily sensations of this movement while doing it.

If you are working in a restricted area, you may substitute the featured
activity of fencing thrusts with another activity that requires less space.

If you must use another activity, read over these exercises and apply them
accordingly to your chosen activity. 
The use of fencing thrusts is the actual exercise used by Tibetan Rulers.

We are going to do a double fencing thrust.

Get something that represents a sword or just imagine that you are holding one. 

Now make a sudden forward thrust to the right, just as if you are practicing the art of fencing.

Pay close attention to every sensation that your body experiences.
You will need a clear bodily memory of these sensations later.

 Now spin around.

 Make a fencing thrust to the left.

Do not hurry through these movements. The idea is to pay close attention to
your body sensations in making these movements. The five senses or beta
brainwaves are activated.

Now repeat and turn. 

Thrust again to the right.
Deliberately, carefully, paying attention to every sensation.


Lunge to the left.


Lunge to the right .

 Repeat until you have the clear sensation of lunging in each direction
perfectly familiarized and remembered on a sensate bodily level.

Remember the sensations from the beta wave level above.

[Beta wave= memory, and the five senses]

This time when you do a fencing thrust to the right,
 IMAGINE and feel that your body is lunging to the left.

This imaginary state of lunging in the opposite direction of the one your body is doing
 activates the alpha wave level as you FEEL the imagined
sensations and the Theta wave level of brainwave activity as you PICTURE them.

The imagined action of thrusting to the left while the physical body is
lunging to the right is repeated often with so vivid an imagination that it
feels actually more real to you than what the actual physical body is doing.

The two bodies [ solid and imagined] lunging in opposite directions 
form a V
if a camera could capture both the imagined action and the action of the physical body .

Now turn.
Let your physical body lunge to the left,
While you IMAGINE that you are lunging to the right.

Your attention is so completely focused on your imaginary body, which is
making a fencing thrust to the right, that it is much more real to you than
what your physical body is doing, which is making a fencing thrust to the

Your mind is fully engaged in the sensation and concept of the imaginary
body experience while the physical body is doing the opposite direction .

The physical body is operating on its own like it does in a mechanical
activity such as typing or driving a car.

Many variations of this theme can be done in confined spaces.
Any double action, like moving the pencil to the right while you imagine
moving it to the left, works for this part of whole brain exercise.

Move your mental eyes one way while your physical eyes move the other.
Or try lowering your head while in your imagination you are lifting it.
Try facing and walking in one direction while imagining you are facing and
walking in the other.

The blood supply to the brain greatly increases with this type of exercise.

Step two:

Summary of step one.

In the last exercise we learned how to vividly imagine and feel ourselves
performing an action that is the mirror image of one that the physical body
is performing at the same time.

This allowed the brain to do two things at once.


Again, we will do two things at once.
This time walk four steps forward.


[Activates Beta brainwaves of the five senses.]
Do not turn around.

Still facing the same way, take four steps backward.
Pay attention to each physical sensation as you do this.
Now again walk forward four steps.

Now backward four steps.
Do this until you have it clearly imprinted.

Remember, you are facing the same way the whole time, but half the time you
are walking forward and half the time you are walking backward.

You are now ready for the next step :

Now IMAGINE and FEEL yourself walking four steps backwards , 
AT THE SAME TIME that your physical body is walking four steps forward. 
[Activated alpha and theta brainwave states.]

Then IMAGINE yourself walking four steps forward 

Repeat this until the imagined action is more real to your awareness than
what your physical body is doing and you can do this easily.

In your imagination, you will pass yourself coming and going.

You may feel lightheaded at first because the brain is getting an increased blood supply.

Remember that the imagined you must feel more real and vivid to you than the physical you.

If you have this part mastered, the rest will be easy.

 At the end of the next installment, your brain will be doing four things at once.

Just like learning how to ride a bicycle, you will never forget or lose this skill. 

Practice regularly.

Once your brain gets used to doing four things at once, it will be easy for
you to apply this to the meditations of the divine virtues in which you
produce Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwaves consciously at the same time .

This means that you will be able to feel oneness with Universal
Consciousness in the Pure Being of the Delta brainwave state, 
create deeply in your inner world in the Theta brainwave state, feel in the alpha brainwave state, 
and be fully active in the five senses, memory, and logic of the Beta brainwave state 
all at the same time without effort.

Step three.

This is last phase of the ancient Tibetan Exercise of Paradox.

You are now adding two more movements to the one that you learned in part two.

Hold both of your palms in front of you with elbows bent, as if you were pushing .

Move both palms in slow clockwise circles while you take four steps forward.

Continue going four steps forward while moving your palms in clockwise
circles until you can do it automatically and easily , remembering vividly
all the sensations and feelings of it .

When you have done this a number of times, practice the other half of the
exercise which is the opposite; take four steps backwards while moving the
hands in slow counter clockwise circles.

Continue taking four steps backwards moving the hands in slow counter
clockwise circles until you can do this easily and remember vividly all the sensations and feelings of it.

It is important to take your time with this. Repeat this until your body remembers the sensations.

By taking time to repeat these motions until the mechanical part of the
brain has absorbed them completely, the next step is easy .


Take four steps forward, moving the palms in slow clockwise circles while
you IMAGINE that you are moving four steps backwards moving the hands in slow counterclockwise circles.

Then reverse, moving the physical body four steps backwards making counter
clockwise circles with your palms, while IMAGINING that you are moving four steps forward
 with palms moving in clockwise circles.



Your physical body moves forward four steps, 
your hands moving in aclockwise circle

Repeat for about ten minutes.

You may experience dizziness at first, since so much more blood is going to
the brain than you have ever been used to . This dizziness occurs less and
finally disappears entirely after you have done this exercise a few times.
The brain will adjust to the blood supply of doing four things at once . 

In future exercises, you may decide to skip the warm up steps and go directly to 
doing four things at once with the last exercise.

As we mentioned in the first part of the instructions, just as a person
never forgets how to ride a bicycle, or type, once the brain has mastered this exercise
 it will not forget how to do four things at once.

The more you practice this, the easier it becomes, and the faster and better the brain gets at doing this.

When you first experience yourself thinking effortlessly on four levels at once in your ordinary activities,
 it may come as a delightful surprise.


Sending love
      & light to you.

Footnote on brain nutrition and detox. 

Studies are fascinating on how food grade zeolite helps remove toxins 
such as mercury and other heavy metals, radiation poisoning etc.
 There are many sources of this online. 



The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah,

which is a very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world's religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host in the zone girdling the earth, and the angels who work with him or her.

The being and the angels share the same name.

This name is a key to their powers and influence.

 Names, phrases, and sections,  in the angel messages are quoted or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon.

Information of the heavenly hosts of the zone girdling the earth is referenced from


and Information of the divine virtues and the letters are referenced from THE KEY TO THE TRUE QUABALLAH, ISBN 3-921338-12-4].

Publisher is Dieter Rüggeberg, Wuppertal/W. Germany.

These books have very important information for these studies. 

   The book " Initiation into Hermetics" ISBN 3-921338-01-8,

is a preparatory book for the others. Franz Bardon's last autobiographical book, "Frabato the Magician",

gives historical background and was compiled by his German publisher from notes written by Franz Bardon.





Feel free to share these messages with others.



The Law of One is the original law of Creation, and is the supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions.


We are all one.

When one is harmed, all are harmed

. When one is helped, all are healed.

Therefore, in the name of who I AM, and I am one with all there is;


I give thanks that this is done.